GambleAware Funds $335K Research for Women Problem Gambling

GambleAware Funds $335K Research for Women Problem Gambling

The GambleAware $335K grant will be awarded to an IFF Social Research Agency team led by Kelsey Beninger. It will fund research that indicates the experience of women with gambling and gambling-related harm.

The research will be carried by multiple people, including both University of Bristol professors Maria Fannin and Sharon Collard and the head of programs at GamCare Dominique Webb and CamCare’s women’s program manager Marina Smith.

This grant by GambleAware will allow researchers to run various roundtables, conduct interviews and speak to women who have experienced some sort of gambling problems. The research is expected to continue for an initial time of 18 months. 

In an interview, the research director at GabmleAware, Alison Clare, said that women’s experiences in gambling harm are under-researched and that she is confident that this multi-departmental team would be able to produce the necessary results.

Although women’s participation in gambling decreased by 3.9% in 2020, 39.8% of women in Britain participated in at least one type of gambling.

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