Is Today My Lucky Day to Gamble? Gambling Luck Astrology

Your Gambling Luck According to Astrology

Gambling luck astrology is getting more traction throughout online horoscope communities.

Gambling astrology can help you choose:

  • the best days to place a bet, 
  • the lucky colours to wear to a casino, 
  • what days and numbers should you avoid when placing any wagers.

Start scrolling through our complete gambling luck astrology guide!

  Horoscope Signs and Gambling Luck


Arries Lucky Days to Gamble: Monday and Wednesday

Aries Lucky Numbers:
2, 4 and 10

If you’re an Aries, your lucky day to gamble will likely land on a Monday or a Wednesday.

Keep trying to place bets on your favourite casino game for beginners, blackjack and Lady Luck will grace you with impressive wins! 

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Taurus Lucky Days to Gamble: Saturday and Sunday

Taurus Lucky Numbers:
0, 10, 13 and 22

Venus rules gamblers with a zodiac sign in Taurus. So usually, the best day for them to place some bets is during weekends. But doing some research in advance will always help you stack the odds on your side. 

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Gemini Lucky Days to Gamble: Monday to Thursday

Gemini Lucky Numbers:
10, 13 and 22

Gemini is a zodiac sign governed by Mercury. Playing poker tournaments and other poker variants may help you win some easy cash. If you are planning on playing poker, then you should definitely learn all the poker hand nicknames.

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Cancer Lucky Days to Gamble: Friday

Cancer Lucky Numbers:
2, 3 and 7

People born in the Cancer constellation are some of the best at live dealer tables. Their lucky numbers are 2, 3 and 7, so if you are a cancer, you should run out to the next casino building and play some of the live dealer games like baccarat.

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Leo Lucky Days to Gamble: Monday and Thursday

Taurus Lucky Numbers:
3, 7 and 12

Nobody plays blackjack or other casino games like Leo. They’re naturals at almost any card game they start playing. Their lucky numbers are 3, 7, and 12, so it comes as no surprise that their favourite game to gamble on is blackjack.

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Virgo Lucky Days to Gamble: Wednesday and Saturday

Taurus Lucky Numbers:
7, 41, 77

Virgos are considered the most luckiest predictors, and they can easily begin a career as professional gamblers. But there’s no scientific explanation behind this fact. It could be just due to Mercury’s effect on this sign, which is the governing planet for Virgos. 

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Libra Lucky Days to Gamble: Tuesday and Thursday

Libra Lucky Numbers:
8, 14 and 20

Libras are some of the most balanced gamblers out there, and that’s why they only place bets when they’re feeling lucky. 

Usually, the best days for Libra betting enthusiasts are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Although baccarat may be the best game for Libra, they can also try their luck betting on virtual sports.

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Scorpio Lucky Days to Gamble: From Thursday to Saturday

Taurus Lucky Numbers:
7 and 11

Scorpio is governed by Pluto. So, these punters are a little more adventurous than average gamblers. This is why they want to play some specific games, such as bitcoin Plinko or some other provably fair games. 

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Sagittarius Lucky Days to Gamble: Tuesday and Wednesday

Sagittarius Lucky Numbers:
9, 24 and 99

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that always aims to shoot for the stars and scores most of the time.
They are some of the most on-point gamblers. Moreover, slingo is one of their favourite places to try their luck. 

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Capricorn Lucky Days to Gamble: Monday and Friday

Sagittarius Lucky Numbers:
14, 17 and 20

Capricorns usually love sports, which is why you’ll never find them venturing off into uncharted waters. They prefer smaller and safer odds at some of the betting sites rather than playing some riskier bets.

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Aquarius Lucky Days to Gamble: Tuesday and Sunday

Sagittarius Lucky Numbers:
7, 18 and 43

Aquarius is another sign governed by Uranus, which makes gamblers have mixed feelings and second thoughts whenever they place a bet. However, they should always trust their gut when playing Texas Hold’em. 

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Pisces Lucky Days to Gamble: Tuesday and Saturday

Sagittarius Lucky Numbers:
12, 15 and 21

Pieces are very particular about their gambling environment. So everything needs to be suitable for them to consider making a bet or joining a game.

You can usually find them gambling on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They count on their lucky time for gambling to bring them good fortunes. Furthermore, black is their lucky colour which can come in handy the next time you are playing live dealer roullete.

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Placing bets and playing casino games based on your zodiac sign can be fun. Unfortunately, most gamblers are superstitious in every tiny habit before engaging in activities based on luck.

That’s where gambling luck and astrology come into play.
The aim is to add an extra dose of excitement to your favourite luck games and entertain all punters.


How can I get lucky in gambling?

No method will 100% increase your chances of winning since it’s all a matter of luck while gambling. 

If you want to get lucky at gambling, you’ll have to make many variables work in your favour. 

What day is good for gambling?

The only good day for gambling is when you feel lucky or feel like you might want to have some fun.

If you feel like you know the possible outcome of a particular sporting event, that’s also an excellent time to place a bet. 

Just don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose.

How do you know when a casino will hit?

There’s no secret recipe to knowing when a casino will hit or not. Likewise, gambling luck astrology comes with no guarantees, and that’s why you should always keep this activity as a fun and entertaining one, not as a way to make an income.

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