How Much Money Does Roblox Make? [Stats, Facts and Treds]

15 Fantastic Roblox Facts to Celebrate in 2021

Serving both as a game and a game creation system, Roblox has become insanely popular, especially among young children.

Curious to know more about this video game? 

Then take a look at these Roblox facts and stats. 

Top 5 Roblox Statistics and Facts

  • As of September 2022, Roblox had 57.8 million daily active users
  • In 2022, Roblox users have spent 4 billion hours playing the game
  • In 2021, the gaming company Roblox made $1.9 billion in revenue
  • In 2022, 51% of Roblox users are male
  • The minimum amount needed to convert Robux into real money is 100,000 Robux.

General Roblox Statistics 

1. How many people play Roblox?


As of September 2022, Roblox statistics show that the game had 57.8 million daily active users (DAUs), which was a rise of 23% compared to last year.

2. How many hours have users spent on Roblox?


In 2022, there was a rise of 16% in hours played by users, and the latest Roblox stats show that users have spent over 4 billion hours playing the game.

3. There are over 50 million community-created games on Roblox.

(Scholastic, Cultured Vultures)

Roblox is so much more than just a children’s game. In fact, it is a game creation system that allows users to make games and share them with their friends.

This is how the platform amassed 40 million games in 2018, which had increased to 50 million in 2021.

4. Developers on Roblox earned $110 million in 2019.

(Business Wire, The Verge)

In 2020, the company predicted that devs could earn as much as $250 million as they were enabled to monetise their games both from the sale of in-game products and engagement.

Roblox further claims that more than 1,250 devs on the platform earned $10,000 in Robux in 2020, while more than 300 cashed in $100,000+.

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5. How much money does Roblox make?

(Statista) (Roblox)

In 2021, the gaming company Roblox made $1.9 billion in revenue, which was an increase of almost $1 billion when compared to 2020.

Average bookings per daily active user (ABPDAU) were somewhere between $3.67 and $3.79, which is a decrease of 7%-10% when compared to last year.

6. Roblox Corporation takes a 75.5% cut of revenue from developers.


Users are encouraged to make their games using the platform’s object-oriented programming, with Roblox heavily promoting the idea that its users can monetise their creations.

While that may be true, a shocking fact about Roblox is that they take a whopping 75% of the revenue of any sale.

For comparison, Valve, creator of the first-person shooter game Counter-Strike, takes a 30% cut on Steam.

7. How many downloads does Roblox have? 

(Games industry)

Roblox is available across all platforms, such as the UK’s favourite console—Xbox, PC, and Mac, but playing on smartphones and tablets has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy the game. 

To date, Roblox has been downloaded a whopping 383 million times on both iOS and Android combined, and the average revenue per download is $4.10.

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Roblox User Demographics

8. How many children in the UK play Roblox? 


A quarter (25%) of daily average users of Roblox are children aged under 9.

While 29% are kids aged from 9-12, 13% are aged 13-16 and 14% are people aged over 25.

9. Over half of Roblox users are male.


According to the latest Roblox user statistics, 51% of Roblox users are male, 44% are female and 5% are uknown.

10. Roblox has an average of 4,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch per week. 


Roblox is also one of the most popular games on Twitch, and it comes as no surprise that averages 4.000 concurrent viewers and 500 channels per week.

However, Roblox does not even come close to LoL who had 280 thousand average concurrent viewers in 2021.

11. Which is the most played game on Roblox?


The most played game in 2022 on Roblox is Adopt Me, with over 29.6 billion visits.

The second and third most popular games of all time on the platform are Brookheaven with 21.8 billion and Tower of Hell with 18.9 billion visits.

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Roblox Trends

12. Roblox plans to offer developer events.  


Roblox plans to introduce its own spin on Fortnite-type events by offering budding game developers on the platform to build community events that will be held virtually at first and possibly in person later on. 

Fun Facts About Roblox

13. Roblox was the second most-watched game on YouTube last year.


Unlike Twitch, which is not that popular among preteens, Roblox has amassed a huge following on YouTube.

In 2020 the game gained 75 billion views, making it the second most-watched game on YouTube, behind Minecraft with 201 billion views

14. Roblox is trying to moderate recreations of mass shooting events.   

(The Verge)

Roblox is struggling to moderate some of its content, mainly re-creations of horrifying mass shootings.

An anti-defamation league researcher has been finding eerie recreations of the Christchurch mass shooting a total of three times on the platform. 

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15. The minimum amount needed to convert Robux into real money is 100,000 Robux. 


This equals 1,000 US dollars or around £734. Robux, the in-game currency, can also be withdrawn by users, provided they pay $5 a month in a premium subscription. 

16. Lil Nas X Roblox concerts gathered 33 million views in two days.

(The Verge)

33 million people viewed the four Roblox shows of the hip-hop star.

Fortnite’s Travis Scott concerts, on the other hand, garnered 45.8 million views over five shows. 

17. 830,824 users downloaded Roblox on Xbox in the first month.

(Cultured Vultures)

Roblox was launched on the Xbox One in 2016, becoming an instant success on the gaming console.

In fact, over 800,000 users downloaded the game in the first month, with the majority of signups (746,000+) being brand-new accounts.

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Wrapping Up

Roblox is one of the largest free-to-play platforms marketed towards the younger generations.

Even though the company has faced issues, including backlash over the enormous cut it takes from devs and unmoderated content, Roblox facts and stats show that it continues to draw in users and game creators. 


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