Cryptocurrency Statistics in the UK [2024 Facts And Numbers]

2022’s Most Valuable Cryptocurrency Statistics in the UK

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We’ll cover the most recent and popular cryptocurrency statistics so you can have a better understanding of the entire industry. Now it’s time to dig into the most intriguing facts and statistics regarding the UK cryptocurrency sector that is constantly expanding. 

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Fascinating Statistics about Cryptocurrency in the UK

  • Over 50% of Brit cryptocurrency owners have less than £260 worth of crypto
  • Approximately 46% of crypto owners in the UK store their coins on the same platform from where they bought them from
  • £814 billion is the total market capitalisation for Bitcoin worldwide
  • Close to 500 UK-based companies currently accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as valid payment methods
  • Approximately 10 million UK citizens are cryptocurrency owners
  • Bitcoin dominates 60% of the global cryptocurrency market share
  • The UK has 100,000 daily active users on Coinbase, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms
  • Roughly 1 out of every 3 cryptocurrency owners in Great Britain is 18 to 29 years old
  • More than 20% of all UK citizens first heard about cryptocurrency by reading online news
  • 6 out of 10 Britons (cryptocurrency owners) have bought, sold, and traded cryptocurrency on Coinbase

General Cryptocurrency Statistics in the UK

Before we get into the specifics of Bitcoin stats in the United Kingdom, let’s take a closer look at the industry as a whole.

Cryptocurrency statistics vary significantly from country to country. In 2022, the focus will be on the United Kingdom, precisely the number of cryptocurrency users and the percentage of cryptocurrency ownership.

1. How many people own cryptocurrency in the UK?


According to the cryptocurrency statistics in 2022, over 9.8 million people own cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom.

2. How many people own Bitcoin in the UK?


In 2020, an estimated 3.86% of the general population owned Bitcoin, which amounts to 1.9 million adults in the UK.

In just 3 years, we’ve witnessed a considerable rise in cryptocurrency ownership all over the UK. We could see purchases of cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom break record numbers in industry regulations throughout 2022. 

3. How many Crypto ATMs are there in the UK?


According to Coin ATM Radar, there are now more than 80 crypto ATMs in the United Kingdom.

People utilise bitcoin ATMs to get the best cryptocurrency exchange rates in their town, area, or country. Unlike buying cryptos from a random online site, you’ll almost always receive your money’s worth.

That said, now there are over 100 Bitcoin ATMs in installed London.

4. Nearly 2 out of 10 women in the United Kingdom own cryptocurrency.


By late 2020, nearly 2 out 10 UK women own cryptocurrencies, but they do not mention specifically which coin they use.

5. 5% of all UK cryptocurrency owners earn up to £9,999.


However, most UK-based crypto owners, which amount to 16% of the total, earn between £20,000 – £29,999 per annum. It proves that middle-class employees are the most active in cryptocurrency investments, even if the invested amounts are not the highest. 

6. East Midlands and South East England residents are the best-informed cryptocurrency owners.


34% of UK citizens living in the East Midlands and South East England know how to define cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. It is quite a high percentage, meaning that 1 out of every 3 crypto owners understand what they’re investing in.

7. 33% of crypto owners from Northern Ireland know what cryptocurrency is and understand how blockchain technology works.


People living in the East of England are equally knowledgeable, with 1 out of every 3 residents knowing the ins and outs of the crypto sector.

8. 31% of Welsh people are also highly-competent when discussing cryptocurrency-related topics.


It’s imposing to see such a high percentage of people being interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and actively investing to secure a potential passive income in the future.

9. 29% of Londoners who own cryptos are confident in their blockchain knowledge.


As opposed to just 19% of all cryptocurrency owners living in North West England and the West Midlands, however, these numbers will grow as more and more people are getting involved in this industry and more learning resources are available online. 

Cryptocurrency Advertising Statistics

Just like any other subject of interest where there’s a lot of money to be made, cryptocurrency advertising does an excellent job in promoting crypto assets, coins, and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering).

10. In 2021, 22% of Brits found out about Bitcoin and cryptos from online news.

Cryptocurrency demographics and stats reveal that an extra 22% of UK citizens were introduced to this subject via traditional media, which was a 5% downfall compared to 2020. 

11. 13% of Britons are exposed to cryptocurrency information from their friends and family.


