How Many People Play Pokemon GO [Stats, Facts and Trends]

Catch 30+ Facts About Pokemon Go in 2022

Wondering where’s Pokemon Go in the current state of mobile gaming? We’ve listed the most recent facts about Pokemon Go to help you navigate.

And in case you never caught up with this trend, we got you covered. In short, this is an augmented reality game where players use GPS to locate and catch Pokemon, and afterwards, train them for a battle with other players. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Top 10 Fascinating Pokemon Go Facts and Statistics

  • Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 1 billion times worldwide.
  • The game broke 5 world records in its first month.
  • It was also the fastest mobile game to reach $100 million, in only 20 days.
  • Creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic, are currently worth around $9 billion.
  • World’s best trainer caught more than 2 million Pokemon.
  • Over 40% of players chose Mystic as their favourite team.
  • 50% of players reported weight loss due to increased game movement.
  • 30% of players met a new friend thanks to Pokemon Go.
  • The game encouraged 60% of players to visit new places.
  • Pokemon Go was the 7th most played game during the lockdown.

General Pokemon Go Stats and Facts in 2021

1. Pokemon Go statistics show it was the most downloaded mobile game when it launched.


Within its first month of release, it was downloaded 130 million times around the world.

2. Since then, it exceeded a total of 1 billion downloads worldwide. 


In the first quarter of the release, it reached around 250 million downloads around the world. Recent reports show there were over 12.71 million downloads globally in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

3. Currently, there are almost 900 Pokemon. 

(The Sun)

There are 898 creatures, to be precise. Approximately every 3-4 years, there are new generations of Pokemon, with 8 existing generations by the end of 2021.

4. Bulbasaur was the first-ever Pokemon. 

(The Sun)

Among the first created Pokemon was Bulbasaur, followed by Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu.

However, Pikachu is the most famous Pokemon and also has the rarest Pokemon card released back in 2016 named “Gold Pikachu”.

5. The average player has caught around 108 Pokemon. 

(Science Direct)

The average Pokedéx counts around 108 unique Pokemon caught, meaning that they have played the game for a significant amount of time.

6. Around 5 million Pokemon Go “cheaters” were punished.


Niantic reported that 5 million players received sanctions due to cheating in the game, with 20% of those punishments being permanent bans.

7. Pokemon Go players stats report that more than 40% choose Mystic as their preferred team.


Between the three teams, there is obviously a favourite among the players, the data shows:

  • 43% of players choose Mystic
  • 32% choose Valor
  • 25% choose Instinct

8. The best player in the UK currently has 56 wins out of 69 battles, according to the Pokemon Go usage statistics. 


By winning 56 out of 69 battles, or 81.16% of them, CLeonardo77 is the best-ranked player in the UK as of December 2021, with the second one being far behind him.

9. World’s best trainer caught more than 2M Pokemon. 


Kyarorina from Japan is a trainer who has reportedly caught the most Pokemon, surpassing 2 million as of 2021. Moreover, he has crossed 38,000 kilometres, meaning that he almost made a full circle around the world.

Pokemon Go Revenue Statistics

10. The game broke 5 world records in its first month.


It rapidly became a world phenomenon, breaking five world records in only a month, as Guinness World Records confirmed.

11. Pokemon Go retention statistics show it’s a mobile game that grossed the most revenue.


One month after launching, it generated $206.5 million of revenue for the first time in the mobile gaming industry.

12. Moreover, it was top-grossing in 55 countries simultaneously.


It generated the most revenue on 55 international charts in the same time in its first month only.

13. Not only that, but it was also the fastest to reach $100 million.


Pokemon Go was the fastest mobile game that reached $100 million in only 20 days.

14. The Pokemon Go revenue peaked in 2020. 

(Super Data)

Pokemon Go was in the top 5 free-to-play mobile games in 2020, generating a revenue of $1.92 billion.

15. That said, there’s a Pokemon Go market growth of 39%  year after year. 

(Super Data)

Although it was created to encourage physical movement in real-time locations, Pokemon Go adapted to new circumstances due to pandemics, with an overall annual growth of 39%.

16. Player in-app spending has reached a new high in 2020. 


Pokemon Go players have spent the most in 2020 since the game was launched, reaching a total of $1B and accumulating almost $4.2B in total.

