Bench Boost FPL Guide: Expert Tips to Help You Score More Points

Bench Boost FPL Guide: Expert Tips to Help You Score More Points

When it comes to the chips you can use in the Fantasy Premier League, the Bench Boost is just as significant as any other chips. It can be a game-changer that will allow you to top up your point gains, and its correct usage will make a ton of difference.

Read on below to learn how and when to use the Bench Boost FPL chip.

What is the Bench Boost Chip in FPL?

The Bench Boost FPL chip is the most useful one of all the chips. It lets you earn points with all 15 players in a single Gameweek.

In a normal Gameweek, only the points of your chosen 11 get added to your total score, whereas any points scored by the bench are discarded. The Bench Boost chip changes this basic rule, allowing managers to score points from the bench’s fixtures for a Gameweek as well.

Since it is such a strong chip, it is important to carefully plan when you’re going to use it so you can get the highest value usage out of it possible. 

Activating the Bench Boost

Activating the Bench Boost Fantasy Premier League chip is fairly easy; just go to the “My Team” tab and press “Play” under Bench Boost. On FPL’s official site, it is located below the “My Team” section, while on the app, it is right above the team selection screen.

Bench Boost can be cancelled after activation whenever the manager wants, as long as the Gameweek deadline hasn’t expired yet.

When to use the Bench Boost FPL chip

It is important to carefully think through when and how you will be using the Bench Boost chip, as its improper or untimely usage can cause more damage rather than make progress. We will discuss the factors which will help you decide when it’s best to use the chip below.

The quality and state of your bench players

Before activating the Bench Boost FPL chip, the most important thing to consider is whether you have quality bench players. Because managers usually invest most of their funds in their starting lineup, they are often left with lower quality bench players. 

Once you have a solid starting lineup that is racking up points,  it is time to begin thinking about setting up your bench for the Bench Boost. 

Activating the Bench Boost FLP chip after using the Wildcard

A common tactic that Fantasy Premier League managers use is activating the Bench Boost chip after they have used the Wildcard during the previous Gameweek. This allows them to clean up their fantasy team without having to cut costs on substitutes. Using the Wildcard a week before a Double Gameweek and the Bench Boost chip during the Double Gameweek can prove incredibly lucrative. 

Note: Double Gameweeks typically happen after the 28th Gameweek of the FPL season. Only one chip is playable in a single Gameweek, so it’s important to plan this at least two weeks ahead of when using this tactic.

Investing too much in your team while using the Wildcard

If you decide to use the Bench Boost FLP chip a week after using your Wildcard, it’s important to know you shouldn’t invest too much in bench players when your Wildcard is activated. As they won’t bring you any points until you activate the Bench Boost chip, and in the Gameweeks after, you shouldn’t spend too much money on them. 

Tip: When your Wildcard is activated, try and get bench players who don’t cost too much but aren’t injured and can be used for transfers if necessary.

Picking the right bench players for the role

As we said before, when you want to use the Bench Boost Fantasy Premier League chip, it’s important to have as many quality bench players during that Gameweek as possible. The trick is to pick decent mid-range players who are in their starter lineups and have favourable fixtures in the week that you’re planning to boost. There’s no need to worry about any of their future fixtures for the following Gameweeks, as the outcomes of their games won’t affect your points.

Focus on the bench players with excellent single fixtures

Carefully look over your bench players’ fixtures; once they have favourable ones, you can activate the Bench Boost FPL chip during that Gameweek and hope they perform well. Activating it when your bench players have very favourable fixtures against weaker opponents can create great point gains.

Tip: If you don’t have such bench players on your team but want to activate the Fantasy Premier League Bench Boost chip, you can always use your weekly free transfers to get them.


Using the free chips in the Fantasy Premier League isn’t exactly a piece of cake; it takes good strategy, tactics, and experience to know when to use them. However, as the Bench Boost chip is an extremely important one, we recommend you use it during a Double Gameweek after you have already used the Wildcard in the previous Gameweek.

Still, it’s up to you to figure out when and how to use the Bench Boost FPL chip, as you’re the one who knows what’s best for your team. Good luck!

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