The Most Expensive Football Trophies Of All Time [2024 Edition]


Most players feel like true winners in football competitions or other sporting events only if they return with a  gold or silver trophy.

To publicly honour the efforts and game performance of winners, the football association presents the champion team with an award, i.e., a trophy.

Let’s see the most expensive football trophies, their weight, worth, etc.

Top Ten Most Expensive Football Trophies in The World in 2022

Different cups and leagues have developed distinctive designs and materials to build a unique soccer award for the best in the competitions football teams play.

Check out our list of the ten most expensive cups in football.

10. The English Premier League Trophy ($10.000)

  • Competition: English Premier League
  • 2022 Holders: Manchester City
  • Material: Solid Sterling Silver/ 24-carat Silver Gilt/ Malachite
  • Weight: 25.4 kg
  • Height: 104 cm

The EPL trophy is a masterpiece by Asprey London, the Crown Jewellers, and alongside come 40 silver medals too.

The solid sterling silver-made prize comes with a magnificent height of 104 cm and 25.4 kg — all laid on a malachite-made base. The malachite is a semi-precious green-coloured gem containing all EPL winners’ names.

Its worth is $10.000, and the ‘Three Lions inspire the design in English Football.’ Consequently, the free-flow ribbons on both handles change depending on the colours of the winning squad.

The first EPL club to receive it was Manchester United (1992/93).

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9. UEFA Champions League Trophy ($15.000)

  • Competition: UEFA Champions League
  • 2022 Holders: Real Madrid
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Height: 73.5 cm

The highly-appreciated and wanted UEFA Champions League trophy has been through five transformations. But Real Madrid, the football club with the most fans worldwide, has the original one (1967).

The 2008/09 regulations grant winners the satisfaction of success with the replica created in 340 hours by Jürg Stadelmann + solid prize digits.

This trophy is known as ‘Ol’ Big Ears,’ thanks to its enormous handles from the sides. Moreover, Jürg used sterling silver to give it a ‘figure’ of 7.5 kg and 73.5 cm. However, this award can be conquered only by European football clubs.

Therefore, Los Blancos have the most UEFA Champions League titles (13).

8. Bundesliga Meisterschale ($57.102)

photo source: dazn
  • Competition: Fußball-Bundesliga
  • 2022 Holders: Bayern Munich
  • Material: Sterling Silver/ Tourmaline/ Gold
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Height: 59 cm (diameter)

The Bundesliga Meisterschale is the most valuable ($57.102) prize in the German Football League. And the first club to receive it was FC Köln (1964). Afterwards, one of the most disliked football clubs worldwide, Bayern Munich, successfully conquered the Meisterschale 31 times!

The Meisterschale is the creation of Elisabeth Treskow, and it has the shape of a shield. It comprises 5.5 kg sterling silver, enriched with five bigger (71.98-carat) and 11 smaller tourmalines covered with a gold layer.

Consequently, with the 2008 extension of five engraving plates, the Meisterschale reached 11 kg — now, the trophy can bare the champion names from 1903 until 2027.

7. Italian Serie A Trophy ($66.000)

photo source: sportingnews
  • Competition: Serie A
  • 2022 Holders: AC Milan
  • Material: Gold/ Sodalite
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Height: 58 cm

The season’s end in Serie A is crowned with a $66.000 trophy – ‘Coppa Campioni d’Italia’ + a monetary prize. AC Milan is the current Serie A winner, though Juventus, since 1960 till now, has won the most trophies (36).

Interestingly, once won, the trophy goes straight to the winning teams’ directories. But, the 2005 changes now allow winners to celebrate with the award on the field.

The funnel-shaped trophy is made of gold and rests on a sodalite (blue-coloured mineral) base, which stores all winners’ names (1960-2022). Additionally, there’s a golden ring featured in the centre.

This prestigious award is Ettore Calvelli’s creation, a famous worldwide sculptor.

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6. African Cup of Nations Trophy ($150.000)

photo source: sportingnews
  • Competition: African Nations Cup
  • 2022 Holders: Senegal
  • Material: Gold-plated

The African Nations Cup is a tournament that showcases the best African football talents since 1957. Moreover, some of the greatest footballers have played in it, like Chelsea legend Drogba, Mo Salah, and Eto’o.

Furthermore, with a $150.000 value, the AFCON trophy is among the world’s most valuable football recognitions; Egypt has won it seven times.

These are the cup’s three transformations:

  • The Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem Trophy was silver and looked like the English League Cup trophy.
  • The Trophy of African Unity (awarded 1980-2000) had a long stem and the African map imprinted alongside the Olympic rings on top.
  • The third (current) version is gold-plated and created in Italy.

