2023 Sports Trivia for Kids: Fun Facts About Your Favourite Sports

Enjoying a good game of sports is one of the world’s favourite pastimes. Big and small alike, everyone wants to take a peek behind the scenes of the sports world and learn a bit more about their favourite player or game.

Our Cometoplay list of sports trivia for kids will give you all the answers and make you the MVP of any family quiz night!

Let’s kick it off!

Easy Sports Trivia for Kids

These easy sports trivia questions and answers for kids are the perfect warm-up before jumping into some lesser-known facts. Here you will find easy sports trivia from various categories to get your head in the game.

Q: Which body part cannot touch the ball in football?

A: Hands

If a player does this, the rival team gets a penalty or a free-kick. Only goalkeepers can touch the ball with their hands. 

Q: What kind of medal does the Olympic winner receive?

A: Gold

The first three places get three kinds of medals: gold, silver, and bronze. The winner earns the gold, as it is the rarest.

Q: Which country did David Beckham play football for?

A: England

The famous footballer played for some of the clubs with most fans, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, the LA Galaxy, and Paris Saint-Germain.

Q: How many rings does the Olympic Flag have?

A: 5 rings

The Olympic Flag has five rings a blue, yellow, black, green, and red-coloured ring against a white background.

Q: What kind of race is the Tour de France?

A: Bicycle race

The Tour de France is a multiple-stage men’s bicycle race, happening every year in France.

Q: What colour is the flag that indicates the winner in motorsports?

A: Checkered

It is shown at the finish line to let drivers know the race is over. The driver that crosses the line first “takes” the flag.

Q: Which country has won the FIFA World Cup the most times?

A: Brazil

Brazil won five times – in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002, making them the most successful World Cup team.

Q: What is NBA short for?

A: National Basket Association.

The NBA is a North American men’s professional basketball league. Founded in 1946 in New York City, it is the world’s premier basketball league.

Q: What colour was the first basketball?

A: Brown

The original basketball was brownish because of the leather materials. In 1957, basketball player and coach Tony Hinkle introduced orange basketball.

Q: How many sports are played in the Winter Olympic Games?

A: 15 sports

They are divided into three categories: (1) ice sports, (2) alpine, skiing and snowboarding events, and (3) Nordic events.

Fun Sports Trivia for Kids 

If our easy facts got your attention, our fun sports trivia questions will make sure you keep your eye on the ball. Gather your friends and family to see if you can beat this entertaining sports quiz for kids!

Q: What does “turkey” mean in bowling?

A: Three strikes in a row

Turkey was a prize in bowling from the late 1700s through the early 1800s for those who achieved three strikes in a row. The term has stuck since.

Q: How many dimples does an average golf ball have?

A: 336

A golf ball can have 300-500 dimples. Their purpose is to make the ball more aerodynamic so that it can travel greater distances.

Q: Which sport has a “love” score?

A: Tennis

A score of zero is called “love” in tennis. A popular saying is that players with zero points play “for the love of the game”.

Q: What is Usain Bolt’s maximum speed?

A: 27.7 m/ph

Bolt is the world’s fastest athlete and most successful sprinter, with eight gold medals under his belt.

Q: What does MVP mean?

A: Most Valuable Player

The title is awarded to team sports players for both excellent achievements in-game and contributions outside of sports.

Q: Which gymnast first scored a perfect 10?

A: Nadia Comaneci

Comaneci was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the 1976 Olympic Games. She scored another six perfect 10s that year. 

Q: What did baseball player Babe Ruth put under his cap?

A: Cabbage

He chilled cabbage leaves in a cooler and wore them under his cap to keep him cool throughout the game.

Q: What was Muhammad Ali’s first name?

A: Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. 

In 1964, Clay converted to Islam, naming himself Cassius X, as a homage to his mentor Malcolm X, before ultimately settling on Muhammad Ali.

Q: Which sport is considered to be the oldest?

A: Wrestling

Proof can be found in the 15,300-year-old cave paintings in Lascaux, France, which depict wrestlers.

Q: Which football player has a galaxy named after him?

A: Cristiano Ronaldo

The Cosmos Redshift 7 Galaxy’s name was inspired by the infamous player known as CR7 – a combination of his initials and his dress number.

Hard Sports Trivia Questions for Kids

We bet you’re enjoying our sports trivia game for kids, but are you ready to take the bull by its horns? Become the G.O.A.T. in quiz nights by learning answers to these ultimate hard sports trivia questions.

Q: Who is Britain’s most successful Olympian?

A: Jason Kenny

In Tokyo 2020, he secured his seventh gold, becoming the British Olympian with the most golds and most medals.

Q: How many sports did athletes compete in during the 2008 Olympic Games?

A: 28

The 2008 Olympic Games were held in Beijing, with 10,942 athletes competing in 28 sports and 302 events.

Q: Which numbers has Michael Jordan worn during his NBA career?

