8 Most Popular Football Blogs in the UK [2024 Edition]

Most Popular Football Blogs in the UK

As the most popular sport in the UK and the world (by far), football is the source of countless news articles, podcasts, films, blogs, magazines, and more.

But how can you separate the best and most informative sites from those opinionated one-person blogs that present unsubstantiated and wild theories?

Well, we outline the eight most popular football blogs in the UK that are definitely worth your time! So keep on reading to find out why!

10 Most Popular UK Football Blogs

Let’s check out the best UK football sites as determined by their visitor numbers, the content they offer, and their consistency in providing quality articles on a regular basis.

1. BBC

Number of visitors: 1.3 million per month

Type of content: football tables, latest scores, news articles, transfers

The BBC is not only one of the most well-known news sources in the UK, but its sports coverage is also second to none—as evident by the 1.3 monthly visitors checking out BBC’s football coverage, latest news, transfers, and statistics.

With several easy-to-read articles posted each day, there’s something for every football fan. But other sports fans are not left behind either. You can read up on everything from cricket to rugby, tennis, golf, cycling, athletics, Formula 1, and more.

2. Daily Mail

Number of visitors: 0.98 million per month

Type of content: football news, transfer news, EPL fixtures, results, and tables

With nearly a million visitors each month, the Daily Mail is also a very popular football destination. After all, it’s one of the country’s biggest news providers.

When it comes to football, the Daily Mail covers everything from up-to-date transfer news to opinion pieces, first-hand interviews, and league-specific happenings. Premier League fans also have access to the league table and the latest results and fixtures.

Now and then, the site also publishes research articles covering different aspects of the sport, such as injury recovery and medical conditions connected to the sport, blogs written by the site’s football experts, football case studies, and various guides.

3. CaughtOffside

Number of visitors: 1.3 million per month

Type of content: transfer rumours, fixtures & results, lifestyle articles, football exclusives

CaughtOffside is an informative and rich UK-based football news and blog site—their coverage of the latest transfer rumours, Premier League happenings, and exclusive stories written by experienced sports columnists are rarely seen on other sites.

On top of all that, the site features a clean and easy-to-navigate design that allows users to navigate to the EPL table and fixtures quickly, access the news section of their favourite Premier League teams, and check out the latest relevant videos.

If you are a fan of other top European leagues, CaughtOffside also has news sections on the Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A.

4. Premier League

Number of visitors: 3.9 million per month

Type of content: EPL fixtures, results, tables, stats, news, transfers, videos

The official website of the English Premier League has a lot to offer: news, guides, interviews, goal videos, live links, club stats and information, and much more.

Also, the Premier League site hosts the best Fantasy Football game in the UK. You can sign up for free, pick your squad, join a league, and get your bragging rights.

The official EPL site also has separate sections on the league’s history, record breakers, and the impact of the sport on every facet of English society.

If you are a fan of a specific Premier League club, you can also directly navigate to your club’s official webpage straight from the EPL site.

5. The Sun

Number of visitors: 0.69 million per month

Type of content: transfer news, Champions League and Premier League content

Following the example of the BBC and the Daily Mail, The Sun also focuses on delivering top-notch, relevant, and impactful news from the English football world.

Are you interested in the latest transfer news, Champions League or EPL progress, or even the details of the major football competitions? You can find all of that on this site.

Best of all, you can quickly filter out the latest news by club. So if you want to read up on Arsenal’s efforts to win their first title after two decades or Haaland’s antics, you can simply click the corresponding club logo from the strip at the top of the page.

6. Just Arsenal

Number of visitors: 0.515 million per month

Type of content: Arsenal-related news, match reports, Arsenal history

The name says it all: Just Arsenal is an independent news service covering anything and everything about Arsenal F.C., arguably the best London football club.

For that reason, more than half a million of the club’s supporters flock to Just Arsenal each month. There, they can read the latest club news, rumours, and opinion pieces. Moreover, they can learn about their favourite club via the ‘History’ section.

In addition to the standard football sections and match reports, the site has a dedicated segment for the women’s team and a forum for socialising.

7. Mirror

Number of visitors: 0.364 million per month

Type of content: football news, EPL teams overviews, Champions League stats

This popular British tabloid has an excellent football section filled with recent news on the Premier League and the Champions League.

Like some other sites listed here, the Mirror allows its third of a million monthly users to filter the site’s football news section by club. That way, they can quickly find the news they want to read. They can also read a brief bio about the club in these individual sections.

Apart from football, the Mirror also covers boxing, UFC, racing, tennis, golf, and many other sports. So football fans won’t have to leave the site to read other sports news.

8. Flashscore

Number of visitors: 1.8 million per month

Type of content: live scores for every world league, news articles, standings

Flashscore is rather different from the other sites on our list since it’s not a news portal but rather an aggregator of live football scores from all around the world.

Football fans and bettors typically visit Flashscore to check out the progress of the latest matches, especially after placing a bet, since they can stay on top of it.

The wealth of information offered by Flashscore should make it your go-to football portal regardless of where you read up on the latest news. 

For instance, in addition to up-to-date tables, you can see the current standings, fixtures, results, and news for every team, football league, and major competition.


Now that you have all the football resources you would ever need, you can spend hours poring over the latest stats, news, interviews, scandals, and betting odds. You’ll definitely scratch that football itch and learn a lot during the process. Then, you can confidently place a winning bet or show off in front of your friends with your profound football knowledge.

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