Who Are The Best PUBG Players? For Realm This Time! [2024]


PUBG is a multiplayer game that has brought the battle royale genre to a whole new level and gathered a massive crowd of esports players.

Along the road, PUBG has produced thousands of ingenious top-skilled players.

But, this article will only focus on the best of the best PUBG players and reveal the name of the world’s best PUBG player.

The 10 Best PUBG Players in 2022

10. Marco (TQ Marco) Poppitti

Born: November 15th, 1995
Country: Uruguay
Team: Mezexis Dreams
Platform: Mobile
Earnings: $129,651

Marco Poppitti, or TQ Marco, is of Uruguayan origin and a former member of team Queso. He is also among the best PUBG players worldwide and in the top five in Uruguay.

Marco is known as a PUBG player wih top-ranking skills, a fast-decision maker, and highly-effective performance when under pressure.

His excellent performance led Queso in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) final games – Fall Split (2020): Americas and PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South America and took the first prize.

This win signified a definite head-to-head battle with South America’s ultimate cyber players, and team Queso rightly deserved the top position.

Other top wins worth mentioning are

  • The top-tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Latin America Season 1 (2021) – 1st place
  • S-tier PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup (2019) – 3rd place.

Excited to see what TQ Marco is bringing with the new squad – Mezexis Dreams.

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9. Asimaltan (Coffin) Yucel

Born: /
Country: Turkey
Team: Usually Plays Solo
Platform: Mobile
Earnings: /

Asimaltan, known to the cyber world as Coffin, is of Turkish origin and one of the best PUBG players in the world.

Besides being a PUBG pro, this guy also has a YouTube channel. You can find him under the famous nickname Coffin.

He has some awesome video content, like stream highlights and lots of gameplay, that he throws out weekly.

Considering he started YouTubing in May 2017 – Coffin’s YouTube presence is widely spread. By now, he has accumulated a loyal base of 1.33 million subscribers.

Coffin is constantly bringing on his A-game and has some swift skills. No wonder he’s the no. 1 PUBG player in Turkey and among the ten best in the world.

On the plus side, cyber players worldwide say he is the fastest 2-finger player.

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8. Jonathan Jude (Jonathan) Amaral

Born: September 21st, 2002
Country: India
Team: GodLike Esports
Platform: Mobile
Earnings: $270,920

Jonathan is a famous esports player and a well-known name in the PUBG community, in India and internationally. Presently, Jonathan is fast-pacing through the PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds with the GodsLike Esports team, but before that, he battled with the TSM Entity team.

Some of his most prominent achievements are

  • A tier – PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals (1st place) in 2021
  • A tier – PUBG Mobile India Series (1st place) in 2020
  • A tier – PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia (1st place) in 2019, etc.

Additionally, Jonathan dominates the YouTube streaming scene by uploading exciting fights, funny fighting moments, various gameplay, etc. So, check his YouTube channel (JONATHAN GAMING), a channel that, since February 2018, managed to get 4.8 million subscribers.

Other than that, Jonathan is probably the best two-finger PUBG player ever when it comes to using a gyroscope in-game.

7. Tanmay (ScoutOP) Singh

Born: July 30th, 1996
Country: India
Team: TeamXSpark
Platform: Mobile
Earnings: $2 million

PUBG fans must’ve heard of Tanmay, more famously known as ScoutOP, one of the world’s greatest PUBG players. Moreover, he is also a dominant influencer on the Indian esports scene.

Tanmay has participated and won solid awards in several PUBG Mobile pro leagues and world league tournaments:

  • A tier – PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India (2019) – 2nd place
  • A tier – PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1 (2020) – 8th place, and many others.

More importantly, this young lad is the first PUBG player from India to access the Conqueror level of the game.

And he doesn’t stop here. Like others from his rank, he too, started a YouTube channel – sc0ut (4.61 million subscribers).

He uploads more than just gameplay and PUBG fight highlights. Among his video content, you’ll find vlogs, tips and advice about esports, BGMI, various challenges, and more.

6. Na (INONIX) Hee-Joo

Born: October 1st, 1996
Country: South Korean
Team: Gen.G
Platform: PC
Earnings: $1.37 million

The South Korean, Hee-Joo (INONIX), alongside his Gen.G teammates, are hard-to-cross opponents in the world of PUBG.

Especially INONIX, who has proven how calm and steady he can be in the middle of chaos – let’s say the pressure has nothing on him. These are excellent qualities for an esports player, where concentration and quick decision-making are crucial.

I’m not surprised he’s at no. 6 among PUBG players worldwide.

Looking at his PUBG achievements, we spot the

  • S tier – PUBG Nations Cup (2019) – 2nd place
  • S tier – PUBG Global Invitational.S (2021) – 3rd place
  • A tier – Battlegrounds Smash Cup Season 6 (2022) – 1st place, etc.

You should also check out his YouTube channel – 이노닉스TV (56k subscribers). Though the channel is in Korean, still, he has lots of valuable gameplay video content.

5. Wei (GODV) Zhen

Born: July 16th, 1997
Country: China
Team: 4am
Platform: PC
Earnings: $1.33 million

GODV is a Chinese PUBG Battlegrounds, League of Legends – specialist and a former LoL player.

