Chelsea All Time Top Scorers: The Blue’s Greatest Goal Scoring Legends


Chelsea’s trophy cabinets are filled with major silverware.

But who is responsible for the heavy shelves of the club and every win?

Of course, the Chelsea all-time top scorers! These players have scored the most important goals in the club’s history.

10 Chelsea All Time Top Scorers

Chelsea is one of the best football clubs in London, and even in England. 

All of Chelsea’s top scorers share one thing in common. They are the world’s best footballers, having donned the blue shirt. 

So, let’s get to know all-time Chelsea top scorers!

10. George Hilsdon

photo source: dailymail

Born: 10 August 1885 – 1941

Appearances: 164

Goals: 108

George Hilsdon started writing history as a promising scorer for the club from his first appearance as a player of one of the most successful English teams. In his first match, he scored 5 goals in the white and blue sports kit.

He is the first footballer to score 100 goals for Chelsea and the club record holder for most goals scored by one person in one match, which is 6 goals.

George’s skills were one of the reasons The Blues got to the First Division of English soccer only two years after their founding. Could you believe Hilsdon scored 27 goals in his first season with the club?

Hilsdon played for the Blues for six years of his career, from 1906 to 1912. And after one century from his debut, the Gatling Gun is still among the top 10 Chelsea top goal scorers.

9. Eden Hazard

Born: 7 January 1991

Appearances: 245

Goals: 110

Eden Hazard signed his contract with Chelsea in June 2012. Till he got transferred to Real Madrid in 2019 and became one of the highest-paid soccer players. He played 352 matches for Chelsea, where he scored 110 mind-blowing goals.

Hazard’s first goal for Chelsea was a penalty goal in August 2012 against Newcastle United in a Premier League match.

The breakdown of Hazard’s goals while playing for Chelsea shows that he scored most of them in the Premier League, 85 goals.

He is the third Chelsea player with the most goals scored in the Premier League. Moreover, his performance statistics show that he has made great assistance, leading to scoring goals in the EPL every 99 minutes.

His personal best season record is netting 21 goals for Chelsea in his last season with the team.

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8. George Mills

photo source: chelseafc

Born: 29 December 1908 – 1970

Appearances: 229

Goals: 125

Gorge Mills wore the Chelsea shirt from 1929 till 1943. He started playing for Chelsea as one of their amateur footballers.

In his first season for the club, Mills helped Chelsea jump to the First Division by scoring 14 goals in 20 matches. It put him on the list of Chelsea players who have scored more than 10 goals in one season.

George Mills is well known among Chelsea fans as the first footballer to score more than 100 league goals. He is also in the history books of Chelsea as the last player who scored 3 goals against Liverpool in one match, back in 1937. That is what we call a hat-trick king.

He is one of the rare footballers who has devoted his entire professional career to Chelsea.

7. Jimmy Greaves

photo source: BBC

Born: 20 February 1940 – 2021

Appearances: 169

Goals: 132

Jimmy Greaves started his football career with the junior team of Chelsea in 1956 and shortly after that Chelsea became one of the clubs that will be most hated in the world of football.  A few years later, he started his professional career as a football player again with Chelsea, but this time around with the senior team. He was part of Chelsea from 1957 till 1961.

Greaves has also set records in his junior career with 114 goals. As for his pro career, his overall goals scoring rate is 0.78 per game.

Greaves’ goal records are filled with 124 league goals and 8 cup goals. The young soccer talent scored 100 league goals for the Blues before he turned 21 and his 100th goal was a striking hat-trick.

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6. Peter Osgood 

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Born: 20 February 1947 – 2006

Appearances: 380

Goals: 150

Another notable name in the all time Chelsea top scorers is Peter Osgood. He is the only Chelsea player who has a statue that you can see when walking into the most beatutiful stadium in the UK, Stamford Bridge.

Peter Osgood, or the King of Stamford Bridge, played for the Blues on two occasions. First time from 1964 till 1974 and second from 1978 till 1980.

His performance in the Premier League marked 105 goals and in FA Cup 19 goals.

Furthermore, Osgood will always be remembered as the player who has shaken the goalkeeper’s net in every 1969/70 FA Cup competition and scored eight goals in a tie in the 1971 Cup Winners Cup.

5. Roy Bentley

photo source: bristolcityfc

Born: 17 May 1924 – 2018

Appearances: 367

Goals: 150

More than 65 years have passed since Roy Bentley left Chelsea, and he is still one of Chelsea’s top goal scorers. He has been wearing the Blues shirt from 1948 to 1956.

In 1951 he was crowned the Blues captain, and his leadership skills helped Chelsea win the League Championship in 1955 and become one of the clubs with most fans around the world.

He was the player with the best club-scoring performance seven seasons in a row.

4. Didier Drogba

Born: 11 March 1978

Appearances: 381

Goals: 167

Didier Drogba is one of Chelsea’s all-time top scorers and is considered a legend at Stamford Bridge.

Didier Drogba has 381 valuable appearances for Chelsea. His top-notch performance on the football pitch got him to score 167 goals and make 87 goal assists. He is considered as one of the best strikers of this century.

Drogba’s most successful Premier League was the 2009/10 season when he scored 29 goals. Drogba lifted the Premier League trophy 4 times and has been awarded the Golden Boot twice, which is why he is among the best-retired football players today.

3. Kerry Dixon

photo source: bleacherreport

Born: 24 July 1961

Appearances: 335

Goals: 193

Kerry Dixon played for Chelsea from 1983 to 1992. During the first two seasons with the club, he was in the top scorer rankings for the Blues. As for the club’s benefits by signing Kerry Dixon, they got to be Second Division champions and jumped to the First Division.

Dixon’s balling technique led to 34 goals scored in his first Chelsea season and 36 goals in his second season. That made a total of 70 goals in as little as 101 games. That sure is a high strike.

Kerry Dixon takes 10th place on Chelsea’s players with the most appearances list.

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2. Bobby Tambling

photo source: thechelseasocial

Born: 18 September 1941

Appearances: 370

Goals: 202

The goal-scoring machine Bobby Tambling was Chelsea’s top scorer for almost 50 years until Lampard took his place in 2013. Tambling is famous for scoring the most important goals right when the club needed them.

He spent 13 legendary years in Chelsea from 1957 to 1970.

Tambling had set the record for most goals scored in an away match at Aston Villa when he scored 5 goals. He also set the club record of 164 League goals.

Furthermore, Tambling has netted 25 Cup goals, 10 goals at the League Cup, and 3 Europe goals while playing for the Blues.

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1. Frank Lampard

Born: 20 June 1978

Appearances: 429

Goals: 211

Frank Lampard is Chelsea top scorer of all time and was a prolific footballer for the Blues from 2001 till 2014. Lampard is considered to be one of the club’s greatest ever players and is the player that put Chelsea on the European and the Premier League map.

He started his first season with Chelsea strong, scoring 8 goals in the Premier League, many of which were crucial goals. From the total 429 appearances in the Blues shirt, Lampard has scored an incredible 211 goals.

Although Lampard has played for other teams, Chelsea had the honours of most of his career goals.


Chelsea has had some fantastic strikers over the years. Some may be more well-known than others, but all of them have made their mark on the club’s history.

With a new Premier League season starting soon, let’s hope that one of Chelsea’s current players can become the next top scorer!

So, who do you think has the biggest chance of joining the Chelsea all-time top scorers?

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