Betting on Stranger Things Season 4 – Predictions and Odds

If you were one of the many people who fell in love with Eleven and her group of friends in 2016, you’re probably tired of waiting – and we are too!. 

And if you’re one of the many people who gamble on what season 4 has in store for us, you’ve come to the right place! We have made a guide that would make betting on Stranger Things easy as pie – or, in this case, eggos!

What’s in Store for Season 4?

Stranger Things 3 is set in 1985, coming up to Hawkins’ Fourth of July celebration that summer. It opens with the town’s newly new Starcourt Mall, and how it became the focus of the town’s attention. And because of this, many small businesses are being wrecked by the new mall, and strange occurrences have the gang’s dread increasing. 

Of course, things in Hawkins are never what they seem. The townspeople are unaware that a Soviet Union laboratory beneath the Starcourt Mall is attempting to open a passage from the Upside Down in order to release demonic beings who wish to possess all of the town’s poor residents. 

The day is saved by Eleven and our crew. But this comes at the price of loss – Eleven loses not only her powers but also her father figure. 

So, where does Season 4 come in? The majority of our favourite group is still present, but there are still a lot of unsolved issues moving into Stranger Things 4. And predicting what the season has in store for us is exactly where Stranger Things betting comes in! 

Betting Markets: Betting on Stranger Things 4

A series of special bets feature one of the main characters of the show, a young girl named Eleven. After the battle at Starcourt, she lost her powers, which meant she couldn’t check to see if her guardian was still alive. 

However, without her talents, it could be argued that one of the major purposes of the show would be lost. Eleven losing her talents has a lot of ramifications for the show as a whole, so it’s safe to assume she’ll reclaim them sometime in season 4. Here’s what the betting market looks like:

Will Eleven get her powers back?

  • Yes (-1000)
  • No (+500)

There is strong speculation that Eleven will regain her powers in the first three episodes of the season, and perhaps the gateway to reuniting with her father figure, Jim Hopper, the town’s sheriff. 

Speaking of, there are a lot of speculations about the fate of the sheriff because the previous season left us with a double cliffhanger. It was clear that Hopper sacrificed himself to save the world, but his fate isn’t. That’s why his current status – and if and when he gets to meet Eleven – is a pretty popular betting market. 

When will Eleven and Jim Hopper reunite?

  • Episode 7 or 8 (-105)
  • Episode 9+ (+350)
  • Episode 5 or 6 (+500)
  • Episode 3 or 4 (+600)
  • Episode 1 or 2 (+800)

Here are the other markets and odds offered by BetUS and Bovada on which you can bet on Stranger Things season 4:

What songs are going to be featured in the season?

  • The Police – Every Little Thing she does is magid – +100
  • New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle – +150
  • Katrina and The Waves – Walking on Sunshine – +300
  • The Turtles – Happy Together – +400
  • David Bowie – Magic Dance – +500
  • Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now – +650
  • Genesis – Invisible Touch – +800
  • Dire Straits – Money for Nothing – +900
  • Duran Duran – Hungry like the Wolf – +900

Will there be time travel in Stranger Things season 4?

  • Yes (+195)
  • No (-280)

When and Where to Watch Stranger Things

Stranger Things has been a cornerstone series for Netflix for years, one of the shows that attracts viewers and subscribers. But, of course, the show is one of the diamond darlings of Netflix, so if you don’t have a subscription by May, you better get one fast. 

Season 4 will be released in two parts. The fourth season’s first volume will launch on May 27, followed by the second volume on July 1. This also comes at the heels of the announcement that the 5th season of the show will be it’s definitive last. 


And there you have it! Stranger Things may just be around the corner, but betting for it is certainly firing things up. If you’re a fan of the show or a fan of betting, surely there is something for you when one of Netflix’s darlings goes on air again. Regardless, betting on the adventures of Eleven and the gang is bound to be full of fun and excitement!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you bet on the Stranger Things TV show?

Of course, you can! Stranger Things betting is practically a ritual after three exciting seasons.

Is betting on Stranger Things legal?

Yes, but that is only if the gambling laws in your area permit it. So you better check your local laws before you partake in the fun of betting on Stranger Things!

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