Ultimate 2022 Guide to Big Brother Betting

Ultimate 2022 Guide to Big Brother Betting

Big Brother is one of the most popular reality television shows on the air today, as well as one of the most exciting betting options in the entertainment industry. If you enjoy a great piece of reality television, Big Brother betting action is almost certainly in your future. 

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What is Big Brother? 

Big Brother is a reality show franchise that has aired in more than 54 countries and regions for 445 seasons. Several incarnations of the program, like Celebrity Big Brother and VIP Big Brother, have odds posted on online betting services.

The TV show’s title is based on George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, in which the government constantly monitors the population. In a very similar format, Big Brother follows participants living together in a house that is outfitted with dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones that record their every move, 24 hours a day. 

During their stay, houseguests are given a series of games and challenges either in individuals or groups to win a grand prize as big as $750,0000 in the most recent season. Throughout the course of the competition, participants undergo weekly evictions out of the house by a series of nominations from their fellow houseguests. The television series is interactive as well, as fans are able to vote on the houseguests who they want to stay the most.

This is where betting on Big Brother comes in. Bookkeepers often offer different promotions and bonuses for weekly outs, participants who are in the semi-final and the final lineup, as well as the overall winners. 

Bets Available on Big Brother

The type of bets that you can make on Big Brother is the same for any entertainment market, which are: 

  • Outrights – A bet on a yes/no or win/lose type of outcome.
  • Futures – Bet on an outcome several weeks, months, or years in advance.
  • Props – Bet on unique outcomes that are based on the show, contestants, or previous seasons.

For Big Brother betting specifically, these types of bets are available: 

  • Winner – A bet on the overall winner of the show
  • Next Eviction – Betting on who will be the next house guest out
  • Top Man or Top Woman – A bet on who is the last man and the last woman standing

Big Brother betting Odds, Tips, & Strategy

If you’re a new punter, you have to look for credible sportsbooks to join. Be cautious because many of them aren’t suitable for Big Brother gamblers. If you accidentally join a shady bookie, your bankroll might be jeopardized as a result. So, you have to have to check for features such as having a gambling license, other bettors using the site, reasonable banking fees, limits, etc. 

For a few strategies, it’s important to watch the show, and keep an eye on social media. 

Because the public votes on who is eliminated each week, it’s important to learn what the public thinks of each HouseGuest. There’s no better method to accomplish this than through social media. It is important to also pay attention to who has the most ardent fans. Rabid supporters will go to any length to keep their idol on the program, including attacking and evicting their favourite opponents. 


Like the many shows in the entertainment betting market, Big Brother is a perfect show for punters to enjoy. Its weekly eliminations and a big field of contenders who are gunning for the entire season’s crown make it an exciting program to watch out for. Big Brother betting opens up a lot of possibilities for future bets and weekly prop bets to keep the viewing experience as engaging as possible.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it legal to bet on Big Brother? 

Yes, it is legal! Entertainment betting encompasses the realm of television, music, and film. It’s actually quite popular throughout the globe. 

Which betting site should I join? 

Yes, but you have to make sure that you’re very careful with the online gambling website you’re planning to join. Remember to check for its legitimacy, so your bankroll would not be at risk. 

How do I find value in betting on Big Brother?

Generally, the value of a bet is equal to its probability multiplied by its decimal odds minus one. This value computation is mostly used in sports betting, but it could also be applicable to bets placed on Big Brother. 

Is betting on Big Brother allowed?  

Of course! Betting on the show is allowed. You can find Big Brother wagers at licensed websites throughout the internet.

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