EA Sports Coins: Everything You Need to Know

EA Sports Coins: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of video sports games, you’re probably familiar with the FIFA, NBA Live, and the Madden NFL franchises. While the sports themselves have very little in common, except for being ball games, their video game counterparts share one, important similarity– EA Sports coins. 

But, what are these coins, how can players earn them, what can they spend them on, and is it illegal to buy them?

Let’s find out.

What Are EA Sports Coins?

EA (Electronic Arts) coins are an in-game currency that gamers can win when playing some of the most popular EA Games, such as the FIFA, NBA Live, and Madden NFL series.

Players can then use these coins to purchase different items in the respective game’s market, including skins and digital equipment, as well as unlock cool new features which are not available in the standard game.

There are two main ways to earn coins in EA Sports games: Win coins by playing the game and completing challenges or by selling items on the in-game marketplace, based on the current market price. 

Since having more (or fewer coins) can significantly impact a player’s game, EA is quite strict about the fair play rules related to the in-game currency.

The company does not allow buying coins, distributing coins, or transferring them from one account to another. Those who break the rules risk getting their account banned.

EA Sports FIFA Coins

For many gamers and football fans, FIFA is more than just a game –it’s a place where they can play with their favourite team against players from any country on the planet. 

Unsurprisingly, the FIFA series is one of the most popular EA games released by the company. In fact, it became the best-selling video game in the world after it sold more than 325 million copies in 2021.

The FIFA coins in the EA sports franchise, called FUT coins, can only be earned in the Ultimate Team Edition (including the mobile game). Players can win EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team coins for completing Division Rivals and Squad Battles challenges. The more they play the more coins they earn.

Another way to get FIFA FUT coins is to sell players on the market in the game, called Transfer Market. To make the most out of the market, you should keep a close eye on recent updates and changes in the game and sell players when they are at the most valuable to maximise your FIFA online coins earnings.

As for FIFA coins price, 100,000 FIFA Ultimate Team coins go for $5 on PC devices, and $3.7 on an Xbox. Keep in mind that these prices are strictly informative. Again, EA does not allow buying or selling of coins and can ban any account that breaks this rule.  

If you’re looking for free FIFA coins, you’ll have to play the game.

EA Sports NBA Coins

While football fans mostly turn to FIFA in the online gaming world, basketball fans have one more option to choose from: NBA Live or NBA 2K.

Just like all the other EA sports coins, NBA LIve players can earn NBA Live coins by playing matches in the NBA Live franchise’s Ultimate Team mode, completing solo challenges, or buying and selling players in the Community Market.

They can use the coins to make in-game purchases and buy items and packs of players to build solid lineups in the game.

Those who prefer the mobile game deal with NBA Live mobile coins. Like in any other version of the game, if you want to earn free NBA Live mobile coins (or any NBA mobile coins for that matter), you’ll need to play the game, win matches, and unlock challenges.

While EA doesn’t allow players to buy coins, the developer of NBA 2K22, Visual Concepts, is more flexible. NBA 2K22 players can similarly win coins, called VC (Virtual Currency), based on their points, assists, rebounds, and forced turnovers during a game. 

However, they can also buy VC in bundles. The smallest bundle costs $1.99 and offers 5000 VC and the biggest one available has 450,000 VC for $99.99. 

Gamers who opt for the NBA 2K21 version deal with NBA My Team coins, which they can win by obtaining rewards, completing challenges in different game modes, or selling players.

EA Sports Madden Coins

Madden NFL, named after Pro Football Hall of Fame coach and commentator John Madden, is a game for true NFL (National  Football League) fans, which has seen some great improvements in the last several years.

Coins are one of the two available currencies in Madden Ultimate Team mode (the other one being points).

Like in NBA Live and FIFA, Madden Ultimate Team coins can be earned by completing different kinds of in-game activities, including winning an Auction, using the Quicksell option, winning NFL games, completing sets and solo challenges, playing Head-to-Head sessions, and starting a new MUT team. 

However, almost none of these activities guarantee that you’ll earn coins (although the more you play, the higher your chances of earning more coins). You can earn a coin award after collecting some sets and the Quicksell option often awards players with a small number of coins.

Madden NFL players can use their coins in the Auction House (and bid to win more coins or acquire players to improve their roster) or purchase Packs, Player Items, and Contracts. 

There are also Madden mobile coins for NFL fans that opt for the mobile game. 

As with the previous two games, EA does not allow players to sell Madden coins, buy Madden coins, or distribute them.

Bottom Line

For sports fans, there’s no better way to add excitement to their gaming sessions than to opt for gamers that resemble their favourite sport, regardless of whether they prefer PC, Xbox, or Playstation.

If you’re a fan of FIFA, NBA Live, or Madden NFL, it’s crucial to figure out how to take full advantage of the coins in the game to create good lineups and climb the ladder of success in-game. The only downside for EA players is they can’t buy or sell EA Sports coins–at least not without risking having their account banned.

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