The Best Casino Cruises for a Vacation You’ll Never Forget

The Best Casino Cruises for a Vacation You'll Never Forget

Are you a passionate gambler who likes travelling? If so, why not do both at the same time?

By giving a chance to casino cruises, you’ll get to play a lot of games like casino slots, poker, roulette, and many other card games while also enjoying breathtaking views.

Do you want to know what are some of the best casino cruises in the world? If so, read on! 

5 Best casino cruises in the world 

Allure of the Seas

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If you’re looking for a cutting-edge cruise ship to go on a gambling spree for a couple of days—look no further. As its name suggests, Allure of the Seas is one of those memorable cruise liners where you can make memories for a lifetime.

Sure, there are no guarantees of a gambling success, but there is one guarantee for all passengers on board—they’ll have the best time partying and playing all their favourite casino games on a cruise ship.

Allure of the Seas usually departs on round trips from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and cruises for several days around the Caribbean. 

Norwegian Epic

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Out of all the cruise ships from up North, Norwegian Epic has got to be one of, if not the best cruise ship with casinos. Apart from being a part of an amazing cruise, the passengers aboard the Norwegian Epic can also enjoy top-notch poker tournaments, slot machines, and play bingo. 

If you’d like to go on a cruise with Norwegian Epic, you can go on round trips along the coasts of Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, and France), The Caribbean, or sign up for one-way cruises from Haifa to Trieste and from New York to Barcelona.

Queen Mary 2

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Queen Mary 2 is one of the most luxurious casino cruise ships players can buy tickets to. Not only do they have a very exclusive poker room, but they also organise tournaments where passengers can play beginner casino games such as blackjack, roulette or cards, and compete for a huge jackpot.

With Queen Mary 2 you can go on transatlantic round trips (from New York to Southampton, England and back), as well as cruise all around Northern Europe. 

Royal Princess

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With Royal Princess, gambling at sea has never been easier; the ship offers real money prizes and instant payouts. Sign up at the Princess Casino for a chance to play blackjack, slots, and all the casino games you want. You can also participate in regular and invitational tournaments.

If you want to go on a cruise with Royal Princess, you can go on one-way and round trips along the north and west coasts of North America and cruise around Hong Kong, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia.

Oasis of the Seas

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If you like gambling on cruise ships, you’re going to love Oasis of the Seas. This cruise ship is very well known for its wide selection of slot games, spinning wheels, and loads of free spins you can win while placing a couple of bets at their casino. 

With Oasis of the Seas, you can go on round trips around the Western and Eastern Caribbean, as well as cruises to the Bahamas and back from New York and Miami.


If you’re wondering if gambling at sea is worth it, just remember—cruise ship casinos are physically registered in tax havens, which allows offering players a lot more, for a lot less. If you decide to take a chance and go on a cruise where you can also gamble, be sure to book tickets for these best casino cruises in the world. Have fun gambling!

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What cruise ships have casinos?

Many cruise ships offer casino services, but our top five picks for the best casino cruises include Allure of the Seas, Norwegian Epic, Queen Mary 2, Royal Princess, and Oasis of the Seas.

How do you win big on cruise ship casinos?

There are many strategies you can implement to win big in a casino on a cruise ship. It’s important to have fun, but also to stop playing after you’ve covered your cruise ticket and made a little extra. Otherwise, sooner or later, the cruise ship always wins. 

Are casinos on cruise ships rigged?

No. If you want to buy a ticket for one of the best casino cruises available today, you should know they all have to abide by international gambling rules or they could lose their licences for betting services and casino games.

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