How Many Games in the Premier League? The Complete Guide to the EPL

How Many Games in the Premier League? The Complete Guide to the EPL

Are you looking for an exact number of how many games there are in the Premier League?

If yes, get ready to prepare yourself for this year’s season.

We have everything you need to know about how the Premier League works. 

How Many Games Are There in the Premier League Season?

First things first, let’s go through a quick fact check about the Premier League

So, the top division in English football has fans worldwide who can’t wait to see who will take the trophy home.

It is watched by more than one billion households in 188 countries annually. Moreover, other fans fill up the best stadiums in the UK to see some live action.

The FIRST Premier League season was 1992/93. Since then, the Premier League has been played every year. The matches are usually played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The 2021/22 Premier League was the 30th season

Did you know that one of the most profitable sports leagues the EPL, till the 1994/95 season, had 22 teams?

However, that number has been cut short, and NOW the Premier League hosts 20 teams.

Each TEAM competes 38 times on the football pitch during the Premier League, playing with the other 19 teams in home and away matches.

The TOTAL Premier League number of games during one season is 380.

When Does the Premier League Season Start?

Football is one of England’s most played sports, and it is no surprise that Brits can’t wait for the EPL to return.

The games in the Premier League season usually start in August and last till May the following year. Moreover, the Premier League off-season is from late May till early August.

So, the 2022/23 Premier League season will officially have its first game on 6 August 2022.

After that, we will enjoy some divine football until the final match round, which is scheduled for 28 May 2023.

So How Does the Premier League Schedule Work? 

Assembling a league with 380 matches is no easy feat. The schedule of the Premier League is demanding and requires high expertise.

The making of the schedule starts with collecting the dates for the matches of FIFA, the European Club, and the Football Association. The dates that are NOT booked will be the days when the League and the League Cup matches can be played.

Those dates are sent to the representatives who review the fixtures. The Premier League is divided into 10 sets of games equally split into the two halves of the season.

The EPL fixtures are reviewed by representatives from the Premier League, Atos, and the Football league. They also use a computer to find alternative dates for a match.

Furthermore, the computer mixes the home and away matches randomly and decides when each match will be played.

Could you believe that changing one date match can lead to changes in 40 other Premier League events?

But, here are the RULES for scheduling the Premier League:

  • In five fixtures, there must be three home and two away matches or two home and three away games.
  • One team cannot have more than two home or away games in a row at the beginning or the end of the season.
  • Some clubs cannot play in a home stadium on the same day.
  • The member clubs of the Premier League are asked three questions:
    • Dates that they don’t want to play at home.
    • Club they wish to be paired with.
    • If they don’t want to play a home match on Boxing Day.

Thus, the majority of the club requirements are satisfied. 

In the process of making the schedule, representatives from all leagues and Football Supporters’ Federation fans representatives are consulted.

In the end, all scheduled matches are reviewed by the Association of Chief Police Officers and the British Transport Police Representatives. 

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How Many Teams Are There in the Premier League?

Overall, the Premier League, in its 30 seasons, has welcomed 49 clubs, and only six clubs have been part of every Premier League competition. 

But every season, 20 football teams compete with one common goal: to proudly lift The Three Lions of English Football on the football pitch and become the English Champions. 

If you want to see who are the teams for this season and where to find them, check out our map of 2022 Premier League teams.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how many games are played in the Premier League, get your drinks, snacks, or even tickets to sit in the audience ready.  

The Premier League will be a real show this year, unlike any other, which is why it holds one of the biggest sports broadcasting contracts in the world.

So who are your favourites for the following Premier League 2022/23?


What happens after all the matches are completed?

  • First, the winning team is crowned the EPL champion.
  • Then, footballers will determine which league they will play next year and place their points on the EPL table.
  • The four best teams from the EPL qualify for the UEFA Champions League.
  • The least successful three teams fall to the English second-tier, the Championship.

Will the Premier League ever grow to more than 20 teams?

Although there are talks about opening the Premier League to more than 20 teams at the moment, there are no official decisions considering this topic. 

On the other hand, there were also ideas to cut the number of clubs to 18. 

For now, the management believes that the structure of the League should stay as it is since there is no room and no need for change.

How many matches does each team play in the Premier League?

Each of the 20 teams plays 38 of the Premier League total games. 

It leads us to the question of how many games are in the Premier League. Well, the League has a total of 380 matches each season.

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