The Best Minecraft Base Ideas for Your Survival World in 2024

The Best Minecraft Base Ideas for Your Survival World in 2022

Are you a newcomer to the Minecraft world who needs help with Minecraft builds or an expert looking for some fresh ideas?

Either way, if you’re one of the 141 million worldwide Minecraft players, you’ll love these best Minecraft base ideas we’ve picked for you.

Let’s get you ready for mining and crafting.

Why Do You Need a Good Minecraft Base?

First things first, a good Minecraft base can protect you from enemies and help you survive longer in the sandbox world of Minecraft. Therefore, it’s a good idea to build your base out of strong materials like obsidian and stone bricks to make sure you’re well-protected against attacks. 

Minecraft Base Must-haves

If you’re on the lookout for Minecraft base ideas, you should know a good base isn’t made just from a firm foundation and unbreakable walls. Sure, these help with protection, but there are also other must-haves your Minecraft base has got to have. Some essential things to build in a Minecraft base include:

  • Secret entrances and exits
  • Hiding rooms and shelters
  • Efficient food farm
  • Storage room for weapons and food
  • Chests and furnaces 
  • Mineshaft
  • Central Minecart Network

The Best Minecraft Base Ideas

Here is our list of the best things to build in Minecraft. We made sure to include Minecraft base ideas for both beginner and experienced gamers. Some of the most outstanding Minecraft base designs are:

  • Simple beginner house with crops
  • Double-pod underwater base
  • Barracks-Style Minecraft base
  • Mediaeval castle house
  • Underground base
  • Mountain castle
  • Futuristic dome base
  • Mega mountain base

Simple Beginner House With Crops

Image source:

The greatness lies in simplicity. So if you still don’t know your way around the game and need something to get you started on the Minecraft mania, this simple beginner house is a perfect choice.

Though simple and usually designed by beginners, you can build this Minecraft base from strong bricks, oak stairs and windows with spacious views to maximise your security. You can also build a small wheat farm that will provide you with all the power you need to keep on playing, and add a vast storage room.

Double-pod Underwater Base

Image source:

An underwater base is definitely one of the fun things to build in Minecraft. It can be a great way for Minecraft players to improve security, as underwater bases can slow down mob attacks. With the double-pod underwater base, you won’t need to save your house from explosions.

If you model your base according to this design, the base’s quartz blocks, glass panels, oak plank and andesite won’t just be decorative—they’ll protect the house from leakage. Make sure to fill your base with chests and storage space for your essential inventory. 

When it comes to food supplies, don’t worry—farms can be built underwater too!

Barracks-Style Minecraft Base

Image source:

If you’re looking for some beginner-friendly Minecraft ideas to build a base, the Barracks-style design is one to consider. This kind of house is most suitable for the Survival game mode of Minecraft. 

This medieval look with short but safe walls will get you everything you need for surviving on your own or with another player. Though it may seem like a lot of work, it is actually extra easy to build.

If somebody attacks you, you can quickly defend yourself from those raids by walking around the edges of the house and sniping them. For the survival part of the game, make sure your Barracks-style base has smelting space, cows, sheep, and food farms.

Medieval Castle House

Image source:

If you build a Minecraft base like this one from a combination of materials, such as cobbles stone, spruce planks, oak fences, and stone brick walls, that will undoubtedly contribute to your safety. Two towers will help with defending your house from attacks, and if you’re wondering about food supplies,  you can build many carrot, wheat and sugar cane farms. 

The Castle also contains many chests and barrels for all of the items you need to store; it’s an excellent option for things to build in Minecraft that serves well in both the multi-player game mode and the survival one.

Underground Survival Bunker 

An excellent survival settlement with a strong build entrance from stone materials, the Underground Survival Bunker is a great choice for all experienced Minecraft players. However, it demands a fair amount of time to finish and quite a lot of resources. 

Your base can have a bedroom, crafting and smelting room, an enchanting room and a farm. The crafting room in such bases is usually made from spruce planks and stripped dark oak. You can build furnaces with chests between them, a crafting table, and a cartography table that will help you with cloning and locking maps.

With so many different features at your disposal, the Underground Bunker seems like one of the best fun things to build in Minecraft, while also shielding you from any dangers.

Mountain Castle

Image source:

The Mountain Castle truly is one of those cute Minecraft builds. You can build four tower buildings and a main central one to serve as a storage room. It’s a good idea to put a barrel floor in the central building, as well as a crafting table, stone cutter and an ender chest. You can build a yard with animals and crops around it.

If you decide on the Castle design, every corner tower can have its purpose: one can serve as an enchanting centre, another one a smelting room, and you can even put a Nether Portal in one of the two remaining towers like the creator of this design has.

Futuristic Dome Base

Image source:

The Futuristic dome is one of those cool Minecraft builds ideas. However, if you want the awesome look of the Smooth Quartz Blocks and Cyan Stained glass—you will need a lot of resources. 

If it’s not the resources you lack but the organisation, you can consider building something similar to what the creator of this base has built: numerous entrances and exits for top-level security, places for smelting filled with shock boxes, and a storage room. For the functionality of the enormous mansion, the creator has put numerous villagers and an additional dome for food supplies.

Mega Mountain Base

Image source:

If you need a Minecraft idea to build a base on a mountain, this one’s perfect for you. This is especially suitable for those players who are open to new experiences and enjoy building in high places. However, make sure you watch out for those volcanos.

Since you’ll build your base on a mountain, you can enjoy the fantastic view without worrying about your safety—just make sure to build enough entrances, accessible exits and hidden windows that will help you in every aspect of the game. 

The creator of this particular design mostly used wood-based blocks for construction and some fancier ones here and there, so you can maybe consider doing something similar. Another of our favourite features of this design is the farming tower filled with wheat seedlings and cow farms—that will definitely come in handy in times of crisis.


The open Minecraft world is yours to build, mine, and explore. From underwater to high mountain bases, the opportunities are endless—you have the freedom to build everything your mind has thought of.

It’s time to get crafty in the sandbox world and build a secure masterpiece. Who knows, maybe one day your design will be named one of the best Minecraft base ideas.


How do you build in Minecraft like a pro?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but here are a few general tips all Minecraft builders should follow if they want to build like a pro: have multiple entrances and exits, build with strong materials and foundations, and add a lot of storage space and food farms.

Who is the best Minecraft PvPer?

The world-leading PvPer comes from the United States and is known under the name of Technoblade. His extraordinary Minecraft skills helped him build a 10.3 Youtube subscriber base who enjoy watching him play Minecraft.

What is the best Minecraft house to build?

That really depends on your preferences, skills, and resources. If you want to know what are some of the best Minecraft base ideas and which one suits you best, you can check our article above for our top picks for Minecraft base designs.

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