2024 Deadpool Betting Guide

2022 Deadpool Betting Guide

Humans always seem to find something to bet on – even death. Despite its morbid nature, betting on people’s death is immensely popular.

Are you interested in dipping your toes into this sardonic betting? Then, continue reading to learn more about Deadpool betting, how to read the odds on these predictions, and the gambling rules that apply to such wagers. 

Let’s begin!

What Is Deadpool Betting?

Deadpool betting (death pool or ghoul pool betting) is a popular betting market in which the goal is to correctly predict when people will die using odds offered by online bookmarkers. Celebrities are frequently included in dead pools because they are well-known worldwide. 

Death pool betting first became popular in dangerous motorsports, when fans would gamble on which drivers might not finish the race. It has since evolved to include other well-known people, such as other athletes and celebrities. 

Fair warning, this type of research is not for the faint of heart. Many seasoned ghoul pool bettors scour gossip columns and newspapers to discover whether any celebrities are ill, elderly, or athletes playing a dangerous sport. 

How does Death pool betting work? 

When it comes to betting on the next person knocking on death’s door, bookies like to get creative. They usually make pairings using peculiar or dark-humoured logic, and bettors guess which celebrity from a given pair is likely to kick the bucket first. Death Pool betting usually takes place over a calendar year.

A scoring system is used to compute your scores. Each celebrity starts with 100 points. When one of your chosen celebrities dies, their age is subtracted from 100 points, and any bonuses earned from predicting correctly are added. 

The formula: Total Score = (100 – Age) + All Applicable Bonus Points.

Selecting the death pool candidates

The candidates are usually paired off in a versus-style format. For example, some of them are elderly, while others involve celebrity pairs who are infected with the same virus or condition. Other pairs may have similar alcohol or drug addiction issues or simply work in related fields.

Whatever the cause for the person’s inclusion in the death matchup betting odds, you can be sure that their future prospects are bleak.

Common rules for betting on deaths

There are a few rules to keep in mind when you want to bet on celebrity deaths because this is slightly more different than your normal gambling setting. These rules are here so everybody can enjoy betting fairly and safely – even those on the death pool candidates list! So, you need to remember the following:

  • You Can’t Kill a Celebrity in Order to Win: All serious death pool betting sites have a stringent anti-murder policy. You will be disqualified if you are caught murdering celebrities or contributing to their death in any way (although that would be the least of your problems).
  • Only Celebrities are allowed in the pool: Sports figures, musicians, filmmakers, TV stars, media figures, heads of state, persons of interest… these are just some examples of celebrities. You can’t bet on locally or barely known people (or animals).
  •  Keep track of the scoring system: Apart from the usual score, you have to keep track of the bonuses as well. Bonus points are awarded for deaths that occur under unusual circumstances, like deaths resulting from COVID-19. Bonuses can boost point variance and help overcome a potential scoring difficulty for celebrities approaching or past the age of 100.


There are no sports to wager on? No problem! With celebrity news and gossip columns gaining traction over the years, making bets on celebrity deaths seems like a natural continuation of our strange preoccupation with their lives. So if your humour is on the morbid side, and you’re getting tired of the usual sports betting, Deadpool betting might be the best alternative for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is betting on celebrity deaths legal?

Yes, they are as legal as any other sports or entertainment betting there is. 

Do betting sites offer dead pools?

It’s not a common betting pool, no matter how popular it is. There are definitely some bookies who do offer it, but finding places where you can bet on celebrity deaths won’t exactly be a piece of cake.

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