A Comprehensive Guide: How to Beat the Drop Paddy Power

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Beat the Drop Paddy Power

Beat the Drop at Paddy Power can undoubtedly offer you the most thrilling gambling experience since it is played on one of the top gambling platforms. 

So, it can be challenging to beat the drop and walk away with your winnings. 

But here is our guide!

It will teach you everything you need to know about how to beat the drop Paddy Power!

What is Paddy Power Beat the Drop?

If you were a fan of the TV game show The £100k Drop, you would love to play the adapted version called Paddy Power Beat the Drop. 

So, Paddy Beat the Drop is a FREE game that the bookmaker Paddy Power offers only to their registered users. Every day, the bookies’ members have the chance to play by answering questions and winning an excellent prize pool.

Moreover, you can purchase additional Beat the Drop games if you are eager to play more than one game.

How does Paddy Power Beat The Drop Work?

Beat the Drop gives you the MAXIMUM amount you can win at the beginning of the game, and your task will be to keep the £5,000 till the very end. 

You will have to pull through 15 rounds of questions and answer them correctly. But that’s NOT all. You’ll have to allocate cash between the two Yes and No options. 

So what are the questions about? 

The Paddy Beat the Drop questions are related to sports matches. Thus, playing the game is similar to making a wager.

Let’s see what kind of questions you can expect. 

  • Will there be 201 or more total points in the match? 
  • Will the Boston Celtics win by 9 or more total points?
  • Will each team get 4+ corners? 

Soccer, basketball and horse racing are some of the most common sports included in the Beat the Drop questions.

You’ll have to walk the road to winning the big prize pool by answering one question at a time. The longest period you can go without answering a question and losing the game is 14 days

After the event from the question you have chosen is finished and your bets are settled, you can continue the game and go to the next question if you still have money in your pot left.

While playing Beat the Drop Paddy Power, you even have the opportunity to change the question or your wagered splits before the event starts.

How to play Beat the Drop Paddy Power 

Let’s go through the step-by-step process of playing Beat the Drop.

  • Go to the Paddy Power website and find Beat the Drop.
  • Choose the first fixture/question you want to answer.
  • Move the slider to adjust the amount you want to wager on the Yes and No options.
  • Wait for the event to finish and your bet to be settled.
  • If you still have money left in your pot, you’ll continue the game with the money you have left.
    If not, you will lose, and you’ll have to wait till the next day to start a new free game with a pot of £5,000. The same rules are applied for each of the 15 questions.
  • You will take the amount you are left with when you finish all the questions.

Let’s break the game down with an example. 

By going to Paddy Beat The Drop and starting the game, you will have several questions to choose from. For instance, you select the “Will both teams score a goal in the first half?” and split your pot and wager £2,000 on Yes and the rest £3,000 on the No option.

If each team scores a goal at the match, you will go to the next question with £2,000. The game goes on until you have exhausted your resources or finished the last question. The amount left in your pot will be your payout.

Paddy Power Beat The Drop Strategy

Like every other game, you must have your Beat the Drop strategy. Luckily we are here to explain the best strategy for all the different types of punters. 

Our Beat the Drop tips will help you win the highest Paddy Power price.

Going All In

Beat the Drop strategy with the highest risk means going all-in while you are still in the early rounds of the game. At the same time, if all goes according to your plan, going all-in will be the most rewarding option. 

Wagering on the right option will put you in an advantageous situation for the next questions.

The chances of getting the correct answer are always 50-50, but what do you have to lose? Beat the Drop is a free game, and you can always continue with a new game the next day. 

To maximise their profits, some punters like to go all-in in the early stages of the game and then shift to splitting the pot when closer to finishing it. 

Splitting the Pot

If you are looking for a safe Beat the Drop strategy, you might want to try out splitting the pot. Then, you can play the game by wagering a considerable amount of money on BOTH options. 

Although this will lead to lower winnings, and you won’t get to win the maximum prize, it will be worth it if you play smart.

Remember that splitting your pot equally from the start of the game and playing it safe won’t get you far. When you get to the 10th question, you will have a little less than £10 in your Beat the Drop pot.

Hedging Using the Sportsbook

Hedging using the sportsbook is a Beat the Drop strategy that you can take advantage of in the later rounds of the game and consult the betting odds of the bookmaker’s sportsbooks.

So, you are wagering more money on the odds for an outcome in your favour. It is always a great idea when you feel like continuing with splitting the pot isn’t going to get you the desired winnings.


So there you have it, our top tips to help you beat the drop and survive the 15 rounds of Paddy Power questions. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your bank balance, follow our advice and put these tips into practice. 

And remember, even if things don’t go quite to plan, you can play Beat the Drop Paddy Power the next day for free.


How much can I win in Paddy Power Beat The Drop?

The maximum amount you can win on a single game in Paddy Power Beat the Drop is £5,000.

Can I play Paddy Power Beat the Drop for free?

Yes! You can play one FREE game per day if you have a Paddy Power Beat the Drop account.

Can I play two Beat The Drop games at the same time?

Unfortunately, you can NOT play two games at the same time.

How will I receive my winnings?

After finishing the Beat the Drop Paddy Power game, you will get your winnings in cash. The withdrawals will be automatically credited to your account.

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