eSports industry showcase ESI London returns on 8-9th November

According to Esports Insider, the flagship event ESI London will return and take place on 8-9th November.

The event will take place at BOXPARK Webley, in a 20.000 square foot space in North West London, and the event will offer food, drink and leisure experience. The event will be played in a two day period, and it looks to connect the biggest global esports brands with the most influential leaders.  Although speakers for the event are set to be announced soon, the event planners say they will be the best speakers in the esports industry.

The co-founder of Esports Insider, Sam Cooke, said that they are very excited for the return of ESI London and that at the event, there will be world-class speakers, experts and esports industry leaders.

Norwich announce Bidstack as the first-ever official eSports partner

In other news, the Premier League football club Norwich has announced that they renewed their partnership with BIdstack, and now the technology brand has become the club’s first esports partner. 

The partnership between Norwich, Bidstack and Badu Sports was nominated at the Football Business Awards in 2021 for the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme”.

This partnership won’t be the last between a club and an esports brand if we know the fact that by 2023 the sponsorship and advertising spending on eSports will reach over $634 million.

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