How Many People Play Among Us [Facts, Stats and Trends]

2022 Among Us Statistics to Help you find the Impostor

In 2021, the game ‘Among Us’ was at its peak. It is a re-created version of the original game cops vs thieves.

This game is available on all platforms and requires you to be intelligent, devious, and tricky, acting as a real detective or a sabotager.

We know the game is already one of your favourites, but here are some Among Us statistics to make you like the game even more!

Top Fascinating Among Us Statistics and Facts

  • In September 2020, Among Us had 60 million daily active players worldwide.
  • Among Us was crowned ‘Most Downloaded Mobile Game’ in 2020.
  • The highest rate of player spending originated in October 2020 at $24.5 million.
  • A Twitch streamer named Sodapoppin helped popularise the game.
  • There are 1,186,577 real-time online players at the moment.
  • Player Qumumba is the highest-rated UK player on Steam.
  • One user’s highest number of active play hours on Steam is 11,563.
  • Among Us generated more than 4 billion hours on Youtube in 2020.
  • Among Us players downloaded the game 70 times more in just two months in 2020.
  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Twitch stream was the third biggest for an individual streamer of all time, with 439,000 concurrent viewers!

Among Us General Statistics

1. When was among us made?


Among Us was made on June 15 in 2018, and the game started with less than 700 players at peak time.

Despite the low numbers, producers and developers – Innersloth – experienced server crashing issues and couldn’t have believed their game would become so popular worldwide after the COVID lockdowns, and in September 2020 the Among Us player count reached over 3 million players.                                                         

2. How many people play Among Us?

(Business of Apps) (VideoGamesStats) (Sportskeeda)

In September 2020, Among Us had 60 million daily active players worldwide. Most of the Among Us players use their mobile devices, whether iOS or Android, while just 3% of the overall players access the game with PC.

3. The multiplayer game hit amazing 4 billion viewing hours on YouTube.


The game recorded 4 billion hours of viewing in September 2020 and a 700% increase in downloads.

4. One of the most viewed videos of the year 2020 was about Among Us.


Pixel Kingdom’s “Among Us, but with 100 players” with its 144,137,659 is one of the most-watched videos on YouTube for the entire year. 

5. Among Us was crowned ‘Most Downloaded Mobile Game’ in 2020.

(Pocketgamer) (VideoGamesStats)

Among Us has been installed more than 324 million times on mobile devices around the globe.

6. How many downloads does among us have?


In the first half of September 2020, the multiplayer game was downloaded almost 42 million times, with its number of downloads rising more than seven times in just two months.                                                                              

7. With 5.11% of the total global percentage, the UK is in second place among the countries that play Among Us the most.


The US is the undoubted leader, with 36.56%, which is understandable for a country with more than 330 million residents, compared to the UK, with only 67.8 million residents.

8. Twitch fans watched more than 200 million hours worth of Among Us gameplay on the platform in 2020.

(Screenrant) (Twitchtracker)

Between August and October 2020, Among Us was watched for more than 25 million hours on Twitch. The free-to-play game set a record in September 2020, reaching a 438.5k peak player count, immediately rising to 8th place in popularity.                                                                                                     

9. All Among Us tournaments have been held online due to COVID. 


Among Us ‘Code Red’ is one of the first and most popular tournaments, offering up to $10,000. However, the most recent and highest prized one is ‘Twitch Rivals Friday Night Bites’ ft. Karl Anthony Towns & Among Us. It lasted four hours straight on 17 September 2021 with a price poll worth $30,000.

10. Among Us is one of the most awarded games of 2021. 


Here are the awards won:

  • The Game Award for Best Mobile Game 2020
  • The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game 2020
  • Golden Joysticks Breakthrough Award 2020
  • Kid’s Choice Award for Favourite Video Game 2021
  • Mobile Game Awards for Best Indie Developer 2021
  • App Store 2021 Award for Trend of The Year: Connection 2021
  • Webby Breakout of the Year Award 2021

About Us Demographics

11. There are 1,186,577 real-time online players, listed as active at the time.


Though the game’s popularity has decreased since its peak in October 2020, when there were about 3 million concurrent worldwide players, the popular game still entertains people around the globe and generates profit.

12. Most players are between the ages of 14 and 30.

(Levvel) (Reddit)

Players between the ages of 20 and 30 are at the top of the list, followed by teens between 13 and 18. Additionally, younger children under 13 are a minority, as are older people, though more children under 13 are playing the game than ever before.

13. Among Us is a PEGI 7 game.


The VSC rating board initially rated the game as PEGI 16 but later rated it as PEGI 7 due to the mild violence in the included scenes. The skills required for the game are 10+. However, even 8-year-olds are playing it.

