Most Successful English Football Teams [2024 Edition]


English football has lots to be proud of. Just think of the numerous titles, cups, and trophies won. And don’t forget the incredible players, team leaders and management.

Most importantly, they have many successful football clubs.

But, which is THE most successful club in England?

Read here as we reveal the names of the most successful English football teams.

The 10 Most Successful English Football Teams

Many factors make a football club famous and successful – from league rankings and global appeal to championships won.

Based on it, these are the most successful English clubs for 2022.

10. Blackburn Rovers – 13 Titles

The Rovers is a pro club that has bounced between the 2nd and 3rd divisions quite often – and claimed a championship title once in both.

Nevertheless, they entered the 1st Division in 1992 and stayed until 1999. In 2002 they took the chance and regained their place in the Premier League (PL) until 2012.

The club’s string of achievements started by winning their 1st FA Cup (1884) against Queen’s Park. However, this victory was followed by 5 more throughout the years.

Afterward, the club won 3 English Champions, and it even won the English SuperCup (1913).

But, Rovers’ most recent outstanding career moment has to be their English League Cup victory (2001/02).

9. Newcastle United – 17 Titles

With four League titles and six FA Cups, Newcastle United makes one of the all-time most successful English clubs.

The club’s dominant squad was precisely what the 1st Division required and, thus, claimed 4 English Champion titles. These were followed by an English SuperCup victory, 4 English Second Tier Champion trophies, etc.

However, the 90s were a turning point for Newcastle, with Kevin Keegan as their manager, which was one of the famous managers at that time. He led Newcastle back to the PL (1993).

In fact, Newcastle earned the 3rd place in the league – their highest league rank since 1927.

Today, Newcastle have the richest sports team owner Prince Mohammed bin Salman, making Newcastle one of the teams with the biggest one of the biggest Premier League wage bills.

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8. Everton – 25 Titles

Everton didn’t need long to establish itself as one of the country’s top soccer clubs. They also contributed to the formation of The Football League (1888).

Everton is a club that can proudly showcase twenty-five international and national soccer awards/trophies.

The team’s first League title happened in 1891, and in 1893 they were the other team in the FA Cup final, ending with their defeat.

In between victories and defeats, they’ve achieved outstanding awards and honours, like

  • 9x English SuperCup winners
  • 5x FA Cup trophies
  • One English Champion title in the Second Tier (1931)
  • 9x FA Charity Shield winners
  • 1x UEFA European Cup Winners’ Cup Winners (1985)
  • 9x English Champion title carriers, etc.

7. Aston Villa – 25 Titles

Britain’s oldest soccer club deserves an honourable place on our most successful English clubs list.

Villa is of historical significance in the sports world, and it’s one of the five football teams that conquered the European Cup Winners title (1982).

Though, their list of trophies/titles stretches further:

  • 7x English Champion titles
  • 1x UEFA SuperCup title
  • 7x FA Cup Winners
  • 5x English League Cup trophies
  • 2x English Second Tier Champion carriers.

Aston Villa wasn’t a consistent ‘PL guest.’ The club was relegated for the first time to the 2nd Division in 1936. And in 1970, they went down in the 3rd Division.

However, after a five-year absence, they made a PL comeback thanks to coach Ron Saunders.

6. Tottenham Hotspur – 26 Titles

Tottenham’s beginnings were striking since it quickly transferred from the Second Division to the first.

So, it wasn’t long until the Hotspurs won their first FA Cup (1901) — becoming the ONLY non-League team to achieve this since the Football League establishment.

In the following years, the club gained more significant titles and trophies:

  • 2x UEFA Cup winners (1972, 1984)
  • 8x FA Cup trophies
  • 7x English SuperCup winners
  • 4x English League Cup titles
  • 2 English Champions (1951, 1961)
  • 4x English League Cup conquerors
  • 2x English Second Tier Champions (1920, 1950), etc.