Many PUBG players look up to him, and he parades a veteran status because of his PUBG presence since day one.

GODV, or Wei, has some out-of-this-world skills in PUBG PC. Unsurprisingly, he was the leader of the 4am team in many championship battles and tournaments.

To sum up, Wei was the man overseeing/controlling larger and smaller map corners while his teammates were smashing the playground.

Some of his biggest achievements include

  • A tier – TMC Global Invitational (2021) – 1st place
  • A tier – PUBG Champions League 2020: Fall – 1st place
  • S tier – PUBG Global Championship (2019) – 3rd place, etc.

Ultimately, GODV established himself as the Throwable’s God, one of the most popular PUBG PC players in China and worldwide.

4. Ha Huu (TAIKONN) Tai

Born: May 15th, 2004
Country: Vietnam
Team: CERBERUS Esports
Platform: PC
Earnings: $220,205

TAIKONN, or Ha Huu Tai, is a young Vietnamese with some stunning talent and skills. One can’t overlook the fact that he’s just 18 years old and has always been in the top five in each tournament.

This lad is part of the CERBERUS Esports team, which has proven to be the winning Vietnamese set-up and has 4 first places since its formation (2019).

However, TAIKONN has also contributed immensely in his role as a fragger in PUBG PC and shelved awards like:

  • Kill Leader – PUBG Continental Series 7: Asia Pacific (2022)
  • All-PCS Team – PUBG Continental Series 7: Asia Pacific (2022)
  • 3rd Most Kills – PUBG Vietnam Series Fall (2020), etc.

I can’t wait to see how TAIKONN will develop further. He’s already the muscle of the team, a precise shooter with an eye for blindspots.

You should also check out his YouTube channel – TÀI KONN (99,9k subscribers).

3. Cha (PIO) Seung-hoon

Born: March 24th, 1996
Country: South Korea
Team: Gen.G
Platform: PC
Earnings: $3.46 million

PIO is one of the top PUBG PC masters worldwide. He has contributed significantly to Gen.G’s success over the past years.

What’s more, PIO’s skills were the key that unchained the furry of the squad and went straight to the 2019 PUBG Global Championship and the Nations Cup. These events cemented PIO’s name in the esports world.

Here are some of the achievements PIO and the Gen.G team conquered:

  • S tier – PUBG Nations Cup (2019) – 2nd place
  • S tier – PUBG Global Championship (2019) – 1st place
  • S tier – PUBG Global Invitational.S (2021) – 3rd place.

Whereas the PUBG scene awarded his talent and skills with some hard-to-get titles:

  • 4x Team MVP
  • 2x Week MVP
  • 1x Kill MVP, etc.

However, now that PIO has retired, Gen.G’s picked up a young PUBG rising star, INONIX.

2. James (TGLTN) Giezen

Born: November 10th, 2000
Country: Australia
Team: Soniqs
Platform: PC
Earnings: $1.71 million

James, a.k.a. TGLTN, is the young Aussie who’s the 2nd best PUBG player in the world. Furthermore, his specialty is the PUBG PC Battlegrounds, and he entered the pro esports world as part of the Soniqs team.

This Australian squad is taking apart the battlegrounds with some hard-core gameplay. And ever since James joined them (2020), they scooped up some pretty huge tournaments and championships like

  • S tier – PUBG Continental Series 2 and 3: North America (2020) – 1st place
  • S tier – PUBG Global Invitational.S (2021) – 1st ($1.2 million)
  • S tier – PUBG Continental Series 7: Americas (2022) – 1st place, etc.

Whereas the unshaken in-game confidence, refined mechanics, and prompt accuracy made James:

  • 4x Kill Leader
  • 3x Most Damage award
  • 1x Country MVP, and more.

Check out his YouTube channel – TGLTN (178k subscribers), which showcases aggressive fights, best PUBG plays, and more.

1. Zhu (XQF Paraboy) Bocheng

Born: March 14th, 2002
Country: China
Team: Nova Esports
Platform: Mobile
Earnings: $5.78 million

The no. 1 PUBG player in the world is none else but Zhu, known in the cyber underground as XQF Paraboy. While some play for god-like teams, Paraboy is considered THE PUBG MOBILE GOD!

What’s more, Zhu is also the most famous Chinese PUBG player and needs no intro on the international scene, either. 

The world’s top PUBG player is part of the famous NOVA Esports organisation, and they’ve been 2x PMGC champions.

Paraboy is simply unmatched – he possesses precision and knows his way around battle royale single-tap weapons. These skills are ‘guilty’ of bringing him 10+ MVP awards and numerous championships. And, he’s also one of the top-money makers in the PUBG Mobile world, with a current net of $5.78 million.

It’s maybe for the best that he went from thumb player to four-fingers claw set. This top attacker goes all in on his opponents.

Bottom Line

That was our list of the ten best PUBG players worldwide. The unique talents crushing the battlegrounds come from different sides of the world: China, India, Australia, Turkey, etc.

However, the biggest PUGB talent market is the Asian one.

By the look of things, the pool of PUGB players will only get deeper.

In the meantime, on top of the game, i.e., the best PUBG player in the world is XQF Paraboy.

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