14. The number of concurrent players on Steam reached its 2020 peak in September, reaching 438,524 users.


In July 2020, Steam had 6,771 concurrent users. Then, in just two months, this record number reaching 438,524 concurrent players was an incredible 7000% raise of players just on Steam – or 70 times more players than just two months before the peak.

15. The majority of players come from the United States. 

(VideoGamesStats) (Levvvel)

24.7 million Americans play the multiplayer game, representing 36.46% of all players. Also, $56 million of the total Among Us revenue is from US citizens.

16. The highest monthly active users reached their peak in November 2020.


The total number of active monthly users reached 500 million, or around 6.5% of the entire global population!  

17. Steam player ‘dec’ holds the playtime record on Steam. 


Spending 11,563 hours active play of Among Us on Steam, player ‘dec’ from Hungary is the number one Steam player of this multiplayer social game. 

18. A UK player is in the decent 7th place of global Steam statistics. 


The player ‘Qumumba’ has played Among Us on Steam for a total of 9,160 hours.

Among US Revenue

19. How much money did Among Us make?

(VideoGamesStats) (Businessofapps)

The COVID global crisis and lockdowns significantly impacted the revenue of this game, as it generated $3.2 million in August 2020 and $50 million in just three months by November 2020! Most of the Among Us net worth (64%) is from the game’s PC version via purchasing customisable looks for the characters.

20. In-game spending has generated around $86 million in the first three years. 


Among Us has generated $86 million within its first three years from consumer spending. Like downloads, the highest rate of player spending originated in October 2020 at $24.5 million.

21. The multiplayer game is available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox.


Though you need to be 18+ to subscribe for the online playing options on both Xbox and Nintendo, creating an account for minors is further available in the package – and the game costs around $5 on Steam and PCs, while it is free for mobile devices. The usual price for Among Us on Switch is £3.89.

22. TrainwrecksTV (Tyler Niknam) is the highest-earning Among Us player globally.

esportsearningsHe won a total of $21,000 solely in 2020 by winning three of the four tournaments he played. In addition, TrainwrecksTV was one of the earliest players of the game, also winning the CodeRed Among Us tournament in October and November 2020.

Bulletin Board Of Among Us Facts

23. With 439,000 concurrent viewers, congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Twitch stream was the third biggest for an individual streamer of all time!


The US Congresswoman played Among Us on October 20, with other popular streamers, to encourage Americans to vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. As a result, this Among Us broadcast became one of the most opened Twitches in history.

24. A Twitch streamer named Sodapoppin helped popularise the game.


Shane Morris (Sodapoppin) started streaming Among Us at the end of July 2020 to his 2.8 million followers at the time, with up to a maximum of 47,009 views per stream. 

25. Videos on TikTok with the Among Us hashtag have reached more than 13 billion views.

(New York Times)

Fans of Among Us sharing countless artwork and memes of their customised Crewsonas (crewmember personalities) has risen the game’s popularity, reaching billions of views on every social media platform, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.


With more than 324 million mobile device downloads, iOS and Android make easy access for every astronaut out there. 

27. Counting over 590k members, Innersloth is the game’s largest Discord server.

(Beebom) (Apptopia)

ApptopiaIn addition, this is the official channel of the developers, where you can discuss insights and even find a group to play the game with via Discord, which explains why this game reached more than 778K daily downloads as of September 2020.


The game’s sequel – Among Us 2 – was announced in 2020. However, the game’s popularity has suddenly risen, forcing the developers to work on their servers and optimise the game, adjusting the small things towards perfection. Some of the things to look forward to being:

  • Server upgrades
  • A new stage (Henry Sthickmin themed location)
  • Friends system
  • Colourblind support

29. Between 20,000 and 30,000 players were in-game on Steam in 2021, at any given time.


Compared to once having over 300,000 players, this is a considerable decrease. But then again, in comparison to the humble start of the game with just 700 players in-game, the numbers are not entirely poor. 

30. On January 17, 2022, the long-expected road map was unveiled. 


The game’s massive popularity had prevented Innersloth from releasing updates and sequels. However, the new road map and a cosmic cube have finally been released, and a friend list is on the way.

Among Us ‘Lockdowns’

 The fact that COVID locked everyone at home, alone or with family, made this social deduction game so famous, allowing you to play along with up to 15 crewmates. 

According to Among Us statistics, meme-marketing and fan-created content burst on every social media, raising its popularity and locking in absolute game dominance in 2020.

In terms of its rise in 2020, players will remember its catchy game theme, case scenario, and easy controls. However, there are many hours of gameplay ahead of you.     


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