CSGO Betting Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

CSGO Betting Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

CSGO has become one of the most popular eSports games of the past decade. It has led to countless players and many placing bets.

In this in-depth CSGO betting guide, you will find out where you can bet on the game, whether it’s safe, and which bets you should make.

Everything you need to know about betting on CSGO is right here!

What Is CSGO?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the fourth game from the Counter-Strike series, developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment and a multiplayer game released to the public in 2012. It places two teams against each other in a head-to-head match. Players are awarded depending on an individual and team performance at the end of each short round.

History Of CSGO Betting

CSGO became popular in the early 2000s following a decade of many people betting on different esports. In 2018, Mark Cuban invested in platforms that would become widely used. Since then, the game has become the most popular esport.

How To Bet On CSGO

It is much easier than you’d think. The following is a step-by-step guide to CSGO betting:

  • Find a reputable CSGO gambling site to bet on and register an account
  • Deposit your funds
  • Choose a match
  • Place your bet after deciding the type of it
  • Wait for the match and claim your winnings

How To Pick Your Winner

Any CSGO guide will help you to pick a winner. So, a CSGO big betting guide is beneficial if you keep a few things in mind before betting.

  • Compare past match performances.
  • Look at the consistency of the team lineup.
  • Examine the maps and event format.
  • Find out how far the teams have travelled.
  • Check individual players’ practice times.
  • Follow CSGO updates from Valve.
  • Talk to the betting community.

CSGO Betting Tips

There are multiple CSGO match betting tips to help keep you safe when betting.

Knowing when to be patient and when to skip a bet is one of the best tips for betting in CSGO. Sometimes It’s also worth keeping a check on your emotions, such as anger and frustration. And naturally, you should also avoid going all-in and not chasing back your losses.

Most Popular CSGO Betting Games

As you might expect, numerous CSGO bets are available, and CSGO 1v1 betting is one of the most significant. As the name implies, this involves betting on one player versus another.

You should be familiar with many other options, which are widespread across many other eSports and more traditional sports, such as:

  • Handicap betting
  • Pistol round betting
  • Round betting
  • Map winner betting
  • Over/under betting
  • Match score betting
  • Live betting

CSGO Betting Strategies

You can take advantage of several CSGO betting strategies.
The match betting strategy is considered the most popular. You’ll typically place a bet on a match before it starts.
There is also the live betting strategy, which entails betting on the match as it happens.  It might be pretty challenging since you’ll have to spot the opportunities.

Most Popular CSGO Players and Teams

Any betting guide on CSGO would naturally include some of the most popular players and teams. These are often the ones that tend to win relatively regularly.

The top five teams are:

  • Furia
  • Mousesports
  • BIG
  • Complexity
  • Virtus.pro

The top five CSGO players are:

  • Aleksander ‘S1mple’ Kostylieve
  • Robin ‘Ropz’ Kool
  • Dmitry ‘Sh1ro’ Sokolov
  • Mathieu ‘Zywoo’ Herbaut
  • Nikola ‘Niko’ Kovac

CSGO Betting Trends

Any high-quality CSGO betting guide will make you aware of the various CSGO betting trends affecting the game. You can expect several of these to affect you, including:

  • Online events are becoming increasingly chaotic.
  • North American versus European events will come back.
  • CSGO will still be the top eSport game to bet on.

These CSGO betting future trends will impact the field in various ways, so they’re worth being prepared for. Furthermore, esport betting is the future, and the gambling esport numbers show just that.


With the ultimate guide to betting in CSGO, you should have no difficulty making your bets. The game shows no sign of losing popularity, and you’ll have multiple ways to take advantage of this.
Armed with the knowledge above, you will be able to place some great bets on CSGO.


Is CSGO betting safe?

You are entirely safe and fair if you only bet with a registered and controlled sportsbook. Applicants for a license must undergo regulatory inspection, and their operations are constantly scrutinised for fairness.

Regulations and other laws have been introduced that focus exclusively on eSports. These will be more than enough to keep you safe.

How much money can I make from CSGO betting?

There isn’t a specific answer to this, as how much you make depends on multiple factors. You shouldn’t have a problem making a relatively decent amount of money.

That can fluctuate widely, depending on your bets and how often you bet.

Can I bet live on CSGO?

Yes, you can. There are multiple websites where you can bet live on CSGO. 

However, you might want to avoid some, as there are still a few scam betting sites. Stick to the popular options. 

Which CSGO esports bets should I make?

If you’re looking for a CSGO betting guide that tells you what bets to make, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one. Multiple teams can appear bet-worthy.

It depends on what teams are playing, the players themselves,  tournaments. You may need to conduct additional research on them.

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