A: 23, 45, and 12

Number 45 was iconic, as he rocked it upon returning from retirement, along with the legendary “I’m back” line.

Q: How many World Cup tournaments has Diego Maradona participated in?

A: Four

During his career, Maradona scored 34 goals for Argentina. In 1986, he won the Golden Ball as the tournament’s top player.

Q: Which country hosted the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in the same year?

A: Germany

The last country to organise both Olympics in the same year was Germany in 1936, and surprisingly they were not one of the most expensive Olympics in history.

Q: How long is an Olympic-sized pool?

A: 164 feet

It is also 82 feet wide and usually 6 ft 7 inches or 9 ft 10 inches deep.

Q: What’s the basketball hoop’s diameter?

A: 18 inches

The standard basketball ring’s diameter in NBA professional matches is 18 inches and is placed 10 feet from the floor.

Q: In what year did women start competing in the Olympic Games?

A: 1900

Although women were officially allowed to compete, they could only participate in sports that were considered to reflect their femininity.

Q: How long does a baseball game last?

A: Three hours

Although baseball has no game clock, most games last 2.5-3 hours. The average match is just over three hours. 

Q: At what age did Tiger Woods win the Masters?

A: 21

He was the youngest male to win the US Masters and the first African American to take home the title, and now he is the wealthiest golfer.

Football Trivia Questions for Kids

We don’t want to leave out “the most important of unimportant things in life”, as a former Italian football coach, Arrigo Sacchi, once called football. Don’t miss a sitter, take a look at our amazing football trivia questions!

Q: Who popularised the phrase “the Beautiful Game” as another name for football?

A: Pelé

In his autobiography, the great Brazilian football player famously called football “the Beautiful Game”.

Q: Which country won the first football World Cup?

A: Uruguay

The first-ever football World Cup took place in South America in 1930. Uruguay won the cup by beating Argentina 4-2.

Q: How is the person who officiates a football game called?

A: Referee

The referee is responsible for all decisions regarding the gameplay, as well as taking disciplinary action against players or coaches.

Q: How does a football match start?

A: With a kick-off

The game officially begins when one of the teams kicks the ball off to the other.

Q: What is football alternatively called?

A: Soccer

Soccer is a word invented in the 1880s by Oxford linguists, derived from “association football”.

Q: How long does an official football game last?

A: 90 minutes

The 90 minutes is split into two 45-minute halftimes. The referee can add time to make up for stoppages.

Q: Who is the all-time top scorer in the Premier League?

A: Alan Shearer

With 260 goals, Shearer is the highest-ranking scorer, and one of the best players played in the Premier League, followed by Wayne Rooney, with 208 goals.

Q: What is the nickname of the Italian National football team?

A: Azzurri

The nickname means “the Blues” and comes from the Savoy blue jersey colour.

Q: Who won the first Premier League title?

A: Manchester United

During their first season in the Premier League, Manchester United beat Aston Villa, winning their first league championship after 26 years. Since then, Manchester United has won many more trophies, which is why they are one of the teams with the most fans in the world.

Q: What is Manchester United’s famous nickname?

A: The Red Devils

The nickname comes from the English rugby club Salford who toured France wearing red shirts. The French press called them “the red devils”.

Q: Which player has been named Premier League club Chelsea’s Player of the Year three times?

A: Frank Lampard

Lampard is one of the most successful midfielders of his generation, scoring 211 goals in all competitions.

Basketball Trivia for Kids

Ready for a game of hoops? We gave our best shot at collecting some fun basketball trivia questions for kids, so let’s get the ball rolling!

Q: Which team won the first NBA game in 1946?

A: The New York Knicks

On November 1, 1946, the Knicks beat the Toronto Huskies during the inaugural NBA game at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

Q: Who was Michael Jordan nicknamed after in high school?

A: Magic Johnson

The legendary player was called “Magic Jordan” after another famous American basketball player and even had the nickname on his car’s license plate.

Q: Which player was the youngest to score 10,000 points in the NBA?

A: LeBron James

Even at the beginning of his career, Lebron was the best young player in the NBA. James reached this milestone at only 23 years of age, taking 368 games to do it.

Q: What team has the longest winning streak in the NBA?

A: LA Lakers

The Lakers hold the record for the longest winning streak with 33 consecutive wins in their 1971-72 NBA season.

Q: Which NBA player first broke a backboard?

A: Chuck Connors

The Boston Celtics’ Chuck Connors was the first professional basketball player to shatter a backboard in 1946.

Q: Who is the shortest player in NBA history?

A: Muggsy Bogues

At only 5 ft 3 in, Bogues is the NBA’s shortest player. He played for the Warriors, Raptors and Hornets.

Q: What type of ball was used to play basketball when it was first invented?

A: A football

James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, chose the football to avoid smaller balls that were tougher to handle.

Q: When was women’s basketball added to the Olympics?

