What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop? (Pros and Cons)


Have you ever played a pickup game? If yes, then you must’ve noticed the double rim basketball hoop.

You know, the one that looks like two single rims stacked together – one on top of the other. It sounds strange, especially for those that have never seen one.

In this guide, you’ll learn what is a double rim basketball hoop and whether they improve your shooting skills.

What Is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

A double rim basketball hoop looks just like a single rim basketball hoop – BUT with a slight difference. Instead of being built of a single rim, it uses a double one.

Double rims are constructed of two single rims put together, one on another. It’s easy to distinguish them from the single rim baskets hoops. That said, a double rim is a bit taller and thicker. Nearly twice the thickness of a single rim.

Ultimately, you’re likely to encounter double rimmed basketball hoops in various locations. But mainly in schools and outdoor basketball playgrounds.

Why Do Some Basketball Hoops Have Double Rims?

The double-layered rim offers durability and strength that single rims can’t offer. Additionally, double rimmed basketball hoops are more resistant to outdoor elements, i.e., weather conditions.

And this is precisely why they’re the first choice for parks, schools, and other sports recreational centres.

On the plus side, double rim basketball hoops can handle much more dunking that goes hand in hand with hanging. Therefore, if this type of basket rim is installed at an outdoor court, you can count on it being there even after numerous high-fly players take their best shots.

Having said all of the above, a double-rimmed hoop will save you money too. Not having to change or repair it frequently means less worries and more money in your pocket.

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Do Double Rims Help Your Shot?

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Double rims will undoubtedly improve your shot to perfection.

It’s known that the thickness of a double rim contributes to its durability. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds when it comes to shooting on a double rim basketball hoop.

That said, the thick layer of rim usually makes the basket bounce instead of going in – especially with hard shootings.

So, double rims require some specifics of the people shooting on them.

Soft Shooting Touch

Hard shooting on a double rim only makes the basket bounce. Therefore, put some practice into your shooting touch and range. So, before you go for a pickup game, make sure you have some training done.

Precision and High Arc

It would be best if you were more precise when shooting on a double rim basket hoop. To do so, you better practice your arc shot — and what better than a swish shot for that purpose?

To get your high arc to perfection, try practising by shooting free throws. And remember that high arc shots make the ball travel down the rim at a steeper angle – eliminating the chances of bouncing out.

Double Rims vs Single Rims

single rim vs double rim - which one is better and why

Double rims and single rims have their pros and cons. So, let’s have a look at those.

Pros of Double Rims

  • Better Precision — the double layer rim requires precise shots from players. And a swish can be the answer to all your double-rim problems.
  • Improved Arc Shot — a high arc shot has fewer chances of bouncing off. Moreover, defenders don’t stand a chance of blocking a high-arc shot.
  • Extra Durability — double rims withstand outdoor weather conditions. They can’t be bent or damaged by frequent slam dunking or constant ball games.
  • Cost-effective — because of its thick layers, a double rim will save you time and money in the long run.

Cons of Double Rims

  • Harder To Score — younger or less experienced ball players will face more difficulty scoring.
  • Plays Tricks On You — don’t be fooled by the thickness of the rim. Many people confuse it with being smaller in diameter than the single ones, though that’s not true. Double rims, as well as single rim hoops, are the exact size.
  • More expensive — logically, double rims are more expensive because of the extra layer. However, as we mentioned, you won’t be bothered by constant hoop repairs.

Pros of Single Rims

  • Easy Shooting — beginners and younger players will spend less energy and more time enjoying a ball game on a single rim hoop.
  • Better Rebound Chances — since single rims don’t necessarily ask for high-arc shots, players will have more chances for rebounds.

Cons of Single Rims

  • Low Durability — single rim hoops won’t last even half of what double rims can. This is why you don’t see them installed at outdoor basketball courts.
  • Frequent Replacement — a single rim can only take as much. So, you’ll need to replace it or repair it more frequently. Automatically this leads to long-term expenses.

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Does The NBA Use a Double Rim Hoop?

One might think the NBA uses a double rim hoop – because it looks like one. But, in reality, they don’t.

The NBA uses a single rim basketball hoop which is modified. The rim modification involves a tube-tie net system – hence, the looks of a double rim hoop.

This system is designed to absorb shock loads like slam dunks or hanging on the rim. Moreover, the tube-tie net system eliminates players’ fingers from touching the hooks, which are easily found on older rims.

The NBA first began using this brand-new rim basketball hoop design in 2010. Thus, it successfully replaced the previous design, whose hooks were sticking out.

And what about the NCAA?

Does NCAA Basketball Use a Double Rim Hoop?

The NCAA uses a similar basketball rim hoop to the NBA. With a slight difference in the rim. 

For example, when NBA arenas host NCAA games, they add an additional rim with a 43 per cent energy absorption. Additionally, the rim the NCAA uses also ensures the safety of players (e.g. hand injuries).

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Final Words

What is a double rim basketball hoop, or what are double rims for – it will no longer puzzle you. What’s more, high chances are you’ll come across one at a pickup game in parks or outdoor basketball courts.

However, double rims aren’t beginner/kids-friendly, so I’d suggest installing a single rim basket hoop if you’re looking for a good old shooting game with your kid.

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