20+ Exciting Facts About Golf

20+ Exciting Facts About Golf

Golf is a centuries-old sport that millions of people all around the world enjoy. Many seasoned golfers are aware of many approaches and other critical golfing strategies, but they may be unaware of interesting golf facts. We got you covered! Ready to learn more about this wonderful sport? 

Here are 23 Stellar Facts about Golf that you need to know in 2022!

TOP 10 Fascinating Statistics and Facts about Golf

  • Golf was invented in 1457.
  •  A golf ball will travel a shorter distance on cold days.
  • The term “birdie” was derived from “a bird of a shot.”
  • The first golf balls were made of feathers and leather.
  • Golf was played on the moon.
  • The first golfer to successfully defend his Master’s title was Jack Nicklaus.
  • Adult males account for 84 percent of registered golf players in England.
  • England has the most number of golf courses in Europe.
  • Acushnet’s global revenue amounted to 1.61 billion US dollars in 2020.
  • Both younger, and female golfers are accelerating in the golf industry.

Golf History Facts

1. When was golf invented?

Golf was invented in 1457. One of the most interesting golf history facts is that golf, as we know it now, is almost entirely due to the efforts of one odd figurehead: Mary, Queen of Scots. In 1457, after playing and enjoying a comparable game in France, she commissioned a golf course to be established in St. Andrews, Scotland, which is how one of the best individual sports was invented.

2. The word “golf” was derived from the Dutch word “kolf.”


“Golf” is derived from either the Dutch work kolf or kolve, which simply means “club.” And in the late 14th and early 15th century, the Dutch name became goff in the Scottish dialect. The word “golf,” spelled the way we know it now, did not occur until later in the 16th century.

3. The first women’s golf organization was founded in 1867.

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Golf evolved into an elite sport that was frequently connected with business negotiations, which women were not allowed to participate in at the time. One of the best golf facts and history is about The Ladies Club, the first women’s golf organization. It was founded in 1867 by the same St. Andrews, in response to a dearth of facilities for women to play golf. 

Fun Facts for Kids

4. A golf ball will travel a shorter distance on cold days.

(Weather Works)

A golf fun fact for kids is how golf balls are faster in warmer weather. This is because, in cooler weather, a golf ball will travel shorter distances for two reasons. First, when golf balls and golf clubs are cooler, the energy transfer is less efficient, resulting in a slower ball speed. Second, because colder air is denser than warm air, friction and drag are increased.

5. Each golf ball manufacturer creates a different number of dimples on their golf balls.


The average number of dimples per golf ball is around 300 to 500. One of the coolest facts about golf balls is that there is no clear answer to the question of how many dimples a golf ball has. This is due to the fact that the number of dimples varies by model and manufacturer.

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Fun facts about Golf

6. The term “birdie” was derived from “a bird of a shot.”


One of the most random golf facts comes from one of the most used terms in the sport. In an event first held in 1903, A.B. Smith hit a shot a few inches of the hole and dubbed it a “bird of a shot.” A one-under-par on a hole became known as a birdie from then on.

7. The longest record drive was 515 yards.

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Michael Hoke Austin, an English-American pro golfer and kinesiology expert, is credited with hitting the longest drive. While performing in the United States, Hoke drove the ball 515 yards in the National Seniors Tournament in 1974.

8. The first 18-course golf course was at a sheep farm. 

(The Bronx Chronicle)

One of the most interesting facts about golf is how the first 18-course golf course was built at a sheep farm. Charles Blair McDonald, a businessman and golf enthusiast, relocated to the small town of Downer’s Grove, Illinois, and began building the course with his colleagues.

After all these years, the Downer’s Grove Golf Course is still standing. However, it has been reduced to 9 holes.

9. The first golf balls were made of feathers and leather.

(Golf Support)

Feathers wrapped in leather were used to make the first golf balls. These balls flew significantly farther than the ones before them. They were utilized until the mid-nineteenth century when they were replaced with wooden ones.

10. Golf was played on the moon. 


Golf is one of just two sports that have ever been played on the moon (the other sport being javelin!). Alan Bartlett “Al” Shepard, Jr. hit a six-iron with one hand on February 6, 1967, sending the ball hurtling through the moon’s low-gravity environment. 

11. New golf courses are banned in China. 


One of the weird facts about golf is its strained relationship with China. During the time of the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong, he labeled golf as a sport for the rich and banned it from the workers’ paradise he was envisioning.

And though his successions gave the sport another try, in 2004, it was discovered that China’s hundreds of golf courses were either using too much water resource or was built on rich farmlands acquired through corruption.

