How to lay off bets – A Complete Lay Off Betting Guide for 2024

How to lay off bets - A Complete Lay Off Betting Guide for 2022

Lay off betting is a strategy that punters worldwide enjoy the most since it offers the highest success percentage.

If you’re searching for bookies to lay off bets, or platforms that allow you to lay off a bet, you are at the right spot.

Our guide will cover everything there is to know about laying off bets. Moreover, how to get the most out of your bookmakers!

So, let’s begin!

What Are Lay Bets?

Lay betting is another way to place bets on the sports you follow. However, instead of betting on a team to win, you’re actually betting on them NOT to win.

So, lay bets work as follows. You place bets on something NOT to happen. If you bet on a team not to win, and they win, or the match ends in a draw, your bet is a winner. And so are you. 

Where To Place Lay Bets?

Several online betting platforms offer you odds on many markets from all over the world. When it comes to the biggest one that offers lay bets, it is undoubtedly Betfair.

Since you find a platform where you want to place some lay bets, you’ll usually have to follow the steps below:

1. Find a market you want to start betting on.

2. Select what event you want to bet on.

3. Check to see if there’s a lay bet option.

4. Click on it.

5. Place the bet!

See? It’s just as simple as placing any other type of bet.

Ways Bookies Can Lay-Off Bets

Bettors worldwide can find a lot of ways of laying off bets.

Here are some of the most popular lay betting forms.

Laying Off Bets To Other Bookies

It’s worth pointing out that before laying bets off to other bookies, you must always consider the liability factor involved.

This form of betting is also called matched betting. You can open an account on two, three, or even more bookmakers that will offer you a free bet just for signing up.

Now you can place a bet on one platform and also bet on the other result with another bookie.

Laying Off Bets On The Betting Exchanges

Most betting exchanges allow lay bets simply because they get more new players signing up than the money they stand to lose. So, the platforms encourage the players to gain experience in lay betting by offering free bets.

When choosing the laying a bet method, you bet against the odds of an outcome, whereas you would normally bet for the desired outcome.

This method is also referred to as a “back bet” on betting exchanges. 

Laying Off Bets By Offering Cash-Out Options

All experienced tipsters are constantly looking for tips and tricks on turning matched betting into an even more effective gambling method.

So, this is where cash-out options come into play. If you place a treble lay off bet and two of your bets are already winners, you can use the cash-out option to already take your profits.

However, you should only consider this approach if you change your mind about the possible outcome of your remaining bet. 


Lay off betting is an exciting way of trying to make an extra buck while following all your favourite sports.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that even though the risks are lower for these bets, there are still no 100% guarantees.

Try to keep everything on the fun side of things and never bet more money than you can afford to lose.

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Is Lay betting legal?

Yes! Lay betting is legal in the UK, even though not all bookmakers are happy with their clients placing this type of bet. Moreover, only use sites certified by the UK Gambling Commission. 

Can you make money laying bets?

Yes! Laying off bets has a higher success percentage than traditional forms of betting. So, to start placing lay bets, you need to find some UK bookmakers that will also offer you free bets for signing up. 

What happens if you lose a lay bet?

Like in all forms of gambling, when you lose a bet, you lose the money you wagered on it. Moreover, if you lose your lay bet, you lose the bet’s liability.

So, for your lay off betting strategy to work, the team must lose.

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