Roller Derby team Cleveland Guardians sue baseball team over rebranding

In order to stop Cleveland’s baseball team from rebranding as the Guardians, the Cleveland Guardians roller derby team has filed an official federal lawsuit.

With this lawsuit, the roller derby team wants to stop renaming the baseball team to the Guardians because there cannot be two teams with the same name in the same city, and that one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the US, the MLS will never allow the reverse to happen.

The Cleveland Guardians board say that such confusion would harm their operations. They say they’ve already received many messages from people who attempt to contact the baseball team, which is still listed as the “Cleveland Indians” across social media.

Although the negotiations over a “buy out” broke down on Tuesday, the baseball team still has not issued any statement regarding the lawsuit.

Finally, the Cleveland Indians are one of the oldest sports teams in the MLS and were the first team to play with numbers on the uniforms on April 16, 1929.

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