Tom Brady breaks NFL all-time passing record

One of the greatest and most favourable NFL players in the US, Tom Brady became the NFL’s all-time passing leader on his return to the New England Patriots. The current  NFL champions, the Tamba Bay Buccaneers, won against Brady’s former team with 19-17.

With over six minutes left in the first quarter, Brady completed a 28-yard pass to pass Dre Brees’ previous record officially. The six-time Superbowl winner finished the game 22 of 43 through the air for 268 years, taking his career tally to 80.260. The previous record by Drew Brees’s was 80.538 yards.

Although Brady received a warm reception by his former home crowd during the pre-game warm-up, he was booed once the game kicked off. Tom Brady won six of his sever Super Bowls spent 20 years with New England. After the game, Brady and his former coach Bill Belichick met in the middle of the field and exchanged a brief hug.

The new NFL season kick-off was also welcome by punters, as it is the most popular sport to bet on in the US.

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