Top 5 Football Coaching Apps for Better Training

Football coaching has rapidly evolved, with technology playing a crucial role in enhancing training sessions. With the help of mobile apps, football coaches can improve the effectiveness and convenience of their job.

In this guide, you’ll discover the top 5 football coaching apps. With its help, you’ll surely have the means to give your team a significant competitive advantage.

The Top 5 Football Coaching Apps

With rapid scientific advancement, coaches in this generation can use technological support to ensure optimal team performance. Instead of “guesswork” in athletic performance, they can use scientific calculations and advanced statistics to measure performance. 

So many coaching apps are available online, but here are the top 5 football coaching apps you can use:

AppSubscription Fee
Tactical Pad$63/year for the full subscription$39/year for PC or MAC only n$24/year for Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad)
My Football CoachFree
Coach It Soccer$9.99 for the full subscription
Football Tactic BoardFree
Coach Tactic Board: FootballFree. Offers In-App Purchases.

If you are a football coach wanting to explore using an app, check out these detailed descriptions of each coaching app: 

1. Tactical Pad

TaticalPad is an incredibly user-friendly football coaching app that’s suitable for users of all sorts. With over a million downloads, it is evident that it’s enjoyed worldwide since it gives you everything you need to coach effectively.

You can get Tactical Pad on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. The app has 3 subscription options for you between $24 and $63.

2. My Football Coach

My Football Coach is an app designed for players and coaches who want to improve their abilities through personalized training. It offers various exercises tailored to the player’s skill level.

The app supports up to six field camera permutations to assess the precise perspective from which the play is performed (i.e., midfield, full, penalty area, and side). In addition, users can track their progress and receive feedback regarding their performance.

Using My Football Coach isn’t tricky. It is very easy to navigate, and its exercises are easy to follow. The app is free to download if you want to try it.

Pro Tip
In the app, you can save the tactics as frames and even change the animation speed to provide more authenticity and intricacy to the plays. You may also import and export your generated tactics and animations.

3. Coach It Soccer

Developed exclusively for the iPad, this football coaching app is a handy tool once you’re on the field on game day. Using it, you can create lineups and easily update them as needed during the game. Moreover, with its help, you can identify areas of improvement.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Coach It Soccer for free. The football coaching app costs $9.99 on the app store. On the bright side, that $9.99 will just be a one-time payment.

4. Football Tactic Board

Football Tactic Board is a trendy choice among football clubs across the globe. It has been downloaded over 1 million times. The app is a superb option for creating matchday tactics and squad formations. It is straightforward to use.

Those who want to give Football Tactic Board a shot can download it for free on Google’s Play Store. Registration is free, but you might be served with ads. Regardless, this app is a budget-friendly option.

5. Coach Tactic Board: Football

This application aims to function like your classic whiteboard. It helps you create drills as well as tactics for your team. It’s a complete breeze to use and is suitable for coaches. You may use Coach Tactic Board for free on iPad. 

However, not all of the app’s features will be unlocked. You’ll need to make some in-app purchases to get the most out of it.

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Take Away

Mobile apps have undoubtedly revolutionized football coaching. They have made it significantly easier for coaches to organize and improve their training sessions. Each app listed above offers a range of features to help your team achieve its full potential.

FAQs on Top 5 Football Coaching Apps

What Are Football Coaching Apps?

Football coaching apps are digital applications designed to assist football coaches with their jobs. They can help organize plays, manage team rosters, etc.

How Can Using Football Coaching Apps Be Beneficial?

The main reason why football coaches use coaching apps is to save time. In addition, these apps can also improve efficiency. With their help, you can bring the most out of your players.

What Football Coaching App Features Should You Look For?

Key features that any football coaching app should include video analysis tools, play drawing and personalization options, roster management, and connectivity with your players.


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