How Many Numbers do you Need on Thunderball to Win? [Ultimate Guide]

How many numbers do you need on Thunderball to win? [Ultimate Guide]

How many numbers do you need on Thunderball to win? That’s the question on everybody’s lips right now and let’s face it, that’s why you’re here too. Right? 

We’ll let you in on everything there is to know about the Thunderball lottery, so let’s start reading. 

Spoiler alert, there is no Thunderball winning strategy. You just need to play and hope that luck will be on your side! Good luck hitting those life-changing Thunderball numbers! 

What is Thunderball?

The Thunderball is a lottery game organized by the United Kingdom National Lottery. It takes place 4 times a week, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 

The Thunderball draw takes place at 8:15 PM, and you can buy tickets until 7:30 PM during draw days.  

The best part about Thunderball is that if you win the jackpot prize worth £500,000, you don’t have to share it with anybody, even if other people also picked the same six numbers as you did. 

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How to play Thunderball

Playing Thunderball is a lot easier than one may think. Just like all lottery games, you have to choose some numbers and hope for the best. There’s really nothing you can do to control the outcome of the Thunderball draw.

Start by choosing 5 main numbers ranging from 1 to 39. After that, you’ll have to select another number ranging from 1 to 14 (the number can be the same as one of the previous 5 you already selected). This last number is called the Thunderball.

If you’re having a hard time choosing your numbers, you can opt for the Lucky Dip, which will generate a random selection of 6 numbers. 

You can buy tickets from National Lottery retailers or online for just £1. 

Thunderball: Odds of Winning and Prizes

There are plenty of cash prizes for Thunderball, and all those lucky punters out there can’t wait to have a go at the big half million quid jackpot. 

But before you start buying Thunderball tickets this week, have a look at all the odds of winning prizes, just so you can get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into. 

Keep your eye on the prizes, and make sure that the 6 numbers you have picked are the luckiest ones this week! 

Winning Combination

5 main numbers + Thunderball

Odds of Winning

1 in 8,060,598



5 main numbers

1 in 620,046


4 main numbers + Thunderball

1 in 47,416


4 main numbers

1 in 3,648


3 main numbers + Thunderball

1 in 1,437



3 main numbers

1 in 111


2 main numbers + Thunderball

1 in 135


1 main number + Thunderball

1 in 35


When it comes down to the overall odds of winning a Thunderball prize, they are situated at 1 in 13. Which is not that bad for a game of luck, is it now? 

How to win at Thunderball

How many numbers do you need on Thunderball to win? Well, if you’re still asking yourself this question, the simple answer is 5 numbers + the Thunderball number, which leads to a total of 6 numbers, but the Thunderball one can be the same as one of the first 5 you’ve selected.

In order to win the Thunderball, you’ll need to land all the six numbers that will be extracted on any given Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

It’s that easy, but the chances of landing the big prize are about 1 in 8 million. However, landing any cash money prize on the Thunderball comes with a 1 in 13 winning chance.


Just like any other lottery, a bingo game, or any game that requires luck, the Thunderball too is something you should play only for fun, because you have no certain guarantees of winning.

You’ll get 4 shots (or more if you buy multiple entries) at the Thunderball cash prizes every week, so if sparing £1 for a ticket is a price you are willing to pay for the thrill and excitement of watching those balls with numbers go up and down is what you want, go ahead and try your luck!


What days is Thunderball on?

The Thunderball is on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, so you get 4 days out of 7 to join one of the UK’s most beloved and exciting lotteries. 

Where do I play the Thunderball lottery?

The game of Thunderball may be played on the National Lottery website, the National Lottery App, or in person from authorized National Lottery retailers across the UK.

When can I buy a Thunderball ticket?

The deadline for ticket purchases is 11 p.m. on weeknights.

What time is the Thunderball draw?

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, drawing sessions take place at 8:15 p.m.

How can I watch Thunderball draws?

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, you can log on to the National Lottery’s website or check out the Latest Draws playlist on their official YouTube channel to see if your Lucky Dip numbers have been drawn.

Where can I find Thunderball draw results?

The outcomes of the most recent draws, as well as prior draws, can all be found right here on

How much is a Thunderball ticket?

One Thunderball ticket costs £1, and you can buy them from National Lottery retailers all over the United Kingdom. 

How many numbers in Thunderball?

There are 39 numbers in Thunderball. The numbers range from 1 to 39, and you need to choose 5 out of them. The Thunderball number is between 1 to 14, and in addition to the 5 numbers you have previously chosen, you also need to choose one from 1 to 14. So, how many numbers do you need on Thunderball to win? The answer is 6 in total (even if one of the numbers can appear twice). 

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