17. The US seems to be the most profitable market for Pokemon Go.


When it comes to in-app player spending, these are the countries with the highest share:

  • 36.3% The USA
  • 31.3% Japan
  • 5.7% Germany

18. Google Play generated more revenue for Pokemon Go than the App Store. 


When it comes to mobile apps, Google Play reported revenue of $2.2B, or 53.4%, whereas App Store accounted for $1.9B, or 46.6%.

Pokemon Go Demographics

19. 2020 was the year with the highest number of active users, with most of them being from the Asia Pacific region.


The number of active users in Pokemon Go continues to grow, reaching its highest point in 2020.

  • 311 million users (51.6%) are  from the Asia Pacific
  • 107 million (17.7%) from Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East
  • 67 million (11.1%) from the USA
  • 63 million (10.5%) from Western Europe
  • 55 million (9.1%) from Central and Latin America

20. Great Britain is the second country with the most active users.


As of January 2021, Great Britain had a total of 272,015 active Pokemon Go players, positioning itself as the second country with the highest number of active users.

  • 827,205 active players from the USA
  • 272,015 from Great Britain
  • 269,733 from Japan

21. The game caused many physical health benefits, especially increased movement.

(Science Direct)

Studies have shown that Pokemon Go players reported many positive changes in their physical health, such as:

  • 35% more steps per day;
  • 50 more minutes of physical activity per week;
  • 25% of overall physical activity over a month.

22. Not only that, but it also improved player’s social life.

(Science Direct)

Pokemon Go has reportedly caused positive effects on players’ social interaction and collaboration. Such effects include:

  • 43% spent more time with family;
  • 52% spent more time with their dog;
  • 39% felt less anxious outdoors;
  • 40% felt less anxious when interacting with strangers.

23. There are more male players than females.

(Science Direct)

The gender distribution shows there are 57% of male players and 43% female.

24. The average Pokemon Go player has 24 years.

(Science Direct)

The age range among Pokemon Go players goes from 5 to 67 years, while the average player has 24 years, ± 6 years old.

25. Almost 40% of players are millennials.

(Video Game Stats)

According to the latest statistics about Pokemon, there are more millennial players (38%) than Gen Xers (33%).

26. Almost ½ of all players are employed.

(Science Direct)

When looking at occupations, there are different groups among Pokemon Go players:

  • 48% are working
  • 34% are students
  • 10% are in school
  • 8% are unemployed.

26. The average player spends more than ½ an hour in-app daily.

(App Institute)

Apparently, iOS users are spending around 33 minutes playing Pokemon Go on a daily basis.

27. Pokemon Go was in the top 10 most played games in the UK during the lockdown.

(The Sun)

Pokemon Go was ranked as the 7th most played game in the UK during the lockdown, right after Fortnite and Minecraft, with 20% using their daily walks to catch Pokemon.

28. Pokemon Go introduced a 99% discount during the lockdown.


You read that correctly. During the lockdown, Niantic introduced a 99% discount on in-app purchases.

29. The creators are keeping the game interesting with Pokemon Go live events which cost around $12-$18 per ticket.


Thanks to these ticketed events, for which players are paying less than $20 bucks, they can catch new Pokemon in a controlled, covid-safe environment.

Pokemon Go Facts

30. 15% of players find rural areas to be the most boring.

One study found that Pokemon Go players reported rural areas such as countryside, woods, etc., to be the most boring in the game because. As 15% of them agreed, nothing happens there.

31. The game encouraged 60% of players to visit new places.

The same study showed that more than half of respondents (60%) visited a new place in their town because of Pokemon Go, with the places being:

  • 22% Parks
  • 14% Stadiums and castles
  • 11% Water features
  • 9% Entirely new town

32. Some went so far as to break lockdown rules while playing the game.

In January 2021, a Pokemon Go player from Bedworth drove to Kenilworth and got a £200 fine for breaking lockdown rules.

33. Over ⅓ of players bumped into something while playing the game.

Around 33% of Pokemon Go players reported collisions with an object or a near-miss, with most of them bumping into other people or signs.

35. Over 30% of players met a new friend through the game.

31% of Pokemon Go players reported they have made a new friendship thanks to the game.


With only five years from launching, Pokemon Go has transformed the mobile gaming world as we know it. They’ve made new industry standards, and with the new announcement of the Metaverse, they still have plenty of plans in their bag. As these facts about Pokemon Go showed us, one thing’s for sure – Pokemon Go isn’t going away in the near future.


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