Golf Statistics

12. Tiger Woods has won 82 PGA tournaments.

(PGA Tour)

According to golf statistics, besides having one of the biggest sponsorship deals, Tiger Woods has also achieved one of golf’s most significant achievements. His win at the Zozo Championship in 2019 was his 82nd of his career, tying him with Sam Snead for the most on the PGA Tour. 

He is also one of the richest golf players in the world right now.

13. The first golfer to successfully defend his Master’s title was Jack Nicklaus.

(Golf Compendium)

Another interesting professional golfer statistics is that Jack Nicklaus was aged 46 when he won the 1986 Masters. He not only was the oldest Masters champion but also the first golfer to successfully defend his title. He joined Harry Vardon as the only six-time winner in major championship history.    

Golf Participation and Demographic Stats

14. How many people play golf?


According to average golfer statistics, the number of individuals playing golf in England has remained relatively stable throughout 2020, with 693,600 adults playing twice a month. 

15. Adult males account for 84 percent of registered golf players in England.


Golf in the UK continues to be a popular sport among men. Demographics of golfers say that adult males account for 84 per cent of registered golf players in England, while adult females account for 13 per cent and minors account for 3%. In addition to this, according to the average golfer stats for Wales and Scotland, adult males account for 79 and 80% of registered players, respectively.

16. Over 640,000 children were playing golf in England in 2018.


The golf participation statistics reported that the percentage of youngsters who play golf has declined. While roughly 7.4% of 11 to 15-year-olds said they had gone golfing in the previous four weeks when polled in 2014, only 3.6 percent said they had done so in 2018.

17. In 2020, there were 24.8 million golfers in the United States.

(Golf Digest)

2020 has seen a surge in golf popularity, seeing an increase in the number of golfers worldwide. According to the National Golf Federation, there were 24.8 million golfers in the United States in 2020, up 500,000 and 2% from 2019. It’s the most significant net rise in 17 years.

Golf Equipment and Courses Statistics

18. England has the most number of golf courses in Europe.


According to golf course statistics, out of all the golf courses in Europe, England has the most number. In 2017, England has 1,872 golf courses, out of a total of 6,861 in Europe. Germany came in second with 731, followed by France, Scotland, and Sweden.

19. Acushnet’s global revenue amounted to 1.61 billion US dollars in 2020.


Acushnet, one of the world’s largest golf equipment manufacturers, had global sales of 1.61 billion US dollars in 2020. Acushnet is the owner of several of the most well-known golf brands, including Titleist and Footjoy.

20. The status of golf post-pandemic.


One of the prominent golf trends 2021 has seen is how the sport is one of the games with the best chance of surviving the COVID-19 epidemic due to social distance conventions. Because there is less competition for outdoor sports, the pandemic has given golf an opportunity to attract new players and also attract punters to bet on golf.

21. Both younger, and female golfers are accelerating in the industry.


Another golf trends to watch out for is how younger players and women are taking the sport by storm. Younger players like Rory Mcllroy are debunking the myth that golf is primarily a sport for the older generation. In 2019, almost 14 million millennials said they would like to play golf that year.

As for women, they made up approximately a quarter of all golfers in 2019, according to polls, and their representation in the critical beginner and junior golfer sectors has increased as well.

They are particularly enthusiastic about off-course golf experiences, such as golfing ranges, accounting for up to 40% of all off-course players.

22. The rise of tech in golf.


Technology is transforming golf, like it does many other sports, and providing chances for golfers to enhance their game.

Technology’s impact on golf may be seen in the design of golf clubs, the usage of global positioning system devices to measure the distance to the hole, and swing analysis to rectify swing flaws.

From golf training systems to enhanced gear, tech is certainly giving the world of golf a different edge, solidifying it as one of the golf trends that are here to stay.

23. Golf and Environmental sustainability.


According to the HSBC research, the golfing community aspires to be a model in areas like water management, conservation, and biodiversity. Furthermore, the concept of carbon-negative courses is projected to gain traction.

Given that the younger generation is increasingly aware of the dangers of climate change, one of the golf trends 2021 has seen and that are observed by the clubs and the PGA would be pursuant to more sustainable ways to do the sport.


Many people, beginners and seasoned players alike enjoy golf for a variety of reasons. It’s adaptable, it allows you to socialize with other players, it is physically challenging without sacrificing its pleasant vibe.

No two rounds are ever the same, and there is no denying the beauty of golf fields. Especially now that you are equipped with these fabulous facts about golf, the sport couldn’t be any more invigorating.


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