5. Ballon d’Or Trophy ($805.439)

photo source: sportingnews
  • Competition: Best Individual Football Player
  • 2022 Holder: Karim Benzema
  • Material: Gold/ Brass/ Wax-like material
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Height: 28 cm

Ballon d’Or Trophy, or ‘Golden Ball’, is among the most exquisite (individual) football awards. It’s been organised and awarded by France Football (a French magazine) every year since 1956. The man with the most Ballon d’Or trophies is Messi (7).

But this year’s honour went to one of the world’s best strikers, Karim Benzema.

The trophy was valued at $805.439 since that’s how much Cristiano Ronaldo received for his at a charity auction. But, the materials used cost around €5.000.

The credit for its appearance goes to Mellerio dits Meller (a French jeweller). Consequently, the complete process includes 5 kg of 18-carat melted gold and brass plates for a result of 12kg and 28cm.

4. The FA Cup Trophy ($1.18 million)

  • Competition: The Football Association Challenge Cup
  • 2022 Holders: Liverpool
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver/ Gold-plated
  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Height: 61.5 cm

The FA Cup it’s considered the world’s oldest national football event, first played in 1871. However, from 2015 onwards, the tournament goes under The Emirates FA Cup name. And the club with the most FA Cup trophies is Arsenal (14).

The present FA Cup trophy experienced two design changes and five cups. Interestingly, the initial trophy cost only £20 and it was named the ‘Little Tin Idol,’ (1895).

Today’s trophy was designed by the Queen’s Silversmith – Thomas Lyte (2013), and it’s estimated at $1.18 million. The cup is made of 925 sterling silver (6.3kg) with a magnificent height of 61.5cm and is gold-plated inside.

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3. UEFA Europa League Trophy ($4.5 million)

photo source: UEFA
  • Competition: UEFA Europa League
  • 2022 Holders: Eintracht Frankfurt
  • Material: Silver/ Yellow Marble
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Height: 65 cm

The UEFA Europa League Trophy is an annual award that you compete for in the second football tier. Moreover, this football prize is among the top 3 most expensive ones ($4.5m), and Sevilla has 6 in their cabinet.

The initial design from 1972 was the work of a man called Bertoni in Milan. At first glance, you’ll notice the biggest part being silver laid on a yellow marble base.

Its dimensions are spectacular: 15kg heavy, a width of 33cm, 23cm deep, and 65cm tall. Above the base, players are engraved surrounding the trophy – as if they’re holding it. And up, in the centre, the cup is decorated with the UEFA mark.

2. Copa Libertadores Trophy ($8.5 million)

photo source: sportingnews
  • Competition: Copa Libertadores de América
  • 2022 Holders: Flamengo
  • Material: Sterling Silver/ Bronze/ Plywood

The Copa Libertadores Trophy is given to the annual victor of the Copa Libertadores de América sporting tournament. It’s the most desired trophy in South American football, worth $8.5 million. And since its establishment (1960), the club with the most Copa trophies is Independiente (7).

The original trophy by Alberto de Gasperi (1959) had only 18 badges. However, later was expanded to accommodate more names.

The main material is sterling silver, except for the bronze football player on top with a silver layer. Whereas the pedestal, which is hardwood plywood, accumulates all the badges of the winning teams.

The CONMEBOL president decorated the plates by Boca (1977, 1978) with 18-carat and 24-carat gold, respectively (2021).

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy ($20 million)

photo source: nbcboston
  • Competition: FIFA World Cup
  • 2022 Holders: Argentina
  • Material: 18-carat Gold/ Malachite
  • Weight: 6.175 kg
  • Height: 36.6 cm

The most expensive trophy in football (2022) is the World Cup trophy (worth $20m), which can be won every four years. Needless to say, the FIFA World Cup is also the most followed sports tournament — the first W. Cup was in 1930.

The name and design of the trophy has been through some changes. However, the current FIFA World Cup Trophy is the masterpiece of the Italian Silvio Gazzaniga (1974).

The prestigious award was made of 18-carat gold, which shows two figurines holding the planet high above. Consequently, this is laid on a green double-layer base (malachite). The base of the trophy keeps engraved the names of all world champions.

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To wrap it up. Football trophies have a significant meaning for the winners and the world of football in general.

Looking back at our list of the ten most expensive football trophies, the number one spot, better yet, the most expensive football trophy, is the FIFA World Cup trophy ($20 million).

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