Twitch to ban serial refunders

The most popular live streaming platform in the US will start to review refunds and monitor users who request a large number of them. The change in the streaming company refund policy hopes to combat serial refunders that subscribe to get a shoutout from the streamer and then file a refund to get their money back. The users that abuse the system will receive a temporary or permanent ban on Twitch. 

The streaming company noted that this change is being applied in order to protect Twitch streamers from chargebacks since there were over 9.3 million active streamers back in April. However, this change won’t cover donations or payments through services such as Streamlabs but will only affect purchases made through Twitch.

This comes right after many content creators demanded more effective support for marginalised streamers and participated in the #AdayOffTwitch boycott. The protest started after a new wave of hate raids, which saw abusive streamers targeting content creators and sending mobs of hateful viewers to their Twitch streams.

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