Best Last Minute Football Goals In The History Of Football

Best Last Minute Football Goals In The History Of Football

Football fans are often called “fanatics”. But have you ever seen a more thrilling game than the soccer games, full of crowding fans and pure euphoria in the air?

You can feel it, and the players can feel it ten times more.

In today’s article, we’re presenting the top 10 last minute football goals that brought tears to some and a totally blasting euphoria to others in the history of the most fascinating sports of all.

10. Sergi Roberto 90+5′

Source: youtube – goal at 3:30

Game: Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain  

Year: 2017

Competition: UEFA Champions League, Round of 16

Outcome: Barcelona proceeds to the quarter-finals

This game is so memorable because Barcelona came back from a 4-0 deficit to become the first team in history to do so. They went on to win 6-1 in the second leg, an accomplishment so remarkable that the match was given the name La Remontada (The Comeback).

Sergi Roberto’s right footed shot from the centre of the box earned his team a place in the quarter-finals.

9. Andrés Iniesta 90+3′

Source: youtube

Game: Chelsea vs Barcelona

Year: 2009

Competition: UEFA Champions League Semi-Final

Outcome: Barcelona proceeds to the finals

One of the most controversial last minute soccer goals in history and the biggest thorn in the heart of Chelsea fans is undoubtedly Iniesta’s last-minute goal that led Barcelona to the finals.

After the first match at one of the biggest football stadiums, Camp Nou ended in a draw with no goals scored by either team, Chelsea and its fans had high hopes. Iniesta’s final “away goal” in the third minute of extra time sealed their hopes forever, leaving this game to be one of the most notorious and speculated missed chances in Chelsea history, as they saw four penalty possibilities, all of which were waved away by referee Tom Henning Øvrebø.

Barcelona eventually won the 2009 UEFA Champions League, and it was the first Champions League trophy for Pep Guardiola.

8. Lucas Moura  90+6′

Source: youtube – goal at 7:10

Game: Ajax vs Tottenham

Year: 2019

Competition: UEFA Champions League Semi-Final (2nd leg)

Outcome: Tottenham proceeds to the finals

Tottenham entered the game trailing behind with a single goal from the first leg, and the situation only worsened after Ajax scored two goals, and the team went on half-time with an increased deficit of 3 aggregated goals.

As the regular 90 minutes were passing with no goals scored by either team, The Spurs began to lose hope until the most unexpected thing happened. Young Lucas Moura scored a hat-trick and hit the back of the net after a solid pass from Dele Alli just before the final whistle in the 96th minute. This goal led The Spurs to their first-ever Champions League final, marking Moura’s goal as one of the best ever football goals in the league.

7. Jon Macken 90′

Source: youtube

Game: Tottenham vs Manchester City

Year: 2004

Competition: FA Cup Fourth Round

Outcome: Manchester City proceed to Fifth Round

Within the regular 90 minutes, this last goal was described as one of the greatest comebacks in FA Cup history. The Citizens were 3-0 down at half-time, and one of their crucial players even got a red card, but the second half saw a completely different Manchester City emerge.

Manchester City iced the game in the second half with a match-winning goal scored by Jon Macken, a substitute who wasn’t on the starting lineup, which avoided the extra time and penalties and advanced The Citizens to the next round.

6. Sergio Ramos 90+3′

Source: youtube

Game: Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid

Year: 2014

Competition: UEFA Champions League Final

Outcome: Real Madrid won the UEFA Championship League

Atlético Madrid had never been this close to winning their first UCL title as they were in this game—literally minutes away. The fans have never been more heartbroken, and this is their greatest disappointment.

The game started somewhat surprisingly when Atlético Madrid scored a goal in the first half, with Casillas off his line, making this goal possible. Also, the second half was somewhat disappointing for Real Madrid fans, especially after Ronaldo missed a corner and everyone thought the game was over.

That’s when in 90+3′ Sergio Ramos, the popular Real Madrid player, scored one of the ultimate last minute goals in soccer history, scoring a header to equalise the game and send it to extra time. Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid, scoring three goals and claiming their 10th UCL title.

