How Much is Each Premier League Position Worth?


If you’re wondering, “How much is each Premier League position worth?” look no further.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about the net worth of EPL contract teams, what management needs to do each season to attract more business, and, last but not least, the prize each football team gets in the end.

The EPL prize money standings are formed based on the spot each club claims by the end of the season. Let’s dive a little deeper into the details.

How Much Is Each Premier League Position Worth?

The Premier League is one of the most valuable sports leagues in the world.

The prize money for the Premier League is coveted by all club owners in England, but it’s also something individual footballers chase, since the salary and bonuses they can earn are directly correlated to the position in which their team finishes the season.

The points a club earns is based on the number of goals a team scores during a match. For each victory, a team gets three points; for a draw, it receives one point, and losses bring 0 points. These add up throughout the season, determining the placement of the teams in the end.

That’s why every goal, penalty, and yellow and red card counts: At the end of the year, those translate into points which contribute to the overall rankings.

You might be surprised to learn that football teams make most of their money from TV rights. Of that, half the money is divided equally between all 20 clubs in the League. Then, a quarter represents the Premier League prize money. Finally, the other quarter is divided based on the live TV presence of each club.

Now that we understand how the payment structure works, let’s have a look at the earnings received by each EPL team.

Estimated Premier League merit payments by finishing position

Did you know: The Premier League trophy is worth $10.000?

Premier League Prize Money

Manchester City

Actual league position: 1

Total Prize Money: £44 million 


Actual league position: 2

Total Prize Money: £41.8 million


Actual league position: 3

Total Prize Money: £39.6 million

Tottenham Hotspur

Actual league position: 4

Total Prize Money: £37.4 million


Actual league position: 5

Total Prize Money: £35.2 million

Manchester United

Actual league position: 6

Total Prize Money: £33 million 

West Ham

Actual league position: 7

Total Prize Money: £30.8 million

Leicester City

Actual league position: 8

Total Prize Money: £28.6 million

Brighton and Hove Albion

Actual league position: 9

Total Prize Money: £26.4 million

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Actual league position: 10

Total Prize Money: £24.2 million 

Newcastle United

Actual league position: 11

Total Prize Money: £22 million

Crystal Palace

Actual league position: 12

Total Prize Money: £19.8 million


Actual league position: 13

Total Prize Money: £17.6 million 

Aston Villa

Actual league position: 14

Total Prize Money: £15.4 million 


Actual league position: 15

Total Prize Money: £13.2 million


Actual league position: 16

Total Prize Money: £11 million 

Leeds United

Actual league position: 17

Total Prize Money: £8.8 million


Actual league position: 18

Total Prize Money: £6.6 million


Actual league position: 19

Total Prize Money: £4.4 million


Actual league position: 20

Total Prize Money: £2.2 million


Just like in all sports, the higher you rank, the shinier the medal you get, the bigger the trophy, and the more cash you’ll score for yourself, your team, and your managers.

Football teams and football leagues make no exception, and that is why how much is each Premier League position worth is such a trending topic on everybody’s lips.

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