Who Has the Most Clean Sheets in Premier League History?


Goalkeepers — the men in front of the goal that keeps the team sharp and organised.

Therefore, we couldn’t help but wonder which goalkeeper has the most clean sheets in the Premier League? Or what is the Premier League clean sheet record?

If you’re curious like us, ‘keep reading’ and discover who they are.

10 Goalkeepers With The Most Clean Sheets in Premier League History

10. Peter Schmeichel

Most Clean Sheets in PL history - Peter Schmeichel

Born: 18 November 1963
PL Clubs: Manchester United, Aston Villa, Manchester City
No. of Clean Sheets: 128

Schmeichel, among many things, is familiar to fans and teammates for his loud ‘roar’ that could be heard across the football field and his huge physique.

Moreover, this Dane is known as one of the Red Devils‘ best goalkeepers that ever had the chance to defend their net.

Above all, Peter contributed significantly to the football game. As a PL goalkeeper, he made 300+ appearances, took more than 172 victories, and achieved 128 clean sheets.

9. Edwin van der Sar

Most Clean Sheets in PL history - Edwin van der Sar

Born: 29 October 1970
PL Clubs: Fulham, Manchester United
No. of Clean Sheets: 132

Edwin van der Sar — ‘Europe’s greatest goalkeeper.’

This pro, with an impressive slender but strong posture, kept safe the nets of two popular Premier League clubs, Fulham and Man United. In fact, most still remember the two penalties he saved from Juan Pablo (Aston Villa). No surprise since ‘stopping penalties’ is what he’s recognisable for.

With 313 game apps, 132 clean sheets, and 1 Golden Glove award, Edwin has an honourable place among goalkeepers with the most clean sheets.

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8. Tim Howard

Most Clean Sheets in PL history- Tim Howard

Born: 6 March 1979
PL Clubs: Manchester United, Everton
No. of Clean Sheets: 132

One of the richest sports leagues by revenue, the Premier League doesn’t have many American players, but those it has are strikingly phenomenal.

An excellent example is Tim Howard, who joined the PL in 2003. His career in the Premier League started by signing with one of the English clubs with the most trophies, Manchester United. However, he experienced good and not-that-good seasons while playing with United and battling for a first-choice net keeper with Caroll.

Nevertheless, the great all-American goalkeeper made quite a name in the thirteen years he spent in the League. Additionally, he made over 390 appearances, had 132 clean sheets, + won The English League Cup with the Devils (2006).

7. Brad Friedel

Most Clean Sheets in PL history - Brad Friedel

Born: 18 May 1971
PL Clubs: Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur
No. of Clean Sheets: 132

Brad Friedel is a football veteran and a record holder. That said, Brad is the only EPL goalkeeper to have 310 appearances in a row.

Friedel made his debut appearance in the League in 1997, defending the Liverpool goal, and after three seasons with them, moved to the Blackburn Rovers.

Ultimately, the American giant, with a long reach and excellent goalkeeper skills, finished his career with Tottenham (2015).

During his League time, he made 450 appearances, scored 180 wins, and had 132 clean sheets.

6. Pepe Reina

Most Clean Sheets in PL history - Pepe Reina

Born: 31 August 1982
PL Clubs: Liverpool, Aston Villa
No. of Clean Sheets: 136

‘Pepe’ is currently Villareal’s goal defender; however, before that, he has stood at the defence line in front of goals of English champions like Liverpool and Aston Villa.

Reina is undoubtedly among the best goalkeepers Spain has ever seen; however, he also proved how valuable a player is in the PL.

Consequently, a hard proof of that is the nine years he spent with one of the most decorated European clubs – Liverpool, where he enriched his trophies by taking home (1) English Super Cup, (1) English League Cup, and (1) English FA Cup.

The Spanish goalkeeper has made 297 Premier League apps and 136 clean sheets.

