William Hill Cash Out: How to Take Advantage of Your Winnings

William Hill Cash Out: How to Take Advantage of Your Winnings

Have you ever imagined having the opportunity to cash out early on your open bet? Well, William Hill Cash Out, also known as Cash In My Bet, allows you to cash out in full and even partially cash out your bet. 

Still not familiar with how this feature allows you to cash out on a specific wager?

So, here is our guide!

What is William Hill Cash Out?

William Hill (Cash in my bet) is a feature that allows the players to cash out a part of their winnings before the match comes to an end. Moreover, William Hill Cash Out is applied to all the bets. So it’s up to the punter if the bookmaker’s offer will be accepted or declined. 

Cash In My Bet gives you a return from a lost bet and helps you minimise your losses. So, the more it looks like your bet will be a winning one, the higher the percentages of winnings that you can cash out. 

This feature is becoming more popular since it reduces the chances of losing the bet. So cashing out in the middle of an event is considered a profitable option.

What is William Hill Partial Cash Out?

William Hill Partial Cash Out allows the bettors to cash in a part of the bet and leave the other part on the remaining selections. Usually, the partial cash-out option is lower than the regular one. But still, it eliminates the chance of losing all your money.

Furthermore, the William Hill Partial Cash Out feature can be helpful when you’re not very sure that your match prediction will turn out correctly. In that case, you can claim a smaller piece of your winnings before the referee’s final whistle. 

So how is it done? First, locate the bet you want to cash out partially. Then move the slider to your desired amount, and lastly, click “Cash-out.”

How to Cash Out with William Hill?

William Hill Cash Out is a feature that is easy to use. We’ll take you through some simple steps:

  1. Log into your William Hill app (or betting account on the web).
  2. Go to “Open Bets”.
  3. Select your desired bet to Cash Out.
  4. Agree on the Cash In value.
  5. Click on the “Cash out” green button.

How is William Hill Cash Out Value Calculated?

The William Hill Cash Out value is calculated by using the potential winnings from the bet slip together with the current odds. So, the cash-out value is what the unit stake would be to get the potential rewards if the bet was placed right now.

The William Hill calculations are sophisticated and extremely complicated. So, the odds they use are hidden from the public.

But it’s considered that William Hill’s cash-out option gives one of the best values of all the bookmakers in the UK.

William Hill Cash Out Pros and Cons

Like every other type of betting, William Hill Cash Out has its pros and cons. Here we have listed some of them:


  • You can win money before the end of a match
  • You have more control over your bets
  • A choice between accepting or declining the offer from the bookies
  • It has a larger selection of games
  • A cash-out in-play feature


  • The mobile application does not offer live streaming
  • It gives weak bonuses and promotions
  • Has restrictions for some countries

What Sports Does William Hill Allow Cashing Out? 

William Hill bookmakers offer the bettors a variety of sports that they can bet on, covering the majority of the most popular ones globally. In addition, their sportsbooks provide excellent odds and betting options.

William Hill betting markets go very in-depth with their features regarding football, like betting on corners, passes, etc. On the other hand, the less popular sports only have the option of choosing the winner of a match.

However, all the betting markets are available for betting until the end of the match, using the William Hill bet in-play feature, allowing bets to be placed during the game. Also if you are interested in learning more about this bookmaker make sure you read our William Hill review.

Let’s take a look at the sports you can bet on at William Hill:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • UFC
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Etc.


For years now, William Hill has been renowned as one of the best bookmakers in the UK and worldwide. It offers its customers amazing opportunities, from having fun to making some profit.

William Hill continually innovates to maintain its positive development in the sports betting industry.

So keep our William Hill Cash Out guide in mind if you decide to give it a try! 

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What does cash-in mean in William Hill?

The Cash In is an option that allows you to claim back a smaller amount of your potential winning before the final whistle, based on the placed remaining wagers. It settles the whole bet, and all the other wagers on your ticket will be cancelled.

Should I use the William Hill cash out option?

If you are good with accepting the offered cash in value amount, then you should use this option. So, you should decide whether you will let the bet run until the end of the match or cash out earlier than that.

Can I cash out my William Hill shop bet?

You can cash out in any of the 1500 William Hill betting shops in the UK, and if you use William Hill plus, you can track it on the app.

Can you cash out on a free bet in William Hill?

There is no option to cash out on a free bet. The offer causes the cash-in button to be unclickable.

Why can’t I cash out on William Hill?

The William Hill cash-out option might be disabled due to a non-applicable bet or a technical fault, such as a poor signal or live betting delays. Also, you will not be allowed to cash in any bets on enhanced or flash odds.

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