Bingo Patterns to Play: Fun and Unique Ways to Win at Bingo

Bingo Patterns to Play: Fun and Unique Ways to Win at Bingo

Calling out numbers, dabbing at squares—virtually everyone has written at least a few bingo tickets at some point in their life to challenge their luck and earn some bonus cash.

If you are out of combinations to write, we give you the luckiest bingo patterns to play for the chance to win real money.

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What Are Bingo Patterns?

Bingo game patterns are endless combinations you can use while playing this game of chance, and human creativity is the only limit. Some bingo cards come with a suggested basic pattern for you to use, but often you can also create your own pattern.

How Do Bingo Patterns Work?

To win a game of bingo, you have to mark off the numbers according to the bingo pattern on your bingo card. For example, if the pattern on your bingo card is in the shape of one line, this requires that the winning numbers on your card be found in that pattern.

With the right pattern and a little bit of luck, you can get big winnings.

Bingo Patterns

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous types of bingo patterns to choose which one you’d like to see on your bingo card the next time you play or even create your own. We will cover the following bingo patterns to play:

  • One-line
  • Two lines
  • Full house
  • Four corners
  • Letters and numbers
  • Outside edge
  • Clock
  • Windmill
  • Bell
  • The arrow

One Line

One of the simplest bingo patterns is called the one line or straight line. You simply need to mark off all the numbers in a straight line from the start to the end of your card. The line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, depending on the game you are playing. 

In the UK’s typical Bingo card, you can only use this pattern with a horizontal line. 

Image source Rio Bingo


With the two-lines bingo card patterns, the winning numbers have to be found in two lines for you to win the prize. The best thing about this pattern is that the lines don’t need to be in the same direction—you can play with covering different combinations of lines.

Image source Bingo Game

Full House 

This pattern is among the more challenging bingo game patterns. You need to dab all the numbers on your card for the full house pattern. The full house can be a very difficult pattern to win with, but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

Four Corners

Among the more popular ​​bingo card patterns is the one called the four corners. To make a win using this pattern, the winning numbers have to be found in the corners of your bingo card. Without a doubt, it is a great way to enjoy a game of bingo.

Letters and Numbers

You can also try your luck to walk out of the bingo halls with some good bonuses by creating bingo game patterns in the shape of your favourite letter from the alphabet or your lucky number.

Outside Edge

The outside edge is an excellent choice if you want a card pattern for those with greater player experience. However, if you want to win using this pattern, you will have to mark off numbers in all of the outer-edge squares on the bingo card.


Another fun pattern to play in the bingo rooms and online is the clock pattern. If you want to hit the bingo with this pattern, the winning numbers have to be found inside it.

Image source New Bingo Sites


The marked squares in this bingo pattern should resemble a windmill. Keep in mind that using the Windmill is among the more challenging bingo card patterns—you’ll need to mark off seventeen numbers to win.

Image source New Bingo Sites


The Bell pattern is typical for advanced games of bingo; you can win quite a bit of money using this pattern. You’ll need to mark off fourteen numbers in the bell pattern to win. 

Image source New Bingo Sites

The Arrow

This pattern is also the one that you can create and that many bingo sites offer. To win using this pattern, the winning numbers on your bingo card need to be in the shape of an arrow.

Image source Jackpot Bingo Supplies 

Wrap up

Bingo patterns can be great fun and a way to challenge the creativity of players of all ages.

In this article, we wanted to show you what are some of the many different bingo patterns that you can use when playing a game of bingo, as well as to inspire you to create your own bingo patterns to play.

Take your dabber and give them a go today!

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