How Tall is a Badminton Net?


From service court to net play, in badminton, every stroke matters. 

Although it is a popular pastime in some places in the world, where amateur players follow different rules, playing professionally requires players to stick to some basics– like having a proper badminton net installed.

But, how tall is a badminton net?

Let’s find out.

How Tall is a Badminton Net?

In pro games, the badminton net stands at 22 feet and 1 inch (or 1.55m – that’s 155cm if you’re looking for the badminton net height in cm). 

That’s the height of a badminton net from the ground at the ends.

So, what is the height of a badminton net at the centre? 

The height of the badminton net there dips to 1.52 metres or around 5 feet if you need the badminton net height in feet. 

The net is a minimum of 6.1m wide (20 feet) and there’s a 30-inch (or around 76 cm of) space below the mesh.

The rules of the game dictate that there mustn’t be any gaps between the ends of the net and the posts. If necessary, the net’s full depth is tied to the posts.

The posts are placed on the sidelines, regardless of whether it’s a singles or doubles game, and cannot extend into the court beyond that line.

The Role of the Height of Badminton Net

Badminton is the fifth most popular sport in the UK.

The earliest traces of the game date back to ancient China, Greece, and India. Badminton derives from poona, a game that was played by British army forces in India in the 1860s. The game was named Badminton after the country estate of the dukes of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, where it was first played in 1873.

Did you know? Badminton was originally played by hand.

In badminton, knowing how to use the space on the court makes all the difference between winning and losing.

Badminton nets are a central element of any professional badminton game – they divide the court into two equal parts and require players to make a strong enough shot that crosses the net and enters the opponent’s side of the court – without dropping the shuttlecock.

The rally ends when the shuttlecock hits the ground. 

If the shuttlecock hits the net but lands on your opponent’s side of the court, the point will be yours.

Types of Badminton Nets

Badminton is a sport that can be played both outdoors and indoors. That’s why most badminton nets today are portable. 

They are typically made of nylon mesh, but some are made of steel and polyethene. All of these materials can keep the net tensed, but in professional badminton, nets made of steel cables are the more popular option.

Bottom Line

If you’re wondering ‘how tall is a badminton net?’ The answer is 5 feet and 1 inch from the edges and 5 feet from the centre.

The net in badminton, like in most sports that use nets, is to divide the court into two parts. In addition to requiring players to make a shot across, the net in badminton is also crucial because there’s a net play that’s crucial to the sport.

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