New gambling laws would ban free bets in Ireland

A new gambling regulator in Ireland will be in place by early next year, and Landmark’s new gambling laws will see free bets banned.

The regulator will be able to freeze accounts and block incoming payments to providers and will have the power to revoke or suspend gambling licences.

A social impact fund will place a levy on gambling companies to fund addiction treatment and other measures around awareness.

The main changes in these new gambling laws will be that there will no more be any free bets inducements and VIP treatment for certain gamblers. Additionally, there will be a clampdown on gambling advertising as the new regulator will have the power to issue codes around the time and frequency that such advertising can appear on TV, radio and other media platforms.

The Minister of State in the Department of Justice, James Browne and the Minister for Justice Heather Humphreys will work on the lengthy new legislation.

The change in these gambling laws in Ireland come right after Northern Ireland vowed to change their gambling laws in 2021, and the UK changing its gambling laws for the National Lottery.

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