Are All Football Pitches the Same Size? The Definitive Answer

Football field

It is a common misconception shared by most people that all football fields are of the same size. When it comes to its length and width, any football field must meet the rules of its league or governing body. 

If you want to learn more about are all football pitches the same size or not, keep on reading.

Why are all football pitches not the same size? 

When playing football, the field’s size can considerably affect the game’s result. Football pitches vary based on the stated rules on maximum and minimum widths and lengths. Often, league runners believe smaller pitches are better for quicker, more technical playing, while the bigger ones are better for a more direct or physical style.

England football pitch size 

In the UK, a professional 11-a-side football game takes place on 110 yards long and 70 yards wide (100x64m) field. The Premier League, Championship, League One, and League Two all use fields of this size.

The FA Cup and the Carabao Cup fields are similar to the other leagues’ sizes. But for European tournaments like the Champions League and Europa League, the area must be at least 105 by 68 meters (115 by 74 yards) and no more than 110 by 70 meters (120×75 yards).

Spain Football Pitch Size 

If you’ve ever wondered why Spanish football fields appear larger than their English counterparts, the answer is simple: they are. La Liga (Spain’s top professional football division) football fields have bigger pitch sizes than the Premier League.

Getafe’s Coliseum Alfonso Perez, which measures 105 m by 77 m, is the largest football field in La Liga. In contrast, the biggest stadium in the Premier League, Manchester City’s Etihad, has only dimensions of 106 m x 70.5 m

How Big is a Professional Football Pitch? 

Depending on the club’s preferences and the stadium’s available space, the dimensions of a football field can vary.

FIFA Pitch Regulation

FIFA says that the length of a pitch must be between 90 and 120 meters, and the width must be between 45 and 90 meters. FIFA recommends that professional football fields should be 105 meters in length and 68 meters in width. If possible, clubs are urged to mark their fields in conformity with this standard.

All FIFA international matches and competitions must adhere to specific minimum and maximum pitch measurements. The length of the goal line for an international game must be between 100 and 110 meters (50 and 109 yards) (100 yards). In addition, the pitch’s width must be between 64 and 75 meters to comply with the regulations.

FA Pitch Regulations   

The Football Association offers its own suggested rules. The length of a pitch must fall between the range of 90 meters minimum and 120 meters maximum. Similar ambiguity exists in the width’s specs. A pitch maybe 45 meters wide at the minimum and 90 meters wide at the maximum. As is more frequently the case in the professional stages of the game, this provides gamers the freedom to select a precise size that suits them.

The FA suggests that senior pitches be 100.6 meters by 64 meters. The average top-level football pitch in England measures roughly 105 meters by 75 meters, which is a little bit larger than the official FA criteria (68.8m).

Professional 11-A-Side Football Pitch Size

A professional 11-a-side football pitch should be 100 meters x 64 meters. An 11-a-side football game is played with the conventional number of players on a full-size surface. Because the game is often played outside, the pitch size is larger than that of an indoor football pitch.

Although the Premier League’s 11-a-side pitch size specifications are very comparable to FIFA football pitch sizes, there are a few deviations. FIFA stipulates a minimum length of 90 meters for the touchline. The greatest length, on the other hand, is 120 meters (130 yards). The pitch’s width must be at least 45 meters (50 yards) and no more than 90 meters (100 yards).

Football Pitch Size by Format 


The most popular short-sided variation of the game is five-a-side football. It is typically played in recreation centers and specific indoor and outdoor football venues. Professional coaches also use it as a training tool. A 5-a-side football pitch is obviously much smaller than a full-size football surface.

FIFA says a 5-a-side pitch should be at least 30m long and 20m broad. The football 5s court should be no longer than 35m long and no wider than 25m broad.

The FA recommends a 5v5 pitch size for the under-7s and under-8s age categories. Domestic football authorities, such as the FA in England, have rules regarding football pitch measurements. The FA, for example, specifies that a 5-a-side pitch should be 36.6m long and 27.5m wide.


The size of the 7-a-side football pitch is understandably bigger than the 5-a-side variant. This is due to the demand for an additional four players. While the 7-a-side pitch size can be utilized for amateur adult games, it is more commonly used for under-9s and under-10s.

FIFA says a 7-a-side pitch should be at least 45m long and 30m broad. The 7v7 pitch can be as long as 50m and as wide as 35m. The FA advises that under-9s and under-10s use 7-a-side football proportions. 


The 9v9 pitch should be slightly larger than the 5v5 and 7v7 versions because it must accommodate up to 18 players and a referee.

FIFA specifies the following ranges for 9-a-side pitch size: A 9-a-side football pitch should be at least 60m long and 45m broad. The dimensions should not exceed 67m in length and 50m in breadth.


The 11-a-side football field size is the dimensions used in professional adult football. However, these measurements can vary based on the laws of the regulating organization. Yet, FIFA’s rules of the game provide a variety of dimensions.

The 11-a-side pitch must be at least 90 meters long and 45 meters broad. The maximum length and width for an 11-a-side football pitch are 120m and 90m, respectively.

The English FA specifies that an 11-a-side football pitch must be between 90m and 120m long and 45m to 90m wide. As a result, no two Premier League clubs have the exact football pitch measurements.


Is it a field or a football pitch?

The word ‘pitch’ is most generally used in British English, whereas ‘playing field or sports field’ is the equivalent term in American and Canadian English. When describing a surface where football or soccer is played, you can use both terms.

What is the world’s largest pitch size?

The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, is the world’s largest football stadium. It has a pitch size of 110×68 meters (120×74 yards). The stadium has a seating capacity of 150,000 people.

Is it possible for a football field to be square?

No. A football field can never be square. According to the rules of the game, the pitch should be longer than it is wide, with the touchline being longer than the goal line. However, this means that, in theory, a football pitch could have 91m long touch lines and 89m goal lines, giving the pitch the appearance of being almost square.


A football pitch’s size can be affected by a number of factors. This variation, however, only adds appeal to the game of football: a game that transcends being known as a national sport but ultimately becoming a lifestyle and a well-loved tradition.

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