10+ CS: GO Statistics Every Gamer Should Know in 2024


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game that has been at the forefront of the genre since its creation. 

In this article, we will go over the most important CS:GO statistics and facts to make you love the game even more.

General CS: GO Statistics

1. There were over 1 million concurrent players on Steam in September 2022.


As of September 20222, there are 1.039.89 peace concurrent players on Steam.

However, the number of concurrent players on Steam peaked at 1.3 million in April 2020, mostly due to the Coronavirus lockdowns.

2. As of August 20222, CS:GO is the fourth most viewed game on Twitch.


CS: GO is ranked fourth as the most viewed game of all time on Twitch.

CS: GO all-time viewership, as of July 2021, is at 23.57 billion.

The most popular game on Twitch was League of Legends, with 52.6 billion views, proceeded by Fortnite, with 29.54 billion views.

3. In September 2022, there were over 34.5 million CS:GO monthly active players. 


The MAU of Counter Strike Global Offeinsive is constantly rising every month.

Just to compare, in September 2022 were 34.5 million MAU of CS:GO, and now in Octomber there were over 35 million active viewers.

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4. There were around 27 million unique players in May 2021.


According to the CS:GO statistics at Leetify, the number of unique monthly players in March 2019 was approximately 20 million, the highest since the game was created.

The second peak with about 25 million was recorded in July 2020 before increasing again at 27 million in May this year. 

5. The CS:GO player base increased by 60% in just two years.


The player base also grew by a total of 54% since CS:GO went free-to-play.

In fact, this change garnered an influx of 85,000 new players, i.e. a 27.5% growth. Even more impressive, this record was broken just 16 months later—there was another growth in the player base of 27.8%, or another 186,570 new players. 

6. CS:GO had the second cumulative tournament prize pool in 2021.


In 2021, DOTA 2 had the biggest tournament prize pool with almost $48 million. Second is Counter Strike Global Offensive with $22 million, while Fortnite had a prize pool of almost $20 million.

7. PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is the most successful CS:GO event ever.

(PGL Esports)

The only eSports event to take place with an audience, the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, broke several records for the franchise, including:

  • Peak number of viewers was 2.74 million, double the 1.33 million viewers who watched the Grand Final of ELEAGUE Major in 2017. 
  • The event moved the CS:GO category to 5th place on Twitch and ranked seventh in the top ten list of most popular esports events ever. 
  • The Major was the first event streamed in 4K.
  • With a whopping $2 million, this tournament had the biggest prize pool in CS:GO history.  Previously, the biggest prize pool was $1.5 million for the WESG 2016 tournament.
  • Viewers clocked in over 71.269.601 hours, putting the PGL Major at 9th place in eSports history. 

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CS: GO Demographic

8. 23% of CS:GO fans are viewers only.


In a 2019 survey conducted by Statista, 49% of respondents answered that they only play CS:GO. 28% said they both played and watched, whereas 23% reported that they were viewers only.

9. Russia makes up almost 12% of the CS:GO player base. 


Looking at a sample size of 7 million players who participated in CS:GO, Leetify found that 11.65% of the players were from Russia.

The USA takes second place with 10.66%, followed by Poland, Brazil, and Germany, which account for 5.32%, 4.87%, and 4.55%, respectively. The UK is in 10th place with 2.29%.

10. One million CS:GO players have been banned at least once. 


Out of seven million tracked users, approximately one million have been banned at least once.

What’s more, around half of the 2 million reported matches have had a banned player. In the past month, though, bans have gone down from 209 VAC bans to 23 and from 94 game bans to 29.

CS:GO Tournament and Player Statistics

11. There were almost 500 CS:GO esports events in 2020. 


In 2015, the number of CS:GO events worldwide was a little above 250, quickly rising to almost double the next year, attracting double the interest from eSports sponsorhips as well.

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12. Mirage is the most played map of all time.


According to the statistics from HLTV, these are the most and least-played maps of all time: 

  • Mirage is the most popular map, played 19.638 times in all matches.
  • Inferno is the most played map in big tournament events, with a total of 763 times played.
  • Tuscan is the least popular map of all time, played only six times. 

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13. Counter-Terrorists have a higher win percentage on most maps. 


Information from  HLTV indicates that Counter-Terrorists have the advantage in win rate percentage on most maps: 

  • Mirage has a 52.4% win rate for the Counter-Terrorist side and 47.6% for the Terrorists.
  • Inferno has a 55.5% win rate for Counter-Terrorists, which leaves Terrorists with a 44.5% win rate.
  • Dust2 and Cache are the only consistently Terrorist favouring maps in tournaments with 50.7% and 53.8% win rates, respectively.

14. Peter Rasmussen, aka dupreeh, is the highest-earning CS:GO player. 


Earning about $1.94 million, Astralis player dupreeh has made the most money out of competitive gaming in CS:GO and is one of the highest-earning eSports players globally.

He is followed by teammate Andreas Højsleth (Xyp9x), making $1.93 as of February 2022, and Ninjas in Pyjamas player Nicolai Reedtz (dev1ce) who earned $1.92 million during the same period. 

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15. Astralis is the highest-rated team.


According to the official eSports world rankings, Astralis is the highest-rated team, followed by Natus Vincere and Faze Clan.

16. Fans of Natus Vincere have watched a total of 61 million hours of their content online.


Na’VI has total airtime of 301.8 hours and 61 million total hours watched by their audience. Astralis is in second place with a total airtime of 259 hours and 42 million hours watched.

In terms of platforms:

  • 81.9% of Natus Vincere fans use Twitch
  • 16.5% use Youtube
  • 1.15% use Facebook 
  • 0.5% fall to all other platforms.

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If the latest PGL Major is any indication, CS: GO is still among the most popular eSports disciplines. 

So whether you are just playing, watching or betting on CS:GO, know that this game will be around for many years to come. 


What is CS: GO Overwatch?

CS: GO Overwatch is Valve’s community self-moderation system. Once a player gets reported for malicious activity, their gameplay goes up for review. Veteran players can then go through Overwatch replays and judge whether the reported players are cheaters or griefers, upon which they can submit their opinion. 

Once several players have reviewed the gameplay of the reported player, the system automatically decides what to do with the player.

What is CS: GO Danger Zone?

CS:GO Danger Zone is Valve’s contribution to the battle royale genre with their own personal twist. 

Instead of the common 50 to 100 players in one match, which has been the standard for this genre – akin to Warzone and Fortnite, Valve restricts it to 18 players per match. The standard gameplay stands true though. Players drop onto the map, and their primary objective is to gather equipment and be the last one standing. 

How do I see my CS: GO statistics?

You have several options when tracking your own personal csgo statistics, but one of the most common is CS:GO’s in-game stat tracker. 

To check out your CS:GO statistics, you need to:

  1. Turn on CS:GO
  2. Click on your dashboard 
  3. Open up Operation Stats
  4. Select the stats you’d like to see 
  5. Analyse them

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