A: 1976

Basketball first appeared at the Olympic Games in 1936, while women’s basketball made its debut at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Q: What national team was called the “Dream Team”?

A: The US

At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the team was regarded among the world’s journalists as the greatest sports team ever assembled.

Q: Which team did Kobe Bryant play for?

A: LA Lakers

Bryant spent his full 20-year career as a shooting guard playing for the Lakers.

Tennis Trivia for Kids 

You don’t need to swing like Nadal to enjoy tennis. The following tennis trivia questions will help you get to know “the sport of kings”.

Q: What is a deuce?

A: A 40-40 score

When the score comes to a deuce, a player or a team must score two points in a row to win.

Q: What is let in tennis?

A: When the player serves, and the ball hits the net and goes in the service box

If the tennis ball makes contact with the net but still finds its way into the service box, a let is called, and the point is replayed.

Q: What is it called when a player returns the ball before it bounces on the court?

A: Volley

The word comes from the French “volée”, which means “flight”. A player hits a volley, typically standing near the net.

Q: Who did Andy Murray play against between 2011-2016 in seven Grand Slam finals?

A: Novak Djokovic

During their ongoing tennis rivalry, Djokovic and Murray met 36 times. The best tennis player Djokovic leads 5-2 in major finals.

Q: How many Grand Slam titles has Federer won?

A: 20

One of the highest-paid tennis players, Federer, is at 20 Grand Slam titles. However, both Nadal (22) and Djokovic (21) surpassed him.

Q: How many Grand Slam titles has Serena Williams won?

A: 23

One of the top female tennis players ever, Williams is the only American player to win more than 20 slams.

Q: When was tennis introduced as an Olympic sport?

A: 1896

Tennis was later removed after the 1924 Olympics but reintroduced in 1988. 

Q: What is the left side of the tennis court for each player called?

A: Ad court

The left side of a player’s court is the ad court, while the right side is called the deuce court.

Q: How long did the longest singles tennis match last?

A: 11 hours and 5 minutes

John Isner outplayed France’s Nicolas Mahut in 2010 in the longest ever singles tennis match.

Q: Which tournaments does the Grand Slam involve?

A: Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon

For a tennis player to win a “Grand Slam”, they need to win these four tournaments in the same calendar year. Grand Slams are also the highest-paid tennis tournaments.

Q: Which tennis player released an autobiography entitled ‘You Cannot Be Serious?

A: John McEnroe 

He was known for exclaiming the phrase during his matches.

Random Sports Trivia for Kids

Last but not least, let’s beat the buzzer with another round of random facts to spice up any sports quiz for kids!

Q: What sport uses a pommel horse?

A: Gymnastics

A pommel horse is an apparatus traditionally used by male gymnasts.

Q: What type of shot was once banned in basketball?

A: The slam dunk

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar mastered the slam dunk, dominating his opponents. To restrict his power, the NCAA prohibited the move from 1967-1976.

Q: Which are the four competitive strokes in swimming?

A: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle

Freestyle and Backstroke have the body rotating from side to side, while Butterfly and Breaststroke involve a wave-like movement of the body. 

Q: What sport has been played on the moon?

A: Golf

Alan Shepard, an astronaut on Apollo 14, played golf on the moon. In his own words, he sent the ball flying “miles away”.

Q: In which sport can you find terms such as “stale fish” and “mule kick”?

A: Snowboarding

Snowboarding is one of the best extreme sports, and these moves were originally invented by Tony Hawk, a prolific skateboarder.

Q: What three races does a horse need to win to get a Triple Crown in the US?

A: The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes

In British horse racing, the three races are called the Two Thousand Guineas, the Derby, and Saint Leger.

Q: What does the Japanese word “karate” mean in English?

A: Empty hand

Karate is mainly a striking art, using punching, kicking and striking with one’s hands, elbows, knees, and feet.

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Q: What is the fastest knockout ever recorded in a boxing title fight?

A: 11 seconds

In 2017, Zolani Tete knocked out his opponent Siboniso Gonya in 6 seconds, but it took the referee another 5 seconds to call the fight. 

Q: What is one of the most used pieces of music in figure skating?

A: Carmen, Georges Bizet

The famous, versatile French opera’s instrumental medley has been used by more than 50 different skaters in every discipline.

Q: What is almost always the first event in a Triathlon for safety reasons?

A: Swim

The reason is fatigue – it is the most dangerous in the swim since you can’t walk the swim.

How We Pick the Best Sports Trivia for Kids

By meticulously searching and curating an extensive list of kids sports trivia, we bring you the best sports trivia questions to blow away the competition.

Ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, there’s something for everyone. Use them for a game night or a simple dinner entertainment – they will surely make you the master of the game.

Before You Hit The Court

Playing sports is essential for children’s physical health. However, it may not always be easy to stimulate them to do so.

Learning interesting facts about sports can help motivate children to try out a sport or just play for fun.

Hopefully, our sports trivia for kids will make little ones fall in love with sports even more.

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