LoL Betting Guide: Expert Tips for Winning More Money

LoL Betting Guide: Expert Tips for Winning More Money

League of Legends betting has become increasingly popular in the past few years. However, any newcomers to the field will need an LoL betting guide before starting.

Is it legal, can you get better at it, and will you be able to make a decent bit of money with it?

You can find all the answers and a couple of tips and strategies in the following guide.

League of Legends Champion Class Types

There are several League of Legends champion classes to be aware of. However, before you bet on LoL, you should be familiar with the following types:

  • Controllers: These characters focus on helping allies obtain objectives. They’re typically supporting characters, use crowd control to keep opponents at bay and can heal and shield other players.
  • Catchers: Catchers are responsible for crowd-control measures and can use long-range abilities to slow down or trap enemies.
  • Enchanters: Enchanters are a type of controller, although they focus on more direct support. Alongside having ways to help allies, they can also hurt enemies.
  • Fighters: Also called bruisers, these characters emphasise hand-to-hand combat. They can deal a lot of damage quickly.
  • Divers: These characters focus solely on dealing with the damage and have little protective capabilities. They’re not as durable as other characters.
  • Juggernauts: These are the opposite of divers. They offer a lot of durabilities but less damage-dealing capabilities.
  • Mages: Champions who often have long-range, ability-based areas of effect damage and crowd control apply all of these abilities to trap and destroy opponents from a distance.
  • Artillery Mages: These deal damage at a distance, though they’re pretty weak in close combat.
  • Battlemages: The opposite of artillery mages, these characters have significant upfront capabilities with their spells.
  • Burst Mages: These are an excellent pick for short amounts of large damage, although they’re not great in a prolonged fight.
  • Marksmen: As the name suggests, these characters are great at a distance and can be used to take out enemies in seconds.
  • Slayers: Perhaps the highest damage-dealers in the game, they also offer a lot of mobility. They can take out most targets.
  • Assassins: Stealth is the game’s name here, with the characters having all the skills you’d expect.
  • Skirmishers: Also known as duelists, these shine in one-on-one combat.
  • Tanks: While these lack damage output, they can certainly take a lot while offering protective capabilities.
  • Vanguards: Compared to other tanks, these have more mobility. Their damage output suffers, however.
  • Wardens: Instead of being an offensive option, these are defensive and focus on protecting allies. 

Top LoL Betting Tips

If you don’t know how to bet on LoL, you’ll need a few tips and tricks to help you. Properly research the game, the teams, and the match formats. The more you know about the competitive environment, the better. When you do, focus on the teams themselves, alongside the match format and competition rules.

Moreover, understanding the meta is a crucial component of competitive gaming. In esports, meta refers to characters, equipment, or weapons more potent than others in a game. After hours of play and theory crafting, players discovered what worked and what didn’t work for them.

You’ll need to stay as up-to-date as possible, especially with win/loss records. Doing so will let you place better bets, depending on how teams and players perform.

LoL Betting Markets

There are multiple ways you can bet on LoL. The following are the most common betting types on the market:

  • Moneylines: These only include the odds for the team you bet on.
  • Handicap: These bets are often more difficult, as one team will have the titular ‘handicap.’ Many people see them as a way to even the odds with a bookie.
  • Totals: With this, you’ll bet on the total points that the teams reach during the match.
  • Prop Bets: A proposition bet is when you focus on whether or not something specific will happen in a game. That typically doesn’t affect the outcome.

Pre-Betting LoL Strategies

When it comes to League of Legends gambling, you’ll have multiple strategies to take advantage of. These are:

  • First Blood: As the name suggests, this focuses on which team or player gets the first kill.
  • Match Duration: League of Legends matches don’t have a time limit. They continue until a team wins. That lets you bet on how long the game will last.
  • First To Take Baron: One of the objectives in the game is to kill Baron Nashor. You can bet on the first player or team to do so.

How to Bet on LoL Online

There are numerous sites where you can bet on LoL online. 

Some of the more notable and famous places to bet on League of Legends include BetWay, 22Bet eSports, and Spin Sports. 

Make sure to do your research before signing up for one of these. You’ll want to determine the kind of payouts you can expect, the platform’s active, and more.

Once you do, you shouldn’t have any difficulties in esports betting League of Legends.

Bottom Line

Betting on League of Legends is one of the more popular ways to gamble on eSports. Take advantage of multiple tips and tricks from this LoL betting guide.

The same can be said for various strategies. Knowledge is power, so it’s worth being informed before placing a League of Legends bet.


How can I get better at LoL betting?

Like any other form of betting, the only way to get better at League of Legends gambling is to research as much as possible.

The more you know about a match or tournament, the better you can decide who to bet on.
The LoL betting guide offers all you need to place your LoL bet successfully.

You can also watch some LoL twitch streamers, which will surely be of benefit.

Should I use cryptocurrencies for League of Legends betting?

With the various ways you can bet on LoL eSports, you could consider cryptocurrencies a superb option. Besides bettors staying anonymous by cryptocurrency betting, it also provides extra security.

Is betting on League of Legends online legal?

As we’ve mentioned in our LOL betting guide, betting on this popular game is legal in every country.

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