According to cryptocurrency statistics, in 2022, 13% of Britons were exposed to crypto info through family or friends, which was a 2% rise compared to 2020.

12. 17% of Britons get their cryptocurrency news and information from social media.


Social media is the palace where all cryptocurrencies are heavily promoted in Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc.

So, be careful which sources you follow because not all of them have your best interest in mind. 

13. 4% of people in the UK have been introduced to crypto-assets after viewing traditional ads in 2021.


In addition to these numbers, 5% of all Brits contacted the cryptocurrency industry through their colleagues. 

Cryptocurrency Market Statistics

The cryptocurrency market cap is growing almost every day, given the rising number of new investors looking to get in on the action by investing in various types of digital currency.

Let’s go over cryptocurrency prices, rates, value and other interesting statistics about this new and disruptive industry.

14. The Market Capitalization in April 2022 was over $746 thousand.


Without a doubt, Bitcoin holds the majority of the cryptocurrency market share, and according to Statista, on April 27, the market cap for Bitcoin was $746.53.

This cryptocurrency is the most popular globally, and most coins are merely attempting to emulate what Bitcoin and blockchain technology offer.

15. Approximately £40,000 is the current price for 1 Bitcoin.


Undoubtedly prices for Bitcoin may vary significantly, reaching record highs now and then.

However, it’s improbable for Bitcoin to ever go lower than a couple of thousand British pounds, given the constantly expanding number of investors. 

16. Over 19 million Bitcoins are currently in circulation worldwide.


Cryptocurrency growth is no longer a secret. Everybody’s noticing it, from big tech companies, state institutions and down to banks making them selfs crypto legal.

17. The no. 1 cryptocurrency exchange platform in the UK is Coinbase.


There are countless trading platforms out there, and Coinbase is the leader in the UK market. But Binance is the most popular platform worldwide today on a global level. 

18. 63% of Brits involved with cryptocurrency use Coinbase.


Binance, the world leader in cryptocurrency exchanges, only accounts for 15% of the UK market share, followed by Kraken with 10%, Bittrex comes in 4th place with 8%, and Bitfinex is the last in the charts, with just 7% of the spoils.

There are plenty of other less popular trading platforms available in the UK. 

19. IT specialists in the UK think that blockchain technology will grow significantly in 10 years.


Blockchain technology is the base on which Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies were built.

How many digital currencies are there?

Thousands upon thousands, literally. And that’s all possible thanks to blockchain technology, the next disruptive element in the digital world.

The Impacts of Crypto Assets

Crypto assets come with many benefits, but just like any investment, especially digitally-based assets, your cryptocurrency is not 100% safe.

Hacking plays a significant role in this industry, and cryptocurrency theft is a real thing you should consider protecting yourself against.

20. 20% of the UK adult population bought cryptocurrency as they see it as the future of money.

(UK Tech)

In the UK, only 20% of respondents see cryptocurrency as the future of money. On the other hand, Brazil is the leader with 66%.

21. Close to 19% of UK adults want to buy cryptocurrency, seeing it as an easy way to make money.


These people are still undecided, but they are seriously considering Bitcoin as one of the best investment opportunities they can take advantage of today.  

22. 16% of Britons started thinking about cryptocurrency investing after listening to influential people discussing the topic.

(Pew Research Centar)

It’s imposing to see just how much of an impact influencers and famous people can have on the economy, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. 

23. Over 500 businesses and bars in the United Kingdom now accept Bitcoin as a payment method.


Cryptocurrencies are still a niche method of payment since, as of 2020, you can only spend Bitcoin at about 500 independent businesses, bars and cafes across the UK.

However, none of the major high street companies or online shops takes any of the many cryptocurrencies.

24. How old do you have to be to buy cryptocurrency?


In reality, there are no legal restrictions on trading or mining cryptocurrencies, although established platforms such as Coinbase and Paypal demand that users be at least 18 years old.

That said, anyone, regardless of age, can mine cryptocurrencies.

Bottom line

Given its high level of uncertainty and potential revenue, the cryptocurrency sector is one of the fascinating places to be involved in right now. However, keep in mind that no investment is entirely risk-free, and cryptocurrencies are not a completely secure financial tool.

We hope we’ve covered all of the cryptocurrency statistics UK topics you were looking for. Given the rapid growth of this industry, don’t be surprised if we return with another post including even more amazing facts about Bitcoin, blockchain technology,  and why not the NFTs.

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