UK – Reformers ask for £2 max limit to online bets

UK – Reformers ask for £2 max limit to online bets

A group of government officials and religious leaders, 100 MP’s and 18 bishops, have collectively stated their worry that “more than 55,000 children aged 11-16 are problem gamblers” in a letter to the Telegraph. 

Furthermore, 37% of children aged 11-16 gambled in England and Scotland during 2020, and in order to drop that percentage, the proposal states that online bets should have a limit of only £2.

Besides changes in the online betting limit, the proposal suggests that gambling operators apply strict affordability checks for their customers. If the proposal becomes law, UK gamblers may be restricted to spending £100 per month.

The new framework for the UK’s review of its gambling laws and regulations is expected to come early next year and aims to protect the vulnerable population better.

Finally, the group says that the economic and social cost of gambling is at least £1.27 billion per year, and limiting the way people can gamble online, would reduce that cost and the impact on society.

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