The Biggest Football Shirt Sponsorship Deals [2024]


Football is a sport that captivates the attention of the global mass. As such, it’s also a magnet for attracting numerous brands and various sponsorship deals.

And in professional football, shirt sponsors are always trying to secure deals with top clubs.

This article will look at some of the biggest football shirt sponsorship deals.

Top 10 Biggest Football Shirt Sponsorship Deals

Sports revenue doesn’t only come from winning games and conquering cups.

Therefore, commercial endorsements or getting football shirt sponsorship (Nike, Adidas, Telekom, etc.) works both for the sponsors and the football team.

And let’s not neglect the fact these deals can be worth millions of dollars.

The following list contains the ten biggest shirt sponsorship deals in football.

10. Olympique Lyon (€110 – €125 million)

Football League: Ligue 1

Shirt Sponsorship: Emirates

Olympique Lyon is one of the most respected clubs in France, and like other sports teams, they, too, have a shirt sponsor that its players advertise.

In 2020, Lyon signed a 5-year sponsorship deal worth €20-€25 million (per season) with Emirates airlines. Therefore, the Emirates will be their official sponsor for the 2020/21-2025 season.

This endorsement means you’ll no longer see Hyundai’s sign on the front of Lyon’s jerseys. Instead, the teams’ kits will be decorated with the logo ‘Fly Better.’

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9. Juventus (€135 million)

Football League: Serie A

Shirt Sponsorship: Jeep

With 36 Italian champion titles, Juventus is the most famous and most hated football club in the Italian league. As such advertises, big-name brands like Jeep and Adidas.

The club has renewed its sponsorship deal with Jeep worth €45 per season (2021-2024). Though the footballers’ jerseys say ‘Jeep,’ this is the product’s name – the deal is made with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Jeep’s owner.

Before Jeep, Juventus advertised other big names.

As follows

  • Lotto – the deal lasted from 2000 to 2003;
  • Nike – a deal worth a total of $540 million (2003-2015);

Juventus management also sealed a deal with maybe the oldest name in the sport market, Adidas (2008-2027), worth €408 million.

8. Chelsea (€142 million)

Football League: Premier League

Shirt Sponsorship: 3 (Three)

Chelsea is a 6-time English champion and one of the most successful London clubs.

In 2020, the Blues scored a handsome shirt sponsorship deal with 3 (Three), one of the biggest brands in the telecommunication industry — owned by CK Hutchison Holdings. We’re sure you’ve spotted the big number 3 on Chelsea’s jerseys.

Though this particular shirt deal will last only three seasons (until 2023), the club will still earn €142 million, which is €47m per season.

Before 3, Chelsea was committed to Samsung, the South Korean electronic giant (2005-2015) and received £15m per season.

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7. Arsenal (£200 million)

Football League: Premier League

Shirt Sponsorship: Emirates

The Gunners are one the most famous English Premier League clubs. And they too have a famous (main) shirt sponsor – The Emirates.

The deal with Emirates was signed in 2006 and renewed in 2019 for a round sum of £200m (to last until 2024). But their sponsored agreement also refers to the club’s ‘home’ – Emirates Stadium (a name that will stay until 2028, at least).

Additionally, as part of the renewal, Arsenal will also be able to fly on Emirates planes for their pre-season tours.

Before the Emirates deal, Arsenal had a fruitful sponsorship deal with Puma (2014-2019) worth over £150 million.

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6. Liverpool ($236+ million)

Football League: Premier League

Shirt Sponsorship: Standard Chartered

Liverpool has conquered 19 English champion titles and one sweet shirt sponsorship with Standard Chartered.

Interestingly, Liverpool is the first club in football history to sponsor brands on shirts and kits. That said, they landed the Standard Chartered sponsorship in 2010, which was set to last twelve years until 2022/23 (€45 million/season).

However, the same was extended until 2026/27, with the club scoring over £50m per season, an increase compared to the previous deal.

This extension will wrap up a seventeen years long business connection between The Reds and Standard Chartered.

But Liverpool has had other great shirt sponsors, like Adidas — they’ve made Liverpool’s kit since 1985. And there’s also Carlsberg (1992-2010) – a deal considered as one of the lengthiest shirt sponsorship ever.

5. Manchester United ($325 million)

Football League: Premier League

Shirt Sponsorship: TeamViewer

Manchester United has 20 English champion titles and is home to some of the greatest footballers (Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, David Beckham, etc.).

