Champions League Betting Tips and Predictions – Semi-Finals (Second Leg)

Champions League Betting Tips and Predictions - Semi-Finals (Second Leg)

As we come closer to the end of this year’s Champions League, the predictions and tips are getting harder and harder. So, based on our analyses here are the Champions League betting tips for the final four teams left this year.

In the first leg, our analyses were on point as both Mane and De Bruyne were scorers in their games.

These are our 2 tips for this week, but keep in mind that the odds are always subject to change.

Tip 1 – Villareal vs Liverpool – BTTS and Salah to score 2 or more

I think that Liverpool already booked their place in the final of the Champions League in the first leg. In the first match, Liverpool showed us just why are they still in the race to win all four possible trophies this year. For this match, Klopp will probably rotate some of his players, but Salah was rested for the Newcastle trip and I think that he will be the main star of this match. I think Villareal’s chances of going to the final are low, but I do believe that they will at least score a goal in front of their home fans.

That said, for both teams to score and Salah to be the scorer of at least two goals the odds are at 8/1 which are just too good to pass.

Tip 2 – Real Madrid vs Manchester City – Manchester City to win and Riyad Mahrez to score

The first match between these two sides was probably one of the best matches in Champions League history. Although Manchester City had most of the chances, Real Madrid was still able to come back to the game, and now they only need to win by two goals, to go through to the final. However, I think that this game will be different from the first one and both teams will be more cautious when it comes to attacking. A big boost for City’s defence will be the return of Cancelo and probably Kyle Walker, which will surely give the needed quality they lacked in the first game when Zirchenko played as a left-back and Fernandinho as a right back. Although we can write off Real Madrid, I think that they will have no chance of winning against a City side that is this good.

When it comes to the prediction, I think City will win this game as they will be able to convert their missed chances from the first game and Mahrez is probably the most dangerous player in Manchester City’s attack.

These are my Champions League betting tips for the semifinals this week. Hopefully, our analysis is correct, and it will help you make some money from some of the most popular betting sites.

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