Bill Nicholson’s name also deserves mention. During his managerial years (1958-1974) the club won a League title, 3 FA Cups, and 2 League Cups.

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5. Manchester City – 36 Titles

It seems that Manchester City experienced an incredible transformation after changing its name from Ardwick AFC and switching grounds. Additionally, these changes pushed Man City in the English 1st Division in 1899.

Besides winning 8 English Champion titles and League Cup trophies, they’re also:

  • 1x Cup Winners’ Cup Winners (1970)
  • 6x English SuperCup winners
  • 7x English Second Tier Champions
  • 6x FA Cup carriers, etc.

But still, the biggest change the club went through must be the 2008 ownership by Sheikh Mansour. The club then attracted significant fan and press attention — it wasn’t shadowed anymore by its fellow Man United.

Today, City has a collection of trophies and titles many clubs can be jealous of.

4. Chelsea – 36 Titles

Chelsea is a pro club that knows how to fight its way back to the top. They’ve been relegated and promoted multiple times, but they always come out on top in the end.

The London boys in blue have been decorated with 5 PL titles, 8 FA Cup trophies, and a FIFA Club World Cup victory.

Undoubtedly, Chelsea ranks high on the list of the most successful clubs in England and throughout Europe.

Among their numerous trophies, you’ll also find:

  • 4x English SuperCup trophies
  • 2x English Second Tier Champions
  • 2x Cup Winners’ Cup Winners
  • 6 English Champion titles
  • 2 Champions League trophies, etc.

Chelsea is clear about its status — these pros are a dominant England force.

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3. Arsenal – 47 Titles

The Gunners have always been a popular club among the English crowd. Moreover, they set the records for both the longest unbeaten streak and longest run in the PL – impressive!

Though the club has been through some rough seasons, that still doesn’t beat the fact that they have 13 English Champion titles, 14 FA Cup trophies, and 2 English Cup League titles (among the numerous honours and achievements).

These major victories are also the result of excellent leaders like Chapman (2 FA Cups in 1922 and 1930, 5 League titles).

Arsenal F.C. has won a lot of trophies, making it the third most successful club in English football.

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2. Manchester United – 68 Titles

The Red Devils are among the wealthiest and most prestigious English football clubs ever. Under the leadership of Alex Ferguson, the club made a name and stashed its shelves with numerous successes (38 trophies).

Ferguson brought 13 league titles, 5 FA Cup trophies, and 2 UEFA Champions League titles between 1986 and 2013.

And in the 1998/99 season, Man Utd, alongside Ferguson, scored a European treble – the PL, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League.

However, their achievements don’t stop here:

  • 21 English SuperCup wins
  • 12 FA Cup trophies
  • 20x English Champions
  • 2x English League winners, etc.

Man United also won a Europa League title, Intercontinental Cup title, 5 English League Cup trophies, and many more. Because of their success, the Red Devils are also among the clubs that are most hated.

1. Liverpool – 71 Titles

Liverpool wears the crown — England’s most successful football club.

At home, the club has won 19 league titles, 9 League Cups, 8 FA Cups, and 16 FA Community Shields. Whereas on the international level, they conquered 3 UEFA Cups, only one FIFA Club World Cup title, 4 UEFA Super Cup trophies, and 6 European Cup titles

Looking back at the 1970s and 1980s – The Reds ‘golden era’ we must pay tribute to their managerial team: Bill Shankly, Joe Fagan, Dalglish, and Paisley.

Liverpool took 11 League titles and 4 European Cups with them by its side, making them also one of the most successful football clubs in Europe.

Though the club had some ‘quiet’ seasons, they caught us off guard when they swooped the PL trophy (2020), followed by the Football League Cup victory and their 8th FA Cup title in the 2022 season, which is the oldest sporting trophy in England.

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Final Words

England is eminent for its famous professional clubs, footballers, and coaches. You’ll have your head spinning from famous club names like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea — but only one can be the most successful.

Therefore, on our list of most successful English football teams, the number one position belongs to Liverpool.

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