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5. Nigel Martyn

Most Clean Sheets in PL history- Nigel Martyn

Born: 11 August 1966
PL Clubs: Crystal Palace, Leeds United, Everton
No. of Clean Sheets: 137

Nigel Martyn is a recognised and respected name in the Premier League and the football world. The former English pro player spent most of his career in the PL.

Interestingly, Martyn is also known as the first 7-digit goalkeeper transfer (1989) — we’re referring to his Bristol-Crystal Palace move.

During his football career, Nigel had 372 appearances, noted 150+ victories, 120 defeats, and 137 clean sheets.

4. David Seaman

Most Clean Sheets in PL history- David Seaman
photo source: transfermarkt

Born: 19 September 1963
PL Clubs: Arsenal, Man City
No. of Clean Sheets: 141

The English goalkeeper whose name was already famous before the inception of the EPL — David Seaman.

Most of you probably know him as the legendary Arsenal goalie – where he played from 1990-2003. During his time with the Gunners, David won 3 English Champion titles, 3 English Super Cup trophies, and many others.

Most importantly, David Seaman has an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) title — only the most talented and contributive athletes have the honour of receiving.

This penalty-saving pro had 344 appearances with two English champions. Furthermore, he managed to keep 141 clean sheets, 171 victories, and only 73 defeats.

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3. Mark Schwarzer

Most Clean Sheets in PL history - Mark Schwarzer
photo source: themirrror

Born: 6 October 1972
PL Clubs: Middlesbrough, Fulham, Chelsea, Leicester City
No. of Clean Sheets: 151

This legendary goalkeeper has a title pinned to his name, too – OAM (The Order of Australia) — received because of his exceptional achievements.

During his pro career, he wore the jerseys of some extraordinary English clubs (Middlesbrough, Chelsea, etc.). His transfer from Chelsea to the Foxes brought him a great title – the 1st goalkeeper to win back-to-back EPL Cups by playing for different clubs (2004 & 2015).

Schwarzer is also the oldest player title carrier in the EPL. Additionally, all his achievements are thanks to his 510+ appearances, 169 wins, and 151 clean sheets.

2. David James

Most Clean Sheets in PL history - David James

Born: 1 August 1970
PL Clubs: Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham United, Manchester City, Portsmouth
No. of Clean Sheets: 169

James is a former pro goalkeeper that was in the EPL since its beginning. He signed with Liverpool in 1992 and had 214 club apps during the 7 seasons he spent with them. Furthermore, in 1995, alongside Liverpool, he also won his first English League Cup trophy.

Interestingly enough, Portsmouth was the club where his PL run stopped (2010). However, James also appeared in the 2010 FA Cup Finals, where, at 39 years old, he was the oldest goalkeeper to ever play in an FA Cup final.

Ultimately, David held the throne as the 5th goalkeeper on the list of all-time PL appearances (572), accompanied by 217 victories and 169 clean sheets.

1. Petr Cech

Most Clean Sheets in PL history - Petr Cech

Born: 20 May 1982
PL Clubs: Chelsea, Arsenal
No. of Clean Sheets: 202

Petr Cech is the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in history that holds the top position on our list.

Cech joined the PL for the first time in 2004 – when he signed with the Blues and made 333 appearances defending their net.

Cech’s transfer from the French Rennes to one of the best London clubs is considered the most expensive goalkeeper transfer ever (£7 million).

In the eleven seasons he spent in Chelsea, he won numerous championships. He was 4x English Champion, 1x Europa League winner, 4 English Super Cups, etc.

This 2x Golden Glove winner made 443 apps, 280 wins, just 76 losses, and the most EPL clean sheets so far – 202!

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Final Words

That was our list of the ten best goalkeepers with the most clean sheets in Premier League history!

As you can see, the number one choice is Petr Cech – with 202 clean sheets, more than any goalkeeper in history.

It’s fascinating how much these remarkable goalkeepers have done for the PL and the clubs they played for.

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