5. Michael Owen 88′

Source: youtube – goal at 3:30

Game: Arsenal vs Liverpool

Year: 2001

Competition: FA Cup Finals

Outcome: Liverpool won the FA Cup

When considering that Arsenal has won 10 FA Cup competitions, while the Reds have won the trophy five times by 2001, Arsenal had the better of the chances. After a scoreless first half, Arsenal took the lead in the 72nd minute when the ball rounded the goalkeeper.

The crowd’s applause grew louder, but The Gunners were not in for a long-lasting thrill. Michael Owen, Liverpool’s striker, levelled the game with an 8-yard shot. Liverpool’s victory was sealed before the end of the regular 90-minute period, thanks to Owen’s 88-minute striking goal that secured the Reds’ winning of the finals.

4. David Beckham 90+3′

Source: youtube

Game: England vs Greece

Year: 2001

Competition: 2002 FIFA World Cup Qualifications

Outcome: Qualification for the 2002 FIFA World Cup

Placing England in the 2002 World Cup Finals seemed like a piece of cake because all they needed to enter was a draw. However, the qualifying process to get there is too much, much more unexpected obstacles and twists, mostly coming from the internal team’s change of management.

England was trailing 2-1 after the regular 90-minute period and entering the final 5 minutes of extra time. Suddenly, Beckham struck the net with a virtuoso shot with a stunning 25-yard free-kick, avoiding a tough next game against Ukraine. This is one of the most significant last-minute football goals, which proved Beckham’s outstanding qualities for leadership and regained his title as an England soccer hero.

3. Steven Gerrard 90′

Source: youtube – goal at 6:50

Game: Liverpool vs West Ham United

Year: 2006

Competition: FA Cup Final

Outcome: Liverpool won the FA Cup

The FA Cup is the oldest association football competition. Every club’s prestige is winning this cup, and the 2006 final, also known as “The Gerrard Cup Final,” was without a doubt the most incredible one that the cup has seen to date.

West Ham took the lead in the first 30 minutes, but the Reds didn’t back down, equalising with a goal from Steven Gerrard. Then, however, Paul Konchesky scored again, and everything seemed lost, even more so when Gerrard complained about leg cramps.

The next thing that happened was one of his best performances in his career, if not his best. He scored one of the best goals in football history with one of the most impressive long-distance shots from a high 35-yard distance. The game went into extra time, and Liverpool won on penalties, but Stevie G’s last goal broke West Ham’s concentration and psychology, resulting in Liverpool’s 7th FA Cup victory.

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2. Sergio Agüero 90+4′

Source: youtube – goal at 2:05

Game: Manchester City vs Queens Park Rangers  

Year: 2012

Competition: Premier League (Match Day 38)

Outcome: Manchester City Won the Premier League

Manchester City and Manchester United both had 86 points on the final day of the Premier League. This last day was the richest and most unexpected day in Premier’s history. After watching City and QPR draw 2-2, the Red Devils began celebrating what could have been their 13th title a little too soon.

The famous number 10, Aguero, happened after 3 minutes and 20 seconds of stoppage time. This victory was the most significant for the Citizens, who had not won a Premier League title since the 1967/68 season. Agüero’s goal was, without a doubt, one of the best last minute Premier League goals and one with the most significant outcome of all.

1.   Ole Gunnar Solskjær 90+3’

Source: youtube – goal at 19:15

Game: Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

Year: 1999

Competition: UEFA Champions League Final

Outcome: Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League

After Mario Basler’s free-kick goal in the 6th minute, Bayern Munich led the game for the entire regular 90-minute period. Munich’s club-coloured ribbons had already been secured to the trophy itself.

The fourth official signalled three minutes of injury time. Sheringham nestled the ball at 36 seconds into the second half of injury time in the bottom corner of the net.

Then Beckham swung in another corner, this time finding the head of Sheringham, who nodded the ball across the face of the goal. Solskjær was the first to react, sticking out a foot and poking the ball into the roof of the Bayern goal to give one of the most valuable teams, Manchester United, the lead with only 43 seconds of the three minutes of injury time remaining.

Entering Extra Time

Football is one of the most thrilling sports. One of the many reasons to love football is those game-changing goals.

It becomes even more exciting when there is something at stake, such as titles or a chance to advance to the next round of the tournament. Last-minute football goals are so dramatic that you can feel it in the air, whether you’re watching it in the stadium or on TV.

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