F1 Betting Tips and Predictions for the Australian GP

F1 Betting Tips and Predictions for the Australian GP

Will Lewis finally stand below the podium this coming 10th of April? All the large betting houses, pundits, fans and their F1 betting tips say his podium streak (started in 2015) is ending.

Based on the excellent performance of F1’s top youngsters and the current Mercedes struggles and placement during the inaugural 2022 Arabian races, they might be right!

Below, we explore the most likely race outcomes for the Australian Grand Prix!

2022 Australian GP Odds

The F1 Heineken Australian GP weekend starts on the 8th of April, 2022, at the famed Albert Park—home to F1 since the 1950s. Check the current odds table provided by 10Bet for outright winners below.

TOP Formula 1 Betting Tips for the Australian GP

Tip 1 – Mercedes to Not Crack the Top 5

Based on the first two races in this new era of F1, one thing is certain: Mercedes fumbled it! Every Mercedes-powered team on the grid has been performing poorly, especially in Jeddah, where no driver in a Mercedes-powered car except George Russell made it to Q3.

I mean, when was the last time you saw the Lewis Hamilton not getting out of Q1?

But, surely Mercedes can get a car in the top 5 as they had two in Bahrain and one in Saudi Arabia? Well, Bahrain was an anomalous result as both Red Bulls DNF-ed (a serious issue that has been fixed since).

So, instead of George Russell squeezing his way into the top 5, we see that position going to Bottas, and his Alfa Romeo as Ferrari engines have always done well at Albert Park.

Tip 2 – Charles to Outperform Max for the Win

Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari are the biggest winners in 2022, with the former exhibiting excellent top speeds down the straights and the latter with an overall good engine and a perfected downforce formula.

While Charles and Max have gotten the cars they need to win the championship, their immense talents are the driving force in their respective championship bids, and the start of their rivalry in Bahrain showed us why that is so as they battled each other with wit and confidence.

However, while Charles managed to grab the opener win after Red Bull’s unfortunate engine failures, Max showed us why he’s the reigning champion in Saudi Arabia by outplaying Charles at his own DRS-game, thus clinching the win in the final laps.

We expect the Australian GP to go down the wire with Charles coming on top as the track’s nine hard-breaking points and medium-high aero downforce features suit Ferrari better.

Tip 3 – Daniel Will Get Into the Points

Both McLaren drivers, especially the Aussie Daniel Ricciardo, have had a horrendous start to their 2022 seasons, made more unfortunate by their excellent showing in 2021—remember the 1-2 Monza win!?

However, while the MCL36 needs fixing in all areas, the talents of both Daniel and Lando help them find performance in the unlikeliest of situations, as evident by Lando’s respectable 7th-place finish in Saudi Arabia.

Instead of Lando, however, Ricciardo should find the motivation to push his faulty McLaren to the points in Australia as he will have the support of the crowd and the desire to do well at home!

Bonus Tip – Haas Will Pleasantly Surprise Us!

Nobody in the F1 world expected Haas to perform well in 2022 after their disastrous seasons in the last couple of years. And yet, here we are! Haas with 12 points, thanks to Kevin’s P5 and P9 finishes mostly, sits comfortably in the middle of the table.

Knowing that Haas sports a Ferrari engine that does well at Albert Park, and that they have a better car than half of the grid, we expect points galore from the sole American team!

Before Putting Your Money on the Line

There you have it! Max and Charles lead the pack thanks to their immense talents and superb cars. Apparently, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have got it right this time around, and we don’t see the situation changing anytime soon, especially for the 2022 Australian GP! 

So, if you heed our F1 betting tips outlined above, chances are high you’ll make a small profit while watching the return of fabulous driving at Albert Park. Finally, if you don’t know how to bet on Formula 1 check out our F1 betting guide.

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