Triple Captain FPL Chip: How and When to Use it

Triple Captain FPL Chip: How and When to Use it

If you play the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), you are surely familiar with different chips you can use during Gameweeks to maximise your points.

Whether you are new to the FPL circuit, or a veteran seeking to brush up your skills, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about one of the chips you can use in the Fantasy Premier League—the triple captain FPL chip. 

Let’s begin!

What is the Triple Captain Chip in FPL?

Fantasy Premier League managers have an advantage over their real-world counterparts in the English Premier League—they get to multiply their points by using different boosters, such as wild card, triple captain, bench boost, and free hit chips. But what is a triple captain on fantasy football exactly?

To put it simply, the Triple Captain is a boost chip that allows your team’s captain to score three times the amount of points instead of the usual two he would have scored as a captain. This chip is arguably the most powerful of the three chips in Fantasy Football. 

How does the Triple Captain FPL Chip Work?

As we already mentioned before, your points triple rather than double when you use the Triple Captain chip. So, for example, if Mohamed Salah is in your team and his base score is 16 points, normally, you’d have 32 points if he was your team’s captain.

However, if you’d activate the Triple Captain chip, Salah’s total score would be 48 points.

Keep in mind that the chip must be used before the Gameweek deadline and that if your Triple Captain’s score is in the negatives, that will also be tripled.

Note: You can only use the Triple Captain FPL chip once per season.

Can I Cancel the Triple Captain Chip upon Activating it?

If you’re feeling a little remorseful about activating your one-time boost, don’t worry! The Triple Captain can be cancelled any time before the deadline. In fact, out of the three chips, this is the only one that you can revert.

Additionally, if you have activated the Triple Captain FPL chip when your captain isn’t playing, but you don’t want to cancel it, this is not cause for concern. The boost will simply go to your vice-captain. In turn, he will then receive the 3X boost instead of your assigned captain. 

Note: If both your captain and your vice-captain aren’t playing, your chip will be totally wasted.

How to Activate the Fantasy Football Triple Captain Chip in FPL

Along with the Free Hit Chip and the Bench Boost, the Triple Captain chip allows for unlimited transfers to your fantasy team in a single Gameweek. Once the activation of the Fantasy Football Triple Captain chip wears off, your team will return to how it was before.

Activating the Triple Captain chip is quite simple; just go to the “My Team” page, choose the Triple Captain chip among the different chips offered, and activate it by pressing the green button.

When is the best time to use the Triple Captain Chip?

Generally, there is no one set strategy when it comes to using the Triple Captain Fantasy Premier League chip. However, we have a few helpful tips on when to use the Triple Captain chip:

  • When you can afford more expensive players – they are critical for maximising points. Mohammad Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Harry Kane, and Son Heung Min are all excellent examples of players that can consistently produce points and will very rarely be rotated by their coaches.
  • When your captain has an excellent single fixture – before activating the Triple Captain FPL chip, check on the status of your captain. For example, maybe he has an excellent single fixture coming against a team from the bottom half. In this case, it’s a good idea to activate the chip.
  • During double Gameweeks – a double gameweek is probably the best time for you to use the FPL triple captain chip. During double Gameweeks, a team plays two games in a single Gameweek. Therefore, if you play your Triple Captain Chip during double game weeks, your captain has more playing time in a single Gameweek. He also has the potential to earn two additional clean sheet points, bonus points, and minutes played points.


While there are many different strategies to consider when using the Triple Captain Fantasy Premier League chip, we believe those we covered in this article will prove useful to you.

If you wasted your triple captain FPL chip this season and it did not plan out as it was supposed to, this guide can be an excellent way to get an edge over your mini-league rivals for next season.

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