How Much Do England Players Get Paid: The Truth About Football Salaries

How Much Do England Players Get Paid: The Truth About Football Salaries

Have you ever wondered how much do England players get paid?

Top players such as Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling receive hundreds of thousands of pounds of salary weekly from their clubs, but do England players get paid when representing their country?

Let’s check it out!

Do Players get Paid for Playing for England?

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England international players receive an international match fee plus some bonuses depending on their performance when playing for the national team. The fee they receive depends on the policy of the country, however, it is typically several thousands of dollars.

Representing the native country is a pride of every football player, but when speaking of salaries, compared to the wages, they receive when playing for their domestic clubs, English footballers are far less paid when on international duty. 

How much do England Players get Paid?

Considering all the money players receive annually from their clubs, the money that comes from international football is not of such great importance, but it’s more a matter of pride. But how much do players get paid for playing for England? 

It’s reported that the Three Lions’ players earn £2,000 every time they represent England, regardless of being in the first XI or a substitute. That prize has been donated to charity from 2007 up to now.

The FA has reported that England female players are paid exactly the same as their male colleagues. But when it comes to earning money from major tournaments, equal pay is not a thing due to the gender disparity in prize money. 

As a result of a £175 million loan supported by taxpayers taken out by the FA, the players earn 40% of prize money from a tournament, while the FA gets 60%. Besides earning £2,000 from an international game, they also add some money to their bank accounts from endorsements.

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Do England Players get Bonuses?

Depending on the tournament and how long they stay competing in it, England players receive some bonuses. However, they can vary depending on whether it’s a World Cup or European Championships due to UEFA and FIFA’s financial support. 

For example, for reaching the FIFA World Cup 2018 semi-finals, the England national team brought home £217,000. In addition to this sum, they also received a £65,000 bonus for winning in the quarter-final. 

In case the team had managed to win the UEFA Euro 2020 against Italy, they could have split a £12 million bonus between them, which is around £460,000 for each player.

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Do England Players Donate wages to Charity?

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The sum that England players receive per appearance, which is £2,000, is donated to NHS charities. As mentioned, the further progress in a tournament, the higher the earnings, which the Football Association decided to be given to charities such as NHS and NHS Heroes since 2007. 

With reaching the UEFA Euro 2020 final, every single player who performed in all the matches of the tournament earned around £14,000. And by becoming runners-up, their £2.3 million prizes were donated to NHS Heroes. 

England players set up the England Footballers Foundation (EFF), established by the players’ committee in 2007 and led by David Beckham, who was captain at the time. The EFF was set up to enable international squads to donate match fees, and as a result, the players have raised more than £5 million for charity. It’s been said that the EFF is a vehicle through which the match fees are donated for a good cause.

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How much Prize money would England have Received for Winning Euro 2020?

As UEFA increased the prize money by 23% for the Euro 2020, the money that England would have brought home if they won the tournament would’ve been an amazing £28 million. That’s the prize Italy won in total, including around £9 million for winning in the final. 

On the other hand, England has shown amazing performances under Gareth Southgate’s management, but unfortunately, his strategy was not sufficient for beating Italy in the final, so, as a runner-up, they won around £25 million in total prize money and also £5.9 million for losing in the final. 

If they had won the competition, they could share 40% of around £9 million, broken down into a bonus of nearly £370,000 for every member of the England squad. Meanwhile, they earned tens of thousands of pounds of appearance fees for commercial purposes.

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Who are the Highest-Paid Players in the England squad?

Now, let’s take a look at how much some of the best Premier League and England players paid per week by their clubs:

  1. Jack Grealish / Raheem Sterling – £300,000
  2. John Stones – £250,000
  3. Harry Kane / Marcus Rashford – £200,000
  4. Ben Chilwell – £190,000
  5. Harry Maguire – £189,000
  6. Trent Alexander-Arnold – £180,000
  7. Luke Shaw – £150,000
  8. Jordan Henderson – £140,000

These are some of the most-paid players, and their wages on a weekly basis when playing at their clubs. As we can see, the Manchester City trio of Grealish, Sterling, and Stones are currently the highest-paid, while Phil Foden and Bukayo Saka, as one of the best youngsters with a bright career ahead of them, earn only £30,000 per week. 

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Bottom Line

Receiving a call-up to play for your country is a thing of honour that means so much more compared to the money you would earn from it.

But, unfortunately, as we saw, the wages that England players earn are way too smaller than their club’s salaries and are intended for humanitarian purposes.

So, if you ever questioned yourself about how much do England players get paid and where do they spend the money, here we have the answer for you.

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