X-Factor Betting in 2022: Tips & Strategies

X-Factor Betting in 2022: Tips & Strategies

Have you ever had a feeling that you knew who would win the X Factor? 

Well, now, with most bookies offering X Factor betting, that feeling can help you earn a few extra quid.

Take a look at this helpful guide and find out all there is to know about X factor betting. 


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What is X Factor?

X Factor is a UK singing competition created by record producer Simon Cowell in 2004. So far, it had 15 seasons, with around 445 episodes in total.

This music show usually starts in early September and runs until Christmas. But the open auditions across the country start even earlier. The second stage is the boot camp, as well as the judges’ houses stage. Finally, they choose around 16 acts and each of the judges gets a group of boys, girls, or groups to mentor.

Each week, the candidates perform at least one song in live shows and the judges. Based on their combined votes, the candidate progresses to the next episode, until there’s only 3-4 of them left in the Grand Final. And of course, there’s only one winner, who gets a title of X Factor and a recording contract.

Among the previous judges were musicians like Sharon Osbourne, Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams, and many more.

Note: The competition has launched in many countries around the world, including the USA.

X Factor Betting Markets

There are a few options you can choose from when betting on X Factor. Those are:

  • The winner of X factor – The earlier you figure out who’s gonna enjoy the most attention from the audience and the judges, the higher your odds will be.
  • Weekly eliminations – One or more acts get eliminated each week and, although the viewers might be surprised sometimes, you could be the one who saw it coming.
  • Winning judge – Judges are also mentors of a chosen group, for whom they choose the songs and built the image. Bet on who will be the most successful.
  • Finalists – The odds for this market are a bit skinnier, but you can still bet on the acts who will make it to the Grand Final, and it’s usually 3-4 of them.

Note: The betting odds actually start around one month before the talent show starts, so one pro tip would be to find the list of contestants and look up their performance on Youtube.

X Factor Betting Tips & Strategy

X Factor Betting Guide

As a passionate X Factor viewer, just do what you normally do, with a few extra thoughts. The essential tips include:

  • Just by watching the performers, you can learn a lot about how the audience and the judges react to a certain candidate, and figure out who will be loved by the public.
  • Oftentimes the judges’ words will directly impact the public opinion, so take that into special consideration.
  • Usually, every judge has their own favourite candidate, so consider that as well.
  • Make notes of how many participants are being eliminated per week.
  • Some contestants are kept for the long run by the producers because they bring in good ratings, so figure out who that might be.

X Factor Betting Strategy

One of the most reliant strategies is to bet on the contestant with the best voice in your opinion but also has a vibrant personality. Each season has an extraordinary talent that continues to improve week after week.

The odds improve as the contestant gets more popular with the audience, so keep an eye on the social number as well.

Again, we’d like to emphasize that betting early in the season will put you at a huge advantage since oddsmakers won’t try as hard to adjust it the way they do for sports betting.

Moreover, it might be a good strategy to bet on X Factor on different betting sites, considering they don’t have the same odds.


Since the UK is the homeland of this reality show, you can already consider yourself predestined to be good at figuring out the show results. The best part is – you don’t have to be a sports connoisseur to be good at it. Keep in mind though, X Factor betting should be as entertaining as watching the show itself, so if you catch yourself taking it way too seriously, take a moment to grab some popcorn and clear your head.


What are the best X Factor betting sites?

Among the best X Factor betting sites in the UK are Betway, 10Bet and Bet365.

Are there any bonuses for betting on X Factor?

Not at the moment, but if you’re betting on X Factor for the first time, you can get generous welcome bonuses.

How do betting sites decide who is favourite?

Mostly based on the reactions of the audience and the judges/mentor, as well as the overall public reaction. In our Guide for X Factor betting, we elaborated on that thoroughly.

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