Top 10 English Premier League Commentators – Adding A Name To The Voice

Top 10 English Premier League Commentators - Adding A Name To The Voice

Have you ever wondered who was the voice behind the famous “AGUEROOO” moment?

Many British people enjoy watching the English Premier League, and the commentator’s voice helps to recreate the excitement and vibes of the stadium for those at home, with their eyes fixed on the television.

Keep reading to find out who are the best Premier League commentators.

Martin Tyler

English Premier League Commentator - Martin Tyler
photo source: givemesport

Martin Tyler is a legendary EPL commentator who has garnered critical acclaim for his captivating commentary. In April 2003, Tyler was awarded the FA Premier League Commentator of the Decade award, with recognition from fans and a specially assembled panel of football experts.

Martin Tyler’s debut was in 1974 for the TV channel ITV, at the time becoming the second commentator for the channel. Tyler, along with Andy Gray, was the commentator for the FIFA video game series from 2005 to 2020. Martin Tyler is currently 76 years old and working for Sky Sports. 

He was also the voice behind one of the most famous sporting moments in history when Aguero scored against QPR in the 93rd minute to win City the title.

Andy Gray

English Premier League Commentator - Andy Gray
photo source: dailymail

Andy Gray, a 66-year-old retired footballer turned commentator, has been broadcasting his technical analysis for the Premier League since 1992.

Andy Gray worked as a Sky Sports co-commentator alongside Martin Tyler and others until his dismissal in 2011, following multiple sexism allegations. At the same time, he is regarded as one of the best PL English football commentators of all time. 

Since June 2013, he has co-hosted beIN Sports’ Premier League football coverage in Doha, Qatar, with Richard Keys.

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Ian Darke

English Premier League Commentator - Ian Darke
photo source: football365

Another legend among English Premier League commentators, Ian Darke (68) serves as a football commentator for ESPN in America and for BT Sport in the UK.

Darke initially established his career with BBC Radio, and after 10 years of experience in 1992, he moved onto Sky Sports, where he commented on the newly formed English Premier League.

Darke had a successful Sky Sports career, commentating on the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and Football League matches, as well as boxing events regularly.

Peter Drury

English Premier League Commentator- Peter Drury
photo source: goal

Known among UK football commentators for his amazing voice and poetry-like commentary, Drury began his career as a commentator for BBC Radio in 1990.

He joined ITV Sport in 1998 and worked there for 15 years, commentating World Cups, European Championships, as well as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup/Europa League, and ITV’s ‘The Premiership’ (coverage of one of the most profitable sports leagues, the English Premier League, between 2001 and 2004).

Since 2016 (2015 Video Game), alongside Jim Beglin, Peter has provided English commentary for the popular game Pro Evolution Soccer.

Ray Hudson

English Premier League Commentator - Ray Hudson
photo source: irishexaminer

Ray Hudson, a 67-year-old retired English footballer turned commentator, is without a doubt one of the greatest English commentators of the Premier League, all thanks to his presenting technique.

In 2002, he began his television career with ESPN’s World Cup coverage. He began his full-time commentary career with GolTV in 2004.

Since 2012, he has been working as the morning show host of The Football Show on SiriusXM FC 85. Hudson served as a beIN Sports English-language football commentator until 2021. Currently, he is broadcasting for Inter Miami CF.

Jon Champion

English Premier League Commentator- Jon Champion
photo source: footballpink

Jon Champion, 56, began his career as a sports commentator on BBC Sport in the 1980s. He made his television commentary debut in 1995, when he joined the BBC TV show ‘Match of the Day’ commentary team.

Champion then moved to ITV in 2001, where he called games in the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and seven League Cup Finals. In 2007, Setanta Sports hired him as a senior commentator for the Premier League and the England National Team. From 2009 to 2013, Champion was ESPN UK’s lead football commentator for the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Europa League, and four FA Cup Finals.

Jon also served as the English-language commentator from PES 2008 to PES 2015.

Since 2019, he relocated to the United States and became ESPN’s lead commentator for Major League Soccer.

Jim Beglin

English Premier League Commentator - Jim Beglin
photo source: informationgr

Another retired footballer on this list, Jim Beglin (58), is regarded as one of the best EPL commentators, with more than a 20-year broadcasting career.

Beglin retired from football in 1991 and went on to work as a co-commentator for BT Sport, Premier League Productions, and CBS Sports, as well as an ITV co-commentator and Granada Television sports journalist.

Beglin is currently a co-commentator for NBCSN and BT Sport. Jim also works for RTÉ, where he has covered two FIFA World Cups, the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and Ireland’s international matches.

Andy Townsend

English Premier League Commentator - Andy Townsend
photo source: planetfootball

Andy Townsend is a former professional Irish footballer who now works as a sports co-commentator for Premier League Productions and CBS Sports.

Until 2015, Andy was ITV Sport’s co-commentator for all major game coverage. He left ITV in 2015 to join BT Sport, making his debut with Ian Darke on the Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough match in the fifth round of the FA Cup on February 15th.

He has co-hosted Talksport, Soccer Night, and BBC Radio 5 Live, as well as presented coverage of the Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup for ITV and BT Sport, to this day.

In addition, he has co-commented on FIFA games ranging from FIFA 12 to FIFA 17.

Lee Dixon

English Premier League Commentator - Lee Dixon
photo source: football365

Dixon, a two-time Premier League winner with the Gunners, has worked as a football pundit and columnist since his retirement from professional football and has since made quite a name for himself among English commentators.

He began his television career with the BBC, where he worked primarily on Match of the Day 2, Score, and Football Focus, before joining ITV Sport in July 2012.

And since 2013, he has also provided commentary for NBC’s Premier League coverage in the United States.

He has also provided commentary for EA Sports’ FIFA franchise, from FIFA 19 to FIFA 21.

Barry Davies

English Premier League Commentator - Barry Davies
photo source: telegraph

Barry Davies has a long history of commentating on sports such as tennis, badminton, ice hockey, and even the Olympics. But he is best known for his football commentary.

Davies made his television commentary debut with ITV in 1966. He began working for the BBC in 1969. Davis’ last appearance on Match of the Day was in 2004, after 35 years of working with the show, and he continued to work as a freelancer for the BBC until 2019.

In July 2018, the BBC aired a documentary titled “Barry Davies: The Man, The Voice, The Legend” to commemorate his broadcasting career.

Bottom Line

Even though the action is on the field, the EPL would not be nearly as exciting if it weren’t for the legendary commentators.

The passion they convey through their professional style and unbiased comments about the game and the teams is what makes them legendary.

Those were the best Premier League commentators, so you are now able to put a name to their voices.

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