Plus, they’ve always been successful when needing revenue increase through social media, ads, shirt sponsors, etc.

The Red Devils struck a five-year deal (2021-2026) valued at $325 million, or $65m per season, with the German software company TeamViewer (their current leading sponsor). And this sponsorship deal also ensures Man United’s ultimate secure online experience and boosts their fan base reach out (24/7).

United has bumped into other prosperous shirt sponsorships like

  • AON (four years) worth £80+ million;
  • Vodafone, 2000-signed, for £36 million or £9m/year – but ended two years before the expiration date;
  • AIG (2006-2010) a total of £56.5 million;
  • Adidas (2015-2026) worth £75m/season.

However, their biggest football shirt sponsorship was the one with Chevrolet (2014/15-2021), heavy $599 million.

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4. Tottenham Hotspur (£320 million)

Football League: Premier League

Shirt Sponsorship: AIA

Besides being English champions twice and conquering 7 Supercups, the Spurs are excellent at sealing sponsorship deals.

Their current shirt sponsor deal with AIA (a global life insurance company) is worth £320 million (£40 million). The initial deal signing was in 2013 and was set to last until 2019. However, both sides agreed it’s best to continue things until 2027.

A deal like this isn’t only a positive outlining for the club but also lifts them to the ranks of other EPL clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

Among the most prominent and longest sponsorship deals the Spurs have sealed must be the sports giant Nike. This particular deal is set to last from 2017 to 2033, worth £500, or £30 million a year.

3. Bayern Munich (€250 million)

Football League: Bundesliga

Shirt Sponsorship: Deutsche Telekom

The Bundesliga superpower 32x German champion, Bayern Munich, is famous for their strong shirt sponsorship deal with Deutsche Telekom.

The Deutsche Telekom business relationship with Bayern has endured 20 years now, and it’ll continue until 2027. During this time, the club will earn €50m per season + an extra €5m per season. However, the worth of their overall collaboration (the latest deal extension included) is £1.250 billion.

The German also partnered with Adidas (2002-2030), a deal worth a total of £650 million. The 3 stripes on their kit will be bringing the club £43 million/year. Impressively, Adidas and Bayern share an enduring partnership of 50 years now.

Bayern’s sports values and achievements make them one of the most marketable football clubs.

2. Manchester City (£675 million)

Football League: Premier League

Shirt Sponsorship: Etihad Airways

The English ‘Citizens’ have 8 English champion titles and are among the clubs with the biggest wage bills in the Premier League. Moreover, they have some of the highest-paid shirt sponsorship deals.

The latest Man City shirt sponsorship is with the crypto platform OKX (March 2022). However, there are no final details about the length of this partnership. Still, Man City is getting a check of $20+ million this season.

However, the Citizens’ biggest shirt sponsor is the UAE royal-owned airline – Etihad Airways. The two sides scored a mutual agreement 2009/10-2021/22, and, in the meantime, the club was earning £67.5 million per season.

Puma is also among their biggest collabs. They sealed it in 2019, and it’s set to last at least 10 years — a total worth of £650 million, or £65 million/season.

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1. Real Madrid (€910 million)

Football League: La Liga

Shirt Sponsorship: Emirates Airlines

La Liga kings with 35 Spanish champion titles – Los Blancos are one of the most dominant football clubs in Spain and Europe. Moreover, this club is known for landing deals with the best football shirt sponsors.

Real Madrid recently extended their collaboration with the sheikh of the sky – Emirates Airlines. Their initial (leading) partnership dates back to 2013 and it’ll continue until 2026. Looking back from their first season with the airlines till now, with this deal, Real puts on a total weight of €910 million, which leads to €70 million per season.

Other mind-blowing collabs with business football shirt superstars are

  • Adidas – since 1998 and ongoing today (€1.1 billion);
  • Bwin – 2007-2013 (€23-30 million/season), and many others.

Real Madrid is considered the most valued club worldwide, worth an estimated $3.4 billion (2022).


Our top 10 list of the biggest football shirt sponsorship deals will have your head spinning!

Well, it’s easy to understand why a renowned and prestigious sponsorship is a big deal for pro clubs. There’s more to it for a club to constantly increase revenue (projects, ads, commercials, TV, crypto, and tech involvement), etc.

We spotted Adidas, Nike, and the Emirates among the leading sponsors. Though Emirates sponsors more football clubs simultaneously, only Real Madrid has the highest-paid football shirt-sponsored deal.

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