The Best Forwards In The World Cup (2024)


Are you excited about the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

We can’t wait to see what this prestigious football tournament has to showcase this year. One thing is for sure – there will be a shower of goals from every corner of the planet.

So let’s find out more about who are the best strikers in the World Cup right now!

10 Best Forwards In The World Cup

Neymar Jr.

Country: Brazil
Club: PSG
World Cups played: 2

Barcelona’s transfer brought him the title ‘one of the most recognizable players worldwide.’ In Barca’s four seasons, Neymar netted 105 goals in 186 games. While with PSG, in 163 matches, he scored 110+ goals.

Neymar also experienced tremendous success with Brazil’s national team — 75 scores (and scoring 2nd place on Brazil’s list of all-time goal strikers). Even better, he only needs two more goals to beat Pelé’s record of 77 goals.

Neymar is one of the most entertaining football players, but many people also think that showboating is not allowed in football, which is why he is among the most hated people in football.

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Harry Kane

Country: England
Club: Tottenham Hotspur
World Cups played: 1

Harry Kane has been one of England’s fiercest strikers in the last decade. At 29 years, he already picked up titles like 3x Premier League and Golden Boot receiver.

Kane had a fantastic 20/21 season. He managed 9 assists (in the League) and earned the spot as the league’s top assist (14).

Ultimately the Spurs and England skipper has scored 51 goals in 75 matches for The Three Lions. Meaning he is two goals away from beating Ronney’s 53 – and overtaking the crown as ‘England’s All-Time Top Scorer.’

Remember his World Cup 2018 performance. Kane was the definite English FIFA top scorer – with 6 goals in 3 games.

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Lionel Messi

Country: Argentina
Club: PSG
World Cups played: 4

The former Barcelona superstar and one of the most decorated footballers ever has a long list of titles/trophies.

Messi is Argentina’s top scorer, with 90 goals in 164 international appearances. Messi scored 6 World Cup goals throughout 4 World Cups (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018).

Moreover, Qatar 22 is his chance to surpass Maradona’s World Cup accomplishments (8 goals scored/ 21 appearances). And if he strikes at least 4 more goals, he’ll be the ultimate Argentina scorer at World Cup finals, next to Batistuta.

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Vinicius Jr.

Country: Brazil
Club: Real Madrid
World Cups played: 0

Vini Jr. is a young rising star, playing for Real Madrid and Brazil’s national team. At just 22 years, he’s considered one of the best football players worldwide.

He is probably the most in-form player right now, and Tite’s side will definitely be more dangerous with him upfront.

While waiting for the upcoming Qatar 22 to start (his first World Cup) – he struck a debut goal in the FIFA World Cup Qualifications match against Chile.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Country: Portugal
Manchester United
World Cups played:

The Red Devils’ centre-forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, has a room full of awards. For instance, five Ballon d’Or, four UEFA Best FIFA Player in Europe titles, etc.

Ronaldo’s PL stats show he scored 103 goals in 236 apps and had 37 assists. However, during his “stay” in one of the most successful European clubs (Man United), Cristiano struck 145 goals (346 apps, 57 assists).

At this World Cup, Ronaldo has another record in his sight, which is becoming the first footballer that has scored in 5 different World Cups.

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Kylian Mbappé

Country: France
Club: PSG
World Cups played: 1

Mbappé is one of the fastest footballers worldwide, and with his new PSG contract, he is the highest-paid football player worldwide.

Kylian also became the youngest French footballer to score a goal in his debut World Cup (2018). Moreover, he’s considered the second teen player since Pelé to strike a goal in the World Cup finals.

The young french star is expected to be one of the main figures in the tournament and to lead France to back to back World Cup victories.

Robert Lewandowski

Country: Poland
Club: Barcelona
World Cups played: 1

This Polish footballer is considered as the best striker in Europe and a 6x Bundesliga top scorer.

He’s also the 1st player to achieve a hat trick with 3 clubs in the Champions League and has some incredible football stats.

His debut World Cup was the 2018, where he played three games. Though he doesn’t have the World Cup experience that Messi has, still, the world has its eyes on Robert in Qatar 22.

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Karim Benzema

Country: France
Club: Real Madrid
World Cups played: 1

Benzema is among Europe’s best strikers, a Ballon d’Or winner (2022), and the second top goalscorer in one of the most hated football clubs, Real Madrid.

After almost 6 years of break, we’ll see Benzema this year in Qatar.

In his first World cup he only scored two goals, however, now he is one of the main contenders for this year’s golden boot.

Romelu Lukaku

Country: Belgium
: Inter
World Cups played: 2

The Belgian pro football striker, Lukaku, will be striking again in this year’s World Cup – after having had two ‘more than solid’ World Cups (2014, 2018).

This Belgian all-time top scorer has a series of clubs next to his name including some of the most successful English football teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Everton.

Although, Belgium may not be the favourites for this World Cup, they do have a quality side to get to the very end of the tournament.

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Aleksandar Mitrovic

Country: Serbia
Club: Fulham
World Cups played: 1

Aleksandar Mitrovic is a Serbian striker who’s part of the Serbian national squad and is currently Fulham’s forward.

After his debut appearance in the World Cup (2018), he’s also set to lead Serbia in Qatar’s 22 W. Cup.

At the moment, Mitrovic is one of the best strikers in the Premier League and if he maintains his PL form, i think that he can make Serbia one of the dark horses in this World Cup.

Who is the Favourite to Win the Golden Boot?

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That was our list of the best forwards in the World Cup.

Soon, we’ll be hearing more about these guys at this year’s World Cup in Qatar – proudly wearing